Ohio homeschool under investigation for white supremacist curriculum

The Ohio Department of Education is investigating an online homeschooling network after reports that parents shared messages of White supremacy as educational resources, according to a state education official with knowledge of the review. CNN's Omar Jimenez has the report. #CNN #News


    1. @Morgan Stevens  That’s funny. I saw a video on a couple of different networks when this whole George Santos thing started. Biden said he had 3 degrees. Lied about scholarships blah blah blah. He’s since retracted it. “His recollection was faulty.” These guys are all liars. Every single one of them.

    2. @Blake Miller well you just keep on imagining. I went to a public school and state college. You’ve probably ridden past a few while on public transportation.

  1. I’m an Ohioan who was home schooled. We had the good fortune of my mom owning her own business, and her kids being born nerds who were more than happy to spend all of our unsupervised time at the library. We’d set a syllabus in August, buy books in September, and whenever I finished the syllabus is when summer began. If I scored less than 85% on a project, I had to do it over. Soooooooo much volunteering and community theater. I basically feel like I started college in the 6th grade. There were like 3 other local families in the same boat as me. Entrepreneur parents with kids gullible enough to believe that doing research papers and going to spelling bees was a rockin time. But, the overwhelming majority of the other home school families we would interact with were doomsday Christians. Like literally believed the world would end before we’d turn old enough to drink. We were definitely too black and too catholic for them on many an occasion. This group up north probably has a teacher in their social network who is certified to sign off on their paperwork. They probably send tamer stuff to the state in their annual reports, or they happen to live a community that is accepting of white supremacy. If you enjoy having money at all, I urge you passionately to never have children. They are bottomless money pits you’ll never be free of until the day you die. But if you already got em, and you have the means and temperament, I’d recommend home schooling. Keep church groups at a safe distance. The are lots of museums, libraries, and secular charities to get involved with. Set clear goals. But you will need both the means and the temperament. If you get cabin fever easily, aren’t very self motivated, can’t take you kids to work, or hang out with nazis, home schooling is not for you.

    1. Public School curriculum is based on the dumbest student so that the majority of students pass and the school can get their government funding another year…
      Let that sink in.

    2. @Multisymptomrelief manifesto? You might be trying too hard friend. More like ramblings on personal life history. I strongly discourage you from building any religions based off of my writing. Unless your take away is don’t have kids. In that case, give up your belongs and walk the Earth to preach the gospel of keeping it in your pants. All of these problems go away if you simply don’t have children.

  2. If I stuck my head through a time portal to talk to the 10 year old me, I wouldn’t believe myself.

    – Hey Young Me! I’m from the 2020s!
    – Cool! So, functioning A.I., relative peace, robots, and the word knowledge available to everyone?
    – Eh, a little…. Oh, and flat-earthers, anti-vaxers and nazis made a strong comeback!

    1. 10 year old was watching Cartoon Network and had no idea of current events back then.

      If you did, you wouldn’t be surprised at all.

    2. @JAMES C

      With Cartoon Network- you spot-on nailed it, I came to the states from Russia as a kid, and learned a lot of my English from those shows (and to this day love to laugh at Cartman or Big Mouth). As of awareness of current events of the time, I had some. Everything from the clusterfuck of post soviet Russia, to Clinton’s Lewinsky escapades, especially considering that most of the humor I love today is satire and parody. And I am old enough to remember when the term “2000s” was de-facto hopeful and futuristic. Kids are overall more aware than adults give them credit for.

    3. My family made sure I knew what was going on… Constant reading newspapers, magazines, journal’s, news programs, etc… Used to watch William F Buckley, MTP, etc… I wouldn’t have believed most of the current world back in 1970… Especially that a POTUS like Trump would come along and the entire GOP would try to overthrow the gov and install an autocracy…

  3. Ir you want to learn from the past you have to read and teach everything, canceling part of our past will only bring ignorance!
    That’s why USA repeat the same mistakes, supporting Zelensky now is the same as supporting Hitler in the mid 30s.

    1. (Eyes rolled) yea forget about the recession and the banks closing with our dollar collapsing or the fallout between Russia and Ukrainia

    1. @Haute HeadSo brave that you had a child with somebody who doesn’t have pronouns, are they the father?

      Something tells me you shouldn’t be allowed to have children, legally. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  4. See, I want to be mad at this, but I can’t even trust you’re telling me the truth. Assuming all your context is true, this is very messed up.

  5. I imagine the struggle is real for families who home school. Especially if there are blended race families of differing ideologies that all family members may not even be aware of. I don’t know if this is good advice but I think it may help to get certain families by. Keep your head down but your chin up. Lovem anyway

  6. When I tell you my jaw dropped 😮 please take the children out of their care, they are being indoctrinated and groomed 🙏🏼 It makes me wonder who else is teaching their kids this 🤔

  7. I was home schooled and I’m 💯 against homeschooling unless there is a reason to do so.
    Homeschooling parents don’t think about the repercussions for their kids once they become adults.

    1. @Moonlight Pixie All the crazy liberal teachers that are attempting to indoctrinate children into what they want to force them to believe…. Do you live under a rock…? Look it up

  8. “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”
    ~ Proverbs 22:6 (KJV)

  9. “The moment we choose to love, we begin to move against domination against oppression. The 👩🏾 moment we choose to love, we begin to move towards freedom, to act in ways that liberate ourselves and others.”

    ~ bell hooks (Gloria Jean Watkins), American writer and activist

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