WH Says J&J Vaccine Pause Won't Have Significant Impact On Vaccination Efforts | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

WH Says J&J Vaccine Pause Won’t Have Significant Impact On Vaccination Efforts | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Chuck Todd breaks down the White House briefing after the FDA and CDC call for a pause in the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine. Aired on 04/13/2021.
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WH Says J&J Vaccine Pause Won't Have Significant Impact On Vaccination Efforts | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. Got my first one last week. Felt ‘blah’ the next day, but great by day 2. Flu shots make me feel ‘blah’, too, so I expected that much.

    2. Too late to warn you but I’m sure you have been and called them all conspiracy theorists so the irreversible effects are on you now not anyone else. Welcome to the sheep herd.

  1. If this were the t’rump administration, they would have lied about the issue, blamed someone else, and then refused to answer questions.
    Instead Team Biden actually acknowledged the facts, let the science speak, and didn’t cover anything up.

    Thanks America for making yourself great again, finally!

    1. @hiiamrick – What conspiracy theory is that? Ive never heard it. Let me guess, you are repeating what the media told you, right?

      You also didnt answer my question- Ho many republicans do you know personally that hate you?

    2. @Ray S I am able to form my own opinions. Again stupid. I do not hang around the people that hate me. DO YOU?

    3. @hiiamrick – Nope. However how do you know people who are Republicans hate you unless youve been around them?

      Again, seems you are just generalizing based off of what you hear and not what you know

    4. @Ray S COME ON MAN!! America just had a racist president. The cop are killing Americans that look like me. And RACISTS just stormed the Capitol. I am over a half century years of age. I know a racist when is see one. Besides that loser rebel flag gives them away.

    5. @Ray S Trump telling his supporters he won the election!! Pizzagate, Qanon. the media did no tell me, THEY DID!!!! Why is Fox News and other idiots being sued for a BILLON dollars. Its get old communicating with stupid.

  2. I want the one and one. HOpe this gets resolved quickly. Don’t think its the vaccine or everyone would react badly. Not everyone’s body chemistry is the same.

    1. @DAVID More than seven million people in the United States have received Johnson & Johnson shots so far, [during that time prescription drugs have likely caused more concerns]

    2. @Paul Wilson they do not know that yet and therefore neither do you. statistically, hundreds of thousands per year are hospitalized for blood clots ANYWAY.

    3. @j v Not willingly, and like you compare prescription drugs, there were lawsuits after the fact but there will be no lawsuits for this drug. The vaccine companies actually have 100% immunity from malpractice. Keep that in mind.

    4. @j v The virus has side effects, or as they are more commonly known, symptoms. I got the Pfizer, and had chills, fever, joint pain, and fatigue for a day. Hardly deadly, and not a big problem.

  3. Birth control pills cause the same issues. More than 6 women a year experience these types of blood clots due to contraceptions

    1. I noticed that all the clotting problems were in females of reproductive age. Perhaps they were on the pill, or maybe it is estrogen related.

  4. I was going to get j&j. Glad I got the pfizer. I’m not looking forward to the next shot. Many people have side effects after the second shot. But wth.

    1. Yeah, I had my first Pfizer dose last Wednesday. I had some side effects for 24 hours, no big deal. I’ll have more next time, still no big deal. My daughter was going to have the J&J tomorrow, but instead is going to have to wait a week for the Pfizer. She’s upset that she has to wait more, but is still thrilled with the idea of being immune.

    2. @LBhls Go ahead, and call those, intelligent enough to get vaccinated, sheep. SHEEP = Smart Humans Eagerly Ensuring Protection

  5. Imagine surviving over an entire year of a global pandemic just to die from a vaccine that’s supposed to make you immune to the very virus that caused the global pandemic.

    1. Out of all the people who got vaccinated, 6 is not a large number. It DOES warrant investigation, but the odds of this happening to you or I are slim.
      That being said, not terribly sorry now that the one-dose vaccine wasn’t available in my area when I got my first of two vaccines, from which I had one day of feeling “blah”.


    3. @Laurie VanCurler That blah means it’s working right? I’ll spare you the warning since it’s too late.

  6. Got the J&J yesterday. Today I watched a Tiger King video projected on my ceiling while lying in bed and sold ten shares of Gamestop stock by rapidly blinking my eyes three times.

  7. Even it is so rare, I wouldn’t take the risk of having it if other vaccine are available out there.

    1. That’s the idea. They want everyone to take the real patented GMO experiment. Good luck. I know you’ve been warned by now and you ignored it.

    2. The advantage of the adenovirus vectored vaccines (J&J, Astrazeneca and Sputnik) are they don’t require a super deep freeze for storage, and the J&J was over 70% effective after one dose. But all of them seem to have some clotting problems, not as bad as getting the virus, but still not optimal. I’m glad I got the Pfizer, even though I’m too old to be at risk for the clotting.

  8. All : why are you waiting
    Me: because as a senior I don’t want to risk a clot.
    P.s if you need 2 doses, people !!!

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