See the moment a woman escaped from her alleged kidnapper

A woman who had been abducted nearly a year ago while traveling across the country made a dramatic escape from her kidnapper after she concocted a getaway plan to a New Jersey gas station, authorities said. CNN anchor Boris Sanchez interviews Jatin "Bobby" Madaan, the gas station owner who helped her escape.

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    1. @The BrotherHood Sports nothing alleged about it, her life was saved and the kidnapper is where he belongs, behind bars.

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  1. People need to realize the dangers of these people!! Pay attention to your surroundings!! Keep your face out of your phone in public and pay attention!!!

    1. Stop victim blaming. The government and police need to do a much better of getting rid of these monsters and making sure they don’t exist in the first place. You think this is the first time he’s ever committee a crime? Of course not. But police just let criminals free to recommit as many crimes as they want because our justice system is only designed to make money for the prison owners

    2. @jammytomato I am not victim blaming. Idk if you can’t read or what but victims may not be victims if they pay attention to their surroundings.
      How do I know? I was lunares for 5 days because I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings.
      So stuff your victim crap.

    3. @De K-Hall maybe you think you could have prevented your situation by “being more aware” but women are trained to be aware of their surroundings from a young age because many have personal experiences with creeps from an age many years before puberty is even on the horizon, and no matter how aware, a woman usually cannot overpower a man.

  2. What a beautiful soul if I was every in a situation like this , this is the Man you’d want to help what a gentle giant , he’s a hero ❤ you probably saved her life . Thank You ❤

  3. That employee reacted quick and well. The 2nd hero of the story.
    First hero is the woman who spotted her opportunity and bolted.
    Store own kept his head too. Great story.
    Hope her abductor enjoys prison life.

  4. Kudos to this man for immediately locking the door when she ran in and helping her. It’s not “paranoid” for her to be scared.

    1. wait- That was the victim that locked the door herself- and the other person in the black and white checkered shirt was also another woman. There was no man in the video aside from the kidnapper.

    2. @Robin Justice No, it was the victim who locked the door. T shirt and shorts. The employee was wearing the black and white shirt.

    3. @Jay 4You yeah, what they mean is give credit where it’s due, which was the victim herself! Stop assuming it must be “the man” who saved the day!

  5. I wonder more and more how many people, right here in our own country, in our own neighborhood, how many women, land children, vulnerable people are right now being held hostage.
    Please pay attention. Watch your surroundings. Stay safe and watch out for others.

  6. Thank God, she escaped!!! Great and fast action taken by the store owner and clerk!!! God bless them and I pray this woman gets the help and support she needs.

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