Officials Expand Evacuations As Florida Wastewater Breach Worsens | MSNBC 1

Officials Expand Evacuations As Florida Wastewater Breach Worsens | MSNBC


Florida Gov. DeSantis has declared a sate of emergency after a reservoir containing wastewater is leaking and on the brink of collapse. The leak, just south of Tampa, has already forced hundreds of residents to evacuate.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Officials Expand Evacuations As Florida Wastewater Breach Worsens | MSNBC


    1. So where and what water shed is the discharge water going to right now? More rethugs failure at the expense of the public

    1. @johnabuick because the amount of money spent is the sole indicator of the quality of infrastructure. That sentiment right there is the reason blue states continue to fail.

    2. @johnabuick this based on companies coming to Florida and setting up their businesses. Huge tax breaks and wages less than 40,000 a year jobs. This is no joke. This state sucks in paying wages. It’s who you know that you get a good job, not what your know. If you are not born here you can get a good job, but outsiders will not.

    1. Right! I’d like to know what planet people like Cruz in Texas and governor DISASTROUS in Florida are orbiting

    2. Keep voting republican and this is what we get. Florida voters love voting against themselves. Your Can’t fix stupid or uneducated ignorance or the rich who love their tax breaks

    3. This is a good time for the governor to get behind the President’s infrastructure plan- it will fund this exact sort of thing for states. Clean water is a top priority

  1. Of course they going to play it down. They would be in for big lawsuits if they said it was radioactive

    1. if its radioactive its really easy to prove. you cant hide that. there would be waaay more expensive lawsuites, if they try to sweep it under the rug / lie about it and the public finds out later, that it was radioactive.

    2. Piney Point was built with no federally required liners in 1966. Mosaic/Cargill in Riverview discharges thier phosphogyspum water into the bay to prevent overflowing into the bay. Yep, you read that correctly. Everyone knows phosphogypsum is radioactive

    3. And it IS radioactive. The environmental devastation will be the absolute worst thing that will happen if the berms are breached. They did not evacuate the people primarily for ‘physical safety reasons’ – they evacuated them because the stuff in the ponds is terrible for human health. Radioactive, carcinogenic, etc. The reason the ‘stacks’ are lined is to keep the vile chemicals contained. It takes forever to rehabilitate those ponds.

    4. Playing it down like Covid is just a flu, it will magically go away.. then “boom” 500,000 people dead… DeSantis is a Trump enthusiast, he will play a disaster down even if kills his people.

    1. When Obama tried to pass one. All the GOP voted against it. Now the country is playing catch-up.

    2. @Ricardo Shook Yes, but in all fairness, Obama once wore a tan suit. Plus we still don’t know who left the Obamagate open. And don’t get me started on Obama’s Mama’s Yokohama llama pajama drama. Oh, the humanity.

    3. @Ricardo Shook *_The GOP has revealed that it was actually Obama that sank the Titanic, not an iceberg; Joe Biden started the Korean war, invented athlete’s foot, twerking, & tornadoes; & Hunter Biden is responsible for Pauly Shore movies, bedbugs at the Trump hotels, the Macarena, & halitosis in dogs.  Nancy Pelosi is making a coat out of dalmatian puppies for AOC and Kamala Harris, George Soros faked the moon landing, while Hillary’s emails are destroying the rain forest._*

  2. It would be the first time he’s told the truth….so you can safely assume they are discharging radioactive waste water.

    1. Desantis and Rubio are wishin Bidens infrastructure plan hurries up now.Gaetz is spewing too much of his own toxic BS to be of any help.We don’t need no stinkin infrastructure money Mconnel ,probably just starting a – save the turtles- go fund me acct. after seeing this happening.

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  3. DeSantis has failed in every emergency since he took office. This is what happens when you put someone with no clue in charge.

    1. Can’t he simply get some of tRUMPS left over rolls of paper towels and soak up the contaminated stuff!!??!! Simple!!!

    2. Agreed. Even job postings on indeed require more from a potential employee more than some government offices- where they are directly responsible for the well being of citizens.

    1. Repukelican run government has lead to this! Also their greed and environmental terroristic actions and views! And now they’re trying to downplay the actual threat the water poses to the environment! The water now isn’t radioactive as was first reported… Woww smmfh!

    2. @LaMont Allen ‘…has lead to this.’ What are you talking about? What ‘this’? Then you segue into the environment, you’re all over the place and the environment is doing just fine. Didn’t you hear John Kerry when he made the statement that the United States is doing a good job environmentally. Europe is the nightmare, France can’t even control air pollution. Germany’s green revolution fell through which is why they are in bed with the Russians and Putin’s pipeline.
      I think you really need to lie down and take a deep breath and calm yourself.

    3. @old school outlaw So….up here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the city has several maintained reservoirs THAT DON’T LEAK…like ever…could be the regulated maintenance of these old reservoirs!

    4. @T. R. Campbell
      President Obama had a pandemic disaster plan created for just such an emergency like Covid 19. tRump, being the stable genius that he is, threw it out. Just as Obama had a pandemic response team created, which tRump disbanded, and we had a pandemic specialist in China who tRump withdrew. That’s the plan I was referring to.

    5. @peter blood Sometimes there are agencies and departments in the government that were created for a good purpose but they then developed a life of their own. They seem to hang around forever. This Obama team that you referred to had served its purpose.
      If Trump can be faulted for anything it is because he believed the lies of the communist Chinese. The communist Chinese as well as the WHO lied to the world about the ease in which COVID-19 could be transferred from animal to human and then from human to human.
      Trump was fresh off a trade agreement with the communist Chinese. I believe he felt that he had a good relationship with The Chinese president and he was anxious to capitalize on more trade agreements with the Chinese. He should not have believed their lies.
      The Financial Times reported on January 9, that WHO repeated China’s claim that the virus does not transmit easily.
      On January 14 WHO praises China for their efforts.
      On January 22, WHO praised China for their efforts.
      Dr. Fauci stated the misinformation by WHO and by China greatly affected the response to the virus by the United States.
      Once the lies became evident towards the end of January the prior administration took action. American industry was ramped up to produce state of the art medical equipment. Even the “my pillow guy “shut down his operation to manufacture gowns and masks. Trump has often said at this time that the ‘ cupboard was bare’ concerning medical equipment left over from the Obama administration.
      Two large hospital ships were dispatched to critical areas. Military emergency field hospitals Were erected around the country.
      In the interest of brevity I won’t go any further but we two vaccines are developed in record time, then more were developed. The military was put in charge of logistics which delivered vaccines to the states and it was up to the states and then to determine their own policy and procedure. Some states are doing exceptionally well and others are falling behind.
      Joe’s new administration knows given an excellent foundation on which to continue and we hope that he will lead us out of this COVID-19 nightmare and get us back to our supercharged economy. Thank you for your post and your clarification.

  4. On his first week in office, former president Donald Trump signed a Bill allowing companies to dump their waste in creeks and rivers… These are the Results.

    1. Are you freaking serious? That’s something I haven’t heard before!!! But unfortunately very believable.

  5. I wouldn’t trust a word coming out of that governor’s mouth, an independent should be testing the water.

    1. @louis stalker Well this rabbit hole is looking worse. Do we use radioactive material to grow crops?
      Or is phosphate just radioactive by nature? I honestly don’t know.
      I know it’s needed for farming. So I’m not against using it, I’m just curious.

    2. @Me Off I think phosphates might be radioactive but probably in small quantities this is a very large company that supplies the main grains crops that we use and export to other countries.

    1. Mining companies get away with murder. They make people rich, then when disaster strikes, the company expects the government to clean it all up.

    2. @mrs mucha isn’t this true for all private enterprise and corporations? Always the little guys tax dollars bail them out.

  6. Ten + years ago montreal directed all waste water to a special plant to clean the water before releasing it back to the st. Lawrence River. Made a huge + difference. That’s what good infrastructure does for you.

    1. We’re going to have to make a lot of changes. Maybe Canada can show us how to do that, because a serious water pollution problem.

    2. ya but that is communism. The private sector would do that more efficiently because capitalism. In this case BLM/Antifa sabotaged the dam….

  7. This is just a metaphor for Florida as a whole, a shoddily made above ground pool of radioactive poop water

  8. The catastrophic situation is the governor— with any luck he will be gone soon— what a disappointing human.

  9. The only thing I know for sure is that I don’t believe one word that comes from Ron DeSantis’ mouth.

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