1. But the actual explanation is so much cooler and more interesting! It’s charged protons and electrons interacting with the gas in our upper atmosphere!

  1. I love the northern lights! I’ve seen them several times here in Vermont and every time I’ve seen it, it’s been different than every other time I’ve seen it.

    1. No. It’s the work of the suns radiation hitting our magnetosphere and being charged with positive ions. Completely explainable and has nothing to do with god.

    1. As someone who’s seen them as far down and North Dakota you just have to have high hopes the further north you go. I’ve seen them and they are truly mesmerizing, it’s no wonder why ancient humans once thought these the embodiments of gods. Though I also find them to be slightly eerie as I’m a huge cosmic horror fan and this is as close as anyone will naturally get to space.

    2. Have a look into a Norwegian cruise on the Hertigruten. Starting or finishing in Kirkenes. Plan to go in the winter because it’s 24hr darkness then. So around Nov to Feb. If the cruise isn’t your thing, there are a couple of hotels there & you could just do a long weekend. The aurora isn’t guaranteed but you will have a high chance to see it. I used to live there, it would happen regularly.

  2. The best (simplified) part is that the lights are solar flares that are sucked in to our magnetic fields and when they come into contact with our atmosphere they dissipate and create light. It’s absolutely amazing.

  3. amazing! I hope to go up north to see it in real life one day. It’s absolutely beautiful. I love that we can still see the Stars in night sky as he’s filming this. it also reminds me of Thor Odinson’s bi-frost/rainbow 🌈 bridge 🌉.

  4. It’s easy to understand the ancient humans believing in magical beings in the sky or gods looking down at them. It’s simply stunninf

  5. It’s so cool when the reds and purples pop. Even after living in Alaska for 27 years, it still stops me in my tracks…

  6. Its a regular occurrence where I come from, got to see em a lot growing up, I find it strange though how we are now seeing them further south all of a sudden

  7. Thank you! Spectacular! .. even on my mobile. .. it must have been magical to witness that first hand. I’m envious! 🤗

  8. I used to live in the arctic circle & the aurora is quite a common sight, never gets old, however, I’ve never seen one quite this bright! 👀

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