Oh, so now Lindsey Graham wants to impeach a president? 1

Oh, so now Lindsey Graham wants to impeach a president?


South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham remained a loyal ally to former President Donald Trump throughout both of Trump’s impeachments, but now Graham says he wants to impeach President Joe Biden for his approach to the drawdown of US forces in Afghanistan. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explores Graham’s blind loyalty to Trump and how it’s still affecting his political moves.


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  1. If you ever feel useless just remember the US took 4 president , 20 years and trillions of dollars to replace the Taliban with Taliban.

    1. Power for the sake of power, war for the sake of war? To talent, to many dreams buried in the grave. The technology is catching up and balancing off to the point of mutual destruction. Soooo, what are we fighting for cause I forgot about 16 years ago.

    1. Eby’s comments are spot on & doesn’t have his head where the sun don’t shine like those who follow Biden like Sheep.
      Are you a truck driver from Big Sky Country?

    1. @John Patrick so for lindsey, Drumpf undermining the integrity of the office as well our democracy with his continued misinformation that he spread to steal an election is A OK. But a messy (ongoing)exit to a 20yr shtshow that 7k miles away is a bridge too far.

      TL;DR R. prez Drumpf intentially crimes; it’s fine. D. prez Biden fumbles a plan; IMPEACH!

    2. I cant WAIT for the GOP to regain control of congress next year and impeach the hell out of biden. gonna be sweet justice. And then WATCH ALL THE LIBERALS CRY ABOUT IT……………. ha ha ha

    1. @dave mitchell hole money.
      If we are going to sift through all of the former guy’s foibles, it is going to take a long while

    2. I voted for Joe Biden. How can Biden give an entire country in just three days back to ISIS, al-Qaeda and the Taliban, who chop off people’s heads? I’ll vote straight Republican in the midterms.

    3. Finely someone on here with common sense I thought most people that watched cnn was talban or Iran smart thinking

    4. CNN is pathetic. Only weak Biden and woke up are to blame for this mess. Leftists and CNN seem to hate Trump more than terrorists

    1. @Immabouto Bebannedagain The suicide rate is devastating for people who chose opioids/ heroin to relieve their mental and physical pain, so what’s your point?

    2. I voted for Joe Biden. How can Biden give an entire country in just three days back to ISIS, al-Qaeda and the Taliban, who chop off people’s heads? I’ll vote straight Republican in the midterms.

    3. @Tattle Tale If you vote Republican that’s your choice, why do you feel the need to tell others? But don’t worry, there are millions of Americans who still feel Biden’s performance in Afghanistan is far superior than what Trump’s performance would be, and that’s judging from the fact the Trump is responsible for 500 thousand American deaths connected to COVID in the country.

  2. I wonder if the taliban regaining 5 thousand’ish soldiers released from prison has anyhting to do with the taliban seemingly walking all over the Afgan government and military.

  3. Well you have to admire his consistent inconsistency anyway. He’s a blow hard and fills Strom Thurmond’s shoes like they were made for him.

    1. @Nate S Poor little Nate, you get your fake news from MSNBC and CNN. You’re pathetic and a clown. Your stupidity fuels me. I love pulling your strings.

    2. @Nate S You act like a little girl. I’m old enough to be your father. You’re just a little punk.

    3. @Nate S Your mother died when you were a teenager. That’s what your problem is. You’re still an angry child. Get medication kid.

    4. @Nate S I don’t think your mother liked you very much. She would even be more ashamed of you. You’re a little baby who never grew up.

  4. We used to call people like Graham “Brown Nosers.” When Graham gets through kissing trump’s behind, he comes out with a brown stained nose from the proximity of where the waste material comes out of trump!

    1. Stay mad Bradyn. Cope harder. Seethe even harder. It reminds me of a child going through the “Terrible Two’s”

    1. Trump =Taliban
      He supports the Taliban and it concerns me that Trump knew he would Benefit from 9/11 Before it ever happened!

    1. That story was actually debunked. Even the current administration said it was false. Might want to look up some old articles about it.

    2. @Jehovah Witness this was never debunked …..I thought you witnesses believed in telling the truth ……liar.

    1. You gotta admit,Joe Biden is probably the worst leader in the history of the world. If we impeach him we’d have “Do your Christmas shopping early” Kacklin Kamaltoe!!!!! You aren’t any better,you voted for those slugs.

  5. “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook!” – Harry Truman
    True then..True Today..!!

    1. You can’t blame Biden that has dementia, he was told what to do in Afghanistan. I blame people like CNN for propping up the Democrats with their propaganda and trashing our great President Trump. This would’ve never happened under President Trump. It’s the media and the Biden administration, not the guy with dementia

    2. @An American how’s that …..he’s getting things done ……all Republicans ever do is appoint conservative judges and give tax breaks to the wealthy ……..and obstruct

    3. @Charles L Jones the only thing BIDEN is doing is losing his mind and selling out America. Just look at all the chaos he’s created both foreign and domestic.

    4. @Charles L Jones Obama was and is a crrk. he was worth $12 million when he left office. Democrats are al thugs that get rich off of the taxpayers. People like you are the reason they get away with it. People like you enable crooked politicians with your ignorance.Sucks to be you.

    5. whats funny is we pay these thieves pretty good. its enough to invest. its when they choose to invest in dirty business and abuse their position thats truly an issue.

      even funnier is we mostly only vote for people who are already rich and dirty because campaigns cost out the booty.

  6. “We must impeach….my good friend Joe Biden.” As Obama wrote, Lindsey is the guy in a heist movie “who double-crosses everyone to save his own skin.”

    1. @just bystander Liberal Witchhunt impeachment didn’t work out too good for ya.

      90% of Americans wanted out of Afgahnistan. Master statesman Donal Trump was not going indefinitely keep 5000 political prisoners that have been held since war criminal”s Bush and Obama captured them.

      The issue has never been stay or leave Afgahnistan, it has been when.

      Joe Biden being incompetent, tired, confused and forgetful f’d up. He has no business leading this country after this failure

    2. @Beverley Ibrahim ignore him …..it’s because he doesn’t have any proof ……trump was the one who demanded all of his officials sign nda s……because he didn’t want people exposing all of his criminal acts ……his own ethics lawyer ……Walter Shaub quit because of all the corruption he witnessed.

    3. “Obama literally double crossed everyone”

      Go figure. Someone who came to troll the Libs doesn’t understand what the word, “Literally” means. Colour me surprised.

  7. He’s a phenomenon of nature, able to walk yet not having a bit of spine.

    How he can be in his position truly baffles me.

  8. There’s only one way to describe this wimpy thing: funny I just can’t find a suitable word: traitor and despicable.

  9. Can anyone really expect any more from Senator Graham? He’s proved he is a man of questionable morals.

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