1. How the war criminal can be brave? Because he wasn’t filming on video how his friends were torturing POW?

    2. @አንሳሬ ሰብ አንሰሙንአሳሬ ሰብ አንሰሙን ᛞᛖᚾᚾᛁᛋ ᛏᚱᛟᚹᚨᛏᛟΔΔΔX Poor analogy. The US is not/never was lead by depraved lunatics. Russia obviously is so not participating in their lunacy is the only sane option.

    3. @John The US is not/never was lead by depraved lunatics. did you miss the trump years?

    4. አንሳሬ ሰብ አንሰሙንአሳሬ ሰብ አንሰሙን ᛞᛖᚾᚾᛁᛋ ᛏᚱᛟᚹᚨᛏᛟΔΔΔX says:

      @John The US is not/never was lead by depraved lunatics. ——- SO YOU ARE TOO YOUNG TO REMEMBER DONALD J TRUMP

    5. @አንሳሬ ሰብ አንሰሙንአሳሬ ሰብ አንሰሙን ᛞᛖᚾᚾᛁᛋ ᛏᚱᛟᚹᚨᛏᛟΔΔΔX I remember the Trump being an idiot but not him sacrificing 130K+ of his own troops for an 19th century stile land grab attempt and making 1M+ males flee his country. It’s a spectrum and the rutards have taken in to a completely next level ballpark.

  1. It took a real courage to stand up for what you believe in when everything is at risk. I wish you stay safe and remain faithful to being a just and honorable man.

    1. I suggest government should conscript women too and send em to battlefield too. They have obligations to fight

    2. When US trained terrorists and invaded Iraq, US soldiers had no courage to stand up for to do the right thing ..

  2. I guess being a Russian defecting from Russia at this moment I wouldn’t touch you even with a longest stick.
    With the mercenaries doing much better than the army, they have the KGB / GRU / Spies working overtime!

  3. God bless brave soldier 🙏 you spoken the truth what happening about your fellow Russian soldiers 🙏 peace not WAR🥰

  4. I’m absolutely proud of this guy to give hope to other soldiers to defect or surender don’t die for Putin

    1. He didn’t surrender. He is a war criminal who was watching how his friends were torturing POW and now he wants to have fan at Las Vegas.

  5. I salute you for your bravery. Please keep you and your family safe.
    One sad thing is that the Russian people do not hear the truth you speak. Because Putin’s government completely controls the media.

    1. The animal that did nothing to stop his friends that were torturing a ukrainian prisoner? Ukrainians POW are brave, and this one will have no mercy.

    1. No, he can’t do that alone. It takes a loooot of people who don’t mind this madness and go along with it to create so much destruction and horror.

  6. I see the comments expressing admiration for him, but when i listen to him i hear the signs of him being prepped and knowing exactly what to say.

    This whole narrative of “we had no choice other than go into another country to kill people” – bullshit, i don’t buy it, just tryna make a victim out of himself. And this “USA is a land of democracy” – riiiight, that’s not what russians i know told me when they could express themselves freely. USA is the enemy to them, until of course you want to get an asylum. The guy just didn’t like the conditions at the frontline and wants a better life now.

    So this war criminal who went to kill people in another country is going to get an asylum in USA while ukrainians have to sit through the air raid alarms (or much worse in some cases) without being able to leave? Sounds fair…

  7. I fought in the trenches sinces 2016 in Donbass and the first seven months of this war I was fighting in Mykoliav and Kherson. Absolutely no love for this guy. They are war criminals who just complain about their hardships instead of speaking about getting out of our country!

  8. If our British soldier gave an interview to Al Jazeera about our troops in Iraq he seemed to be a clown not a soldier of the UK. This guy does the same.

  9. It’s amazing how many Russians soldiers are fleeing and give an exclusive interview to CNN just after, without even try to hide their identity 🤔

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