1. That’s what trump accomplish haven races people attacking anyone that is different trump said he would pay for a lawyer but trump wont even pay own lawyers

    1. @Darth Wheazius True. And we we see bad crap happening, don’t film it to later post on your social media platforms; call the cops instead.

    1. @Noir Path she pepper sprayed him right before he pushed her. It’s not in the little clip they’re showing here, but I’ve seen it in other videos of the incident.

    1. @evensteve284 Republicans are against taxation and a standing military so a gigantic mission to ovethrow the entire middle east wasn’t exactly on our agenda.

      Lots of news coming out about terror resurgence as of late….how convenient…

    2. ​@cosmos5532 Hmmmm. . . Wasn’t it Papa Bush who first went into Iraq followed years later by his son W? I think they were both republicans?

    3. @evensteve284 Wasn’t it obama that drone striked the ever living hell out of the middle east resuting in countless deaths. Then Trump continued. Now Biden will. WAKE UP

    1. @Vivian Uvalle-Roblez Well that’s not entirely true there was alot of anomalies but not enough to overturn the election and with Hillary Clinton’s claims they just whined for 4 years and did nothing no legal challenges except for several democrats objecting the electoral vote and I don’t think you get the point that wasn’t trump that was his supporters he’s going to be running again weather you and I like it or not and downplaying is a political tactic you really doubt joe biden is incapable of downplaying I think both parties suck and I think you need term limits for all your politicians in there

    2. @Lenard Gaul did you know the “Spanish flu” started in Kansas and was taken to Europe by US soldiers in WW1. Easily researched.

    1. FYI our prisons are full of criminals who assault each other constantly, and also have no problem assaulting elderly women.

  1. I just don’t understand how people treat people like this. I guess I’m just naive. But people start growing up.

    1. It’s not about growing up my daughter is 14 and has a heart of gold. It’s something mentally this is not normal and need to get help but also serve time.

    1. @Robert Johnson I don’t doubt you. Maybe you do know the statistics better than anyone else all it really takes is a little research and clicks but what I am hearing is a man making statements to protect his white privilege that he feels is under threat from the demonstrations of people of ALL COLORS marching together for racial equality. One thing that is confusing to me is why is it called racial? There is only the human race. We all have DNA of homo sapien sapien, just saying.

  2. WTF, that dude who assulted this Asian woman is a dam bullie & a coward, just so stuck on stupid. Bro that was not cool you could have seriously caused her more damage than just stitches you fool.

    1. @J M M No it doesn’t, that’s not what happened here, & focusing on it, is kinda racist. She’s just a woman, & he’s just a man. Doesn’t change how terrible his actions were, but her ethnicity has nothing to do with this. What you’re talking about is sensationalism… Go watch Faux News if that’s what you’re like.

    2. @Jeigh Neither “It matters that she’s Asian because it seems that a lot of Asian people are being attacked solely because they’re Asian.” I said It SEEMS. I didn’t say it was an

  3. Of course she’s missing this, why relive it over and over if it’s preventable? Trauma awareness. Thank you Ms. Munn.

    1. @Vince In this day and time… this planet is in an uproar over nonsense just like this and that “shove” was assault.

    1. @heintz256 nope that’s not how our law works, It’s to protect everyone and that includes people who commits a crime.

    2. My God, you just said it. I swear and pray o the Lord Jesus that I was around whenever a lowlife coward attacked an old lady but so far God has not answered my prays. I guarandamtee I will get a street justice for the elder.

    3. People don’t want to take a chance. You try to play hero and this pos pulls out a knife and sticks it up ya butt sideways. It honestly takes someone just as crazy, or a hero.

    1. ya! I especially love how she used her looks to sleep her way from one opportunity to another and finally make it to star in movies! Girls everywhere are sooo proud!

  4. What also hurts is the people around the woman who didn’t bother to help her….just walked by as if nothing had happened 🙁

    1. It’s the IDGAF mentality that has become the norm for most of America. If it doesn’t affect them, then they just don’t care. Been seeing that mindset growing exponentially worse year by year, and it’s disgusting.

    1. @The Truth Is Out 777 Evidence? They are doing well. Fox can’t even turn on comments on their videos where they accuse the left of censoring free speech

  5. Seeing someone do something like that to your mother has got to hurt. I’ve gotta commend the son for being able to keep his emotions in check while talking about this.

  6. “I’m surprised she’s missing this!” The woman is injured and recovering. Being on TV is probably not on her mind. She’s probably traumatized! So insensitive, shame on you.

    1. So you think the attackers were influenced by trump? I’m gonna go on a limb here and say that the attackers voted biden.

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