Officer Who Fatally Shot Daunte Wright Resigns | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1

Officer Who Fatally Shot Daunte Wright Resigns | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


The police officer identified in the shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright and the police chief in Brooklyn Center, Minn., have resigned, officials announced on Tuesday. Aired on 04/13/2021.
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Officer Who Fatally Shot Daunte Wright Resigns | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


  1. ” if you can pause a moment of your anger, it would save hundred days of your sorrow “.

    1. @Loving_Lioness Yes, and when you process it, guess what, anger is still there. Now what? Pause again? And keep pausing while the same thing happens again so you can begin the cycle of pausing all over again?

  2. Not good enough. You can’t just erase your problems by resigning. “I was working at McDonald’s and one night I cleaned out the registers and safe. But the next day I resigned so now it’s all good.”

    1. @Vehement Put down your meth pipe, take off your klan robes, stop beating your wife, and stop listening to Qanon.

    2. @OEF Combatveteran Ignorance and ineptness are also on your side. Read a book or something, then maybe you’ll start convincing intelligence to be your friend also.

    1. Listen know this might not make any sense of to anybody, but i dnt know try…maybe…not running…maybe

      watch tape
      lady officer says ” oh, my god i shot him” when seconds before she said “Tazer”
      So ya

    2. Let them burn there own city down what a bunch of morons lol . Proud to be a republican living in the country

  3. Local officers should take of situations on their tour, there are other officers to take care of more serious situations. This citizen was not hurting anyone at this time, just a ticket to be issued for later follow up by detectives or other squads.

    1. @LASAUNDRIA EGGLESTON the cop grabbed her gun instead of her tazer! She is yelling “tazer, tazer” in the split second decision she grabbed and shot her gun off instead! It was an accident! If the guy didn’t run and cooperate he probably still be alive!

    2. @Blind Bat the night before this incident a cop pulled a guy over for a simple traffic stop and the guy shot and killed the cop!

    3. @Mom Of4Kids I really hate this young man lost his life, but this is a great example of how simply complying would have changed the whole situation. He did everything he shouldn’t have, but, a taser would have stopped it from getting any worse, I just don’t understand WHY, OR HOW, she could have possibly made that kind of mistake! I’ve owned a 9mm for years, and I’ve heald a taser once, a blind man would know the difference..

    4. At this time. If he’d shot someone with a gun he’s not supposed to have, everyone would be screaming the cops weren’t doing their job by finding and arresting him. A lot of times, a traffic violation or dead tag is the reason people even get caught for other crimes. He had to know he couldn’t run forever, a dead tag is the perfect way to draw attention to yourself, he had to know it wasn’t valid and getting pulled was a real possibility. I don’t understand at all though how on earth she could possibly get the 2 weapons confused, thats just crazy dangerous on its on. I can’t believe that in 26 yrs ,that’s the first time she’d been under that kind of pressure, IF she is rattled that easily then no one, regardless of color was safe. She was a disaster waiting to happen. Then their is the fact that she could just be straight up lieing her butt off.

    5. @T Ross cops make mistakes too! The guy ran and the police caught up with him again. It was a hyper situation in a very hostile police environment. The same night 2 officers were attacked for pulling people over for a traffic stop. One officer was shot and killed the other was stabbed and died from his injuries!

  4. Of course she resigned because I’m guessing here but I would imagine it keeps her pension intact since she served 26 years. I might also add that she never should have been in that job because she displayed gross incompetence.

    1. @OEF Combatveteran , He deserves his day in court just like the cops when they fk up. Resisting isn’t a reason to murder him.

    2. @Ira Isaacs oh just be quiet you one month old troll but I do thank you for identifying yourself so that I can now mute you.

    3. @Pall Mall you no nothing about me so if you don’t have something good to say keep your thoughts to yourself.

    1. @Howard Moon Howard! the point here is not whether the police are always right or wrong. The matter is simple, since they stop you and give you orders, you must follow them, whether you like it or not. If the dude hadn’t smacked and wanted to run away, he would have been alive. End of discussion .

    2. @Big O O man LOL didn’t take long for your racist tendencies to boil to the surface in this thread. Bravo

  5. So she resigned and just moves to another Police Dept in another District or anther State to repeat the same “mistake “elsewhere. She needs to be made to find another profession and have her credentials removed. Along with the Chief.

    1. @Noname Noname – That is exactly what “defund the police” means. It’s a stupid term that doesn’t describe the idea at all. You have to listen to Defund the Police advocates explain their position to understand that what they really want is “reform”.

    2. @Eric Echols Sr. well some people only train on certain things maybe that’s why she panicked and pulled her gun out

  6. I heard the one who resigned was training the 2 junior officers on that video. 2 senior cops showing bad examples to junior caps on 2 separate occasions. The other one was in Winsor.

    1. @Censorship Is real …Medals? For claiming she didn’t know the difference between her Tazer and her service weapon?
      GTFOH, bootlicker. You cop-suckers all sound the same.

    1. No it’s not, it was an accident and it happens as an officer. Especially, when criminals are not cooperating

    2. @Mom Of4Kids they will always come up with excuses to satisfy their demonic thirst to commit such a ungodly act.

  7. Doesn’t know the difference between her taser and gun? I hope she forgets how to collect retirement pay as well.

    1. @mario Dias What does that have to do with anything. A feeble attempt to get some moral authority? Pathetic. You’re not that welcome.

    2. @Los good music Mandrell By getting another police job in another county with out a background check. It WHY cops resiend before the inquared returns a finding, the inquire closes and their rechon says the resign with no record of of the inquiry

    3. @J H It happens…as in any job. Under duress…stress….maybe she had personal life distractions….they are trained so that this does not happen….but there obviously was a failure. Look at the mistakes that experienced senior airline pilots make…sometimes killing hundreds in an instant.

  8. She’ll just go to work for a different police department since there is no national database for flagging substandard officers.

    1. @Mom Of4Kids We don’t live in a POLICE STATE. We have a Bill of Rights.

      If you hate the Constitution so much, move to a fascist country.

    2. Making a mistake does not make you a bad officer. The subject escalated the situation by trying to escape, which caused the mistake to be made. Had he not tried to escape none of it would have happened.

    3. @Radagast Brown not when the fourth admend is ignored time and time again, we in thereory have the bill of right, but many of us don’t have it procatice, and are summery executed by the police

    4. @Bill Sbac stop excusing BS. Don’t blame the offender for escalating it to a situation where the officer should be trained to handle anyway. Regardless of whether he ran or not … in. 26 years of experience you cannot “mistake” a gun for a taser. She was literally a FTO or at least training a new cop when this took place. Like it doesn’t get any worse than that

    5. @John Doe

      Well that’s just the point, he does bear some blame. You can’t escalate a situation then say you bare no blame in what happens. Sorry but the kid made an a-hole move and it cost him his life. If he doesn’t do that, she doesn’t do that.

  9. I like how the officer that shot had enough time to go resign, but didnt think it was neccessary to tell the victims family why they shot him.. or even offer condolences.. obviously she knows she was in the wrong, if she resigned that fast. smh

    1. @LotWizzard incompetent because she makes one mistake over 25 years?
      Should I say that criminals or those who initiate breaking the law and then disregard commands of an officer are incompetent too?

    2. I’m wondering if she was desperate to join a local blue line gang and needed to pass her initiation test, a certain L.A. blue line gang requires the cop to have taken a civilians life before joining, others require that you’ve broken at least one bone of a civilian etc:
      No one mistakes a gun in a holster on the right hip with a plastic taser in a holster on the left hip, especially training officers.

    3. @Hopsta dumb comment of someone with no experience other than a couch probably grab the wrong remote every so often, don’t you?

    4. @Ruby Burks she deserves a pension for 25 years of service..she made a wasn’t intentional but, I’m sure because of the circumstances, they will crucify her..

  10. My deepest condolence goes out to the Wright family! What a shame it had to end this way for both parties involved.

    1. @Dave Moline Everything you just said is ridiculous and not true. Blacks have no reason to “suddenly” start going after Asian Americans. Please! Ask Asians who are REALLY targeting them and have for years! You. And you’re telling me that on the day that Chauvin “killed” Mr. Floyd that he was going to die that day anyway. You need 8 minutes 46 seconds knee on a drugged out person, handcuffed- with hands BEHIND his back!? You all love to character Assassinate EVERYONE except for yourselves.

    2. @Dave Moline Jamie, sounds like Dave Moline feels that little ‘ole’ Kyle should have been at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 to stand up to the criminal mob. Dave calls these Capitol crashers people who were not raised; criminal thugs

    3. What if Wright would have got the car in reverse and ran the cops over would there be outrage of officers dying at the hands of a criminal resisting arrest

  11. This officer was not a rookie, but a veteran of 26 years. It is difficult to believe she doesn’t know the difference between a stun gun and her gun. From what I have read it didn’t seem like she had any reason to even taser him. I hope the family and friends of Mr. Wright see more judgement against this police women than her resignation. My heart felt condolences to his family and loved ones. This is a terrible tragedy.

    1. These two police should be held accountable and dealt with severely, Unnecessary stress caused by the police who let a simple situation escalate. If you can’t remain calm and professional when pulling someone over for a traffic offense you should not be in the police. Those two police people should be dealt with harshly, they are criminals, they should be held accountable, fired, and investigated.

    2. A trained officer does not mistake a gun for a taser. They feel different, they look drastically different, and are on opposite sides of the belt. If you watch the bodycam footage closely, she holds the gun in her hands for quite a while. This was no accident

    3. A trained police officer should know a difference between a gun and taser, since gun and taser are on opposite sides of their belt.

  12. Very sad indeed. Deepest Sympathy to the Wright Family. What a horrible error, simply awful. Why, God why did he resist and cause the commotion? I will never understand why people do that. They NEVER WIN in that situation and usually results in death.

    1. Have you been stopped for an air freshener?……white people resist as well…..different out comes, wonder why?

    2. These officers should be held accountable and dealt with severely, Unnecessary stress caused by the police who let a simple situation escalate. If you can’t remain calm and professional when pulling someone over for a traffic offense you should not be in the police. Those two police people should be dealt with harshly, they are criminals, they should be held accountable, fired, and investigated.

    3. @Lee dUrban There are many good cops and a lot of them do put their lives on the line daily, but one thing I always notice in these instances is the panic USA police seem to go into. They seem to be aggressive from the start, escalate everything at a rate of knots, create a situation that shouldn’t exist, often followed by a gruesome outcome, particularly when someone is black. Daunte should have co-operated better, but we all know why he didn’t.

    4. @Squizzy Bollocks I don’t know what you mean. Anyone can resist, makes no difference on colour. I wasn’t being rude or racist in anyway, apologies if I came across as. May Dante Wright RIP.

    5. @Sheila Boston There’s no right or wrong. Cops DO put their lives at risk daily. Good cops V Bad cops. How can a trainer make that mistake? Wowa….There is zero need for the cop to start with a bad attitude, he should approach in a certain cautious manner.
      We also must examine the offender. Will they pull a gun? Will they speed off? We all know these people exist, sadly and fatally as Dante. Officer must face consequences, if not for manslaughter then for being Fn STUPID and should have known better

  13. Thank god someone hugged that poor mother, she absolutely needed it in that moment, I hope their family sees justice for the son they lost

    1. @Anne Jackson in the end… the cop had no training or we can thank defund the police. Aka crappy law men/women

    2. Good thing Ben crump came back to Minnesota to help this family after he got the Floyd family their 26m dollar suit settled I mean his 26 million dollars

  14. My heart goes out to the mother and girlfriend. The cop who shot him deserves to be put in jail for a long time

  15. Heart felt condolences for his Mom, Family and Friends. After all we’ve seen regarding guns, I’m beyond speechless.

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