Officer Michael Fanone: I see a whole team of doctors for injuries sustained at Capitol

DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone talks to CNN's Don Lemon about his experience during the insurrection at the Capitol, PTSD and his road to recovery.

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  1. He should sue any GQP cultist denying it happened or was at all violent. Their punishment would be to pay for his health bills and to never be able to be members of another US political party since they are all unAmerican traitors.

    1. @cervellone You do not even know the definition of Socialism. Whether it is “Democratic Socialism” or Communism and you do not live is Europe. That is a lie.

    2. @MK Self V.P. Harris says there is no racism in America. So you disagree with your V.P. then?

  2. Mike is a true American super hero. Period I just hope ALL of those who aided these insurgents will be indicted. Never forget January the 6th our democracy depends on it. It’s disgusting knowing that elected officials are gaslighting people saying they was not an insurrection insults EVERY SINGLE COP IN OUR COUNTRY.

    1. @Delvien Vol the Cambridge dictionary definition is: an organized attempt by a group of people to defeat their government and take control of their country, usually by violence.

      Is that not EXACTLY what happened on Jan 6th? And BLM aren’t trying to defeat the government, they’re taking a stand against police brutality.

    2. @American Dream where did the OP say that they didn’t care about the people policing the BLM protests?

      They didn’t. But you decided to rail against them anyway, for something they didn’t say, just to suit your narrative.

    3. @Finding Truth so the cop being interviewed who was tased, beaten and lost a finger just let you in and you beat the snot out of him just for the halibut

    4. @Em M Thank you, you found a good definition, the key word is organized.

      Now, show me the organization? Last I checked it was a bunch of jackasses walking around taking selfies, smashing up the place and looting. Who was the leader? What was the organization structure? Who let them into the building?

      You are correct, blm is not an insurrectionist movement, I only claimed such because they fit the previous definition given. The autonomous zones on the other hand are insurrections, same with Antifa, but I doubt they would deny it anyway.

  3. Republicans still say it was a normal day and they felt safe. They should be a shame of themselves.

    1. @Tommy Thompson Let me help you, troll. BLM protests took place all over the world. The protests took place to bring attention to violence and death inflicted upon black people by lawless police officers. The insurrection was an assault on democracy based on a lie by a grifting, xenophobic, coward who was desperately trying to hold onto to power to avoid facing justice for the crimes he committed while in office.

    2. they also think Trump is “a good guy”. It’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. They don’t give one rip about America or Americans… it’s about MONEY. When will people pull their heads out and realize they don’t care!!!!! Poor Trumpers are in for a very rude awakening for when Donnie the Clown goes down

    3. @GOD719 let’s say that mishmash of falsehoods half-truths and out of comment examples you just gave there were all true, for a second… it’s not a contest. How does any of that make any of this okay? Why are you trying to deflect from these horrifying actions onto other one? You either need to be able to defend these acts on their Merit or you shouldn’t defend them at all.

    4. @Tisha Binkley So were the Trump supporters at the capital. They acted like BLM. But with less fire and damage

    5. Or maybe we can turn Democrat who will vote for anyone and who panders to everyone trying to get votes even Abominations

  4. TY Officer Fanone for your Patriotism and service. Here’s hoping for you and your family to heal from the attack on you and America’s Democracy.

    1. @Study to show thyself approve 1. I don’t generalize. It’s a lazy argument. I don’t hold the actions of a few and describe it as if the whole did it. For instance, I wouldn’t blame you for the actions of the people on January 6th. I would hold you accountable for trying to defend them by deflecting to other things, like this was some kind of sick contest. Whataboutism isn’t an actual argument. It’s what you have to do when you don’t have an argument.

    2. @Study to show thyself approve 2. Do I consider those police officers to be heroes? I consider anybody willing to put their life on the line in order to protect me or someone else, a hero. Whether that person’s wearing a uniform or not. It’s not that complex of a thing to understand if you’re not generalizing everybody for the convenience of an argument. They’re good cops in there a bad cops. Just like there are good people and bad people. Because cops are people.

    3. @Study to show thyself approve my turn. So why can’t any of you seem to defend these acts on their Merit, instead of having to deflect to other things all the damn time?

  5. Those damn snake GOP Congress people that try to act like what happened on 01-06

    This man is a hero and he is right , he is a victim and they all should come forward

    1. BAH! What a joke. He should be calling put Israel for setting them up with no backup!!!
      What? They PRINT your money!!!!

    2. @FederalReserveWolf THE FED WOLF Joined Apr 23, 2021
      4am in US, soon lunch time in Russia

    3. I wish more would come forward and tell the TRUTH- so the LIARS in the GOP would SEE that we are on to them!

    4. Many cops came forward all year last year during the democrat BLM/ANTIFA insurrection that lasted most of 2020, in over 470 American cities. Did you miss those interviews? Seeing as CNN supported the abuse of police last year, and democrats seemed to totally forget any of this ever happened, it’s assumed that these interviews were in fact, missed. Clearly.

    1. Why doesn’t CNN interview officers that were injured during BLM/Antifa riots if they are so “truthful”?

    1. @Angela Siegfried Are you so “blinded by the white” that you dont think its insane that NOT ONE of these white cops even drew their guns early on when they saw the mob advancing? of course you dont .. why waste time w the blind?

    2. @Du Hast Oh, especially when they all had orders by Chris Miller not to attack trump supporters.

  6. Letting the officer share his experience was a fine piece of journalism. A very human side of the insurection.

    1. @Wayne Burton oh dear, do you really believe the fake poll in regards to Biden’s popularity, and you think others have a low IQ, seriously, Biden is sinking faster than the Titanic, everything he touches is failing, try and watch different news outlets, not fox, they are nearly as bad as CNN, but there is plenty of other places to get real news

    2. @Hayley King . Again, I was commenting on that particular officers plight. It seems to not be a stretch that I feel compassion for ALL police officers who are injured in the line of duty. Go pick a fight with an election denier, or an insurrection denier. Try to stay on subject.

    3. @Wayne Burton you are aware that I can read your other insulting remarks to other commenters , that you clearly are only expressing sympathy towards one police officer because of your political views, that makes you insincere

    4. @Hayley King . Hahaha. Did you cash your check? I use international news sources from at least 5 countries. The only outlets who agree with you, are the right wing networks of America. Of course the ONLY thing that you can do is deny. Love it 😂

    5. @Wayne Burton CNN hiding Biden’s Fail Gasoline Policy. Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN’s rear ?

  7. I can’t even imagine how difficult this must be for this officer too go on national television so exposed like this .
    Such strength of character

    1. @Gigglemania Runnin’ Wild it’s not though. You people are phonies. There is nothing good in you.

    2. Did you miss all the interviews with the police being abused ALL year last year LOL. Please, you hate cops. Stop trying to look good for your neighbors, nerd.

  8. He & his true fellow Police are & will ALWAYS be Americas True Patriots & Heroes. We will never forget that day!

    1. Everyone forgot about it already, except people that watch CNN, because they push the same brainless Republican bad democrat good narrative that is the reverse of fox news, you guys really need to stop letting people manipulate your own emotions.


    1. @Jeff Burns Yes, they stole it by underperforming the polls. They lost seats in the house and in many state houses and have a tie in the senate. They decided to just win the Presidency and have slim majorities as that is the best way to implement you takeover!

      You also know Trump was saying the same thing in 2016 when he thought he would lose. Then win he won, of course it was a great victory where he lost the popular vote.

    2. They certainly weren’t BLM/ANTIFA democrats destroying 470+ cities for 5+ months last year, that’s for sure.

    3. @Ryu Cartel so who was it that racked the Minneapolis Police Station with gunfire and set it on fire?

      Do you remember when everyone kept telling us the the federal guard in Oakland was killed because of black lives matter? Since it was a black family the Republicans trotted out the family all the time. Then we find out it’s some right-wing white supremacist that actually shot him. Suddenly that family doesn’t hear from the Republicans again! LOL! Sad! It looks like the same guys that ambushed a deputy did that deed also.

      Please post a link for this 470 City figure. You’re telling people that 470 cities experienced significant looting and burning due to the black lives matter protest? Please post the link and source to back that up!

    1. He has an amazing family NOW. PTSD can tear families apart. You can see how hard it is for him to talk about it in this interview. I’m sure it’s much worse for him when he’s alone with nothing but his thoughts. I wish him the best

    2. @Jay Gray He has PTSD from an azzkicking.. Imagine now.. being BLACK in American and facing that everyday and worse… ( being MURDERED) and instead of being lionized like fanone.. being BURIED in a grave and villianized

    3. @Du Hast You black? Then grow up, not everything’s about black people. I say the same thing to a lot of other people who cry but do nothing to make things better. Git youself a edukation an yu might git somwhar

  10. They should show more of these video from the officer’s perspective and let the country dwell on this

  11. Officer Fanone, we do not blame you if you quit. I can’t imagine what you went through or the nightmares and flashbacks that must surely occur. Whatever you do, you are a hero in our eyes. Bless you and your family, stay safe.

    1. @Du Hast No the white officer with tattoo of a spade ensnared in a spiders web on his neck that got ptsd from a riot is a Hero, but the Black Officers that got called racial slurs and had human excrement thrown on them by white upper middle class BLM advocates are super dooper racist bad and scary though

    2. John 8:44
      Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    3. Much like all the police who quit after the democrat insurrection that went on for most of 2020 across America lol. Now the murder rates are through the roof as democrats run around shooting each other with stolen guns in all the blue cities with gun control! Ha. Embarassing.

  12. There are a lot of us Americans who are proud of you officer Michael Fanone. Thank you for your service and God Bless you and yours.

    1. Just remember… you’re aloud to question election results they say you can question.

      2016 – CNN spent 4 years telling everyone the election was rigged.
      2020 – CNN spent 4 minutes telling everyone the election was legit, followed by this narrative they keep drilling about how “Don’t you dare question the results”. Despite all the changes to the election system itself and how people can vote in under a year … nope, there is no reason to question any thing.

      Media sure does have a lot of power. An awful lot of power. But that comes when Media decides it isn’t separate from Government itself and is now just a tool by a Government Faction. The funny part is when some of you adorable sheep chime in with how you got rid of Fascism … completely oblivious to what was just voted in. Enjoy your Inflation, the separation of class even further, all media being state run as censorship takes voices away, while police are trained under a new ideology (a very racist one, the f’in irony…) and to be adorned with corporate uniforms as more laws are being written that allow corporate entities government control over the statutes.

      Brilliant, everybody. F’in brilliant. Every CNN fanboy, gives yourselves a pat on the back for doing… something. You all definitely did something that most rational thinking people would call… special .

      And yes, you’re a fool if you want to talk about banning guns but also want to give a 16 year old the power to vote in someone that can kill thousands overseas. The hypocrisy is thick

    2. @Jubjub Tubs oh go pound sand with all that BS .. trot back on over to right wing land where they will tell ya what ya want t hear. It will all be conspiracy driven BS but at least you can feel special.

    3. @The Dani Do’s It’s NOT about Left or Right wing. It’s not a conspiracy either… are you so blinded by CNN’s dogma that you are completely oblivious?

      Inflation IS happening
      Censorship IS happening
      A very racist ideology IS being taught
      Being told to not question this election IS happening
      CNN spent 4 years telling everyone the 2016 was rigged DID happen

      You think attacking me because you THINK I’m right-wing makes you justified in being a tool? What happens to that when it turns out I’m not right-wing as I think both parties are corrupt corporate entities? Maybe you should question why you are such a pathetic sheep to a group of people that weaponized culture in an attempt to gain power. A group that are now implementing acts/laws that will clearly be leading to a greater division of classes, resulting in those with power having more of it. But I don’t expect much from someone like you that seems to find glory in CNN’s dogma of peddling “Division”. Yes… label me right-wing so you can find comfort in not knowing how else to handle my words. Like I said… Pathetic sheep.

    4. Democrats don’t like white supremacist racist police, remember? Defund, remember? Change the country, remember?

  13. I can’t fathom or understand how this man will wake up everyday and not be able to forget that day for the rest of his life! Michael thank you so very much for your service and may you find peace with this! Millions of people think you are awesome!

    1. Why tf do you care ?? The left has been calling to abolish this mans career… even at your Antifa and blm riots called for the death of these officers and their families… what changed lmfao

    2. Same way I feel every day thinking back on when I encountered my local democrat BLM/ANTIFA riot last year, and helped send 7 BLM/ANTIFA democrats to prison for throwing explosives into innocent peoples’ businesses. You don’t forget experiences like that.

  14. Man had his priorities straight.

    Also, the dude is brave to describe with candor his experience so others are helped.

    1. Holy man just attacking the guy wtf. Im sure an angry mob would cause a lot of damage to you as well

  15. Officer Fanone was off on the 6th and went to help his colleagues to protect those lying politicians who were scared for their lives. Fanone’s mother said he is not the same man that he was before January 6. The man has a family, children, and a wife.

  16. So hard to watch someone going through flashback trauma. My heart breaks knowing it will continue for so long. I’m humbled by his strength and determination. Peace and comfort to all the officers that rose to defend our freedom and precious lives.

  17. Thank you, officer Fanone. I feel so much gratitude for what you did for our country on that day! Praying for your recovery. 🙏🇺🇸❤️

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