Olivia Troye: Jan 6th Taught Pence That ‘Trump Is Loyal To Nobody’ 1

Olivia Troye: Jan 6th Taught Pence That ‘Trump Is Loyal To Nobody’


Former Senior Aide to Mike Pence, Olivia Troye, Washington Post senior Washington correspondent, Phil Rucker, and Former Chief Spokesman U.S. Department of Justice, Matt Miller, discuss Mike Pence’s experience certifying the 2020 election results and how the former VP is trying to separate himself from Trump
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  1. They created a an orange Frankenstein and in the end they could not control him. In fact, this monster is still running wild trying to reek more havoc to this country.

    1. Trump sounds like the incredible Hulk dialog, I remember from reading comics as a kid, “You must hate Trump”, “You must hate Trump”. Trump’s IQ must be quite low. I bet at lunch time he says, “Trump hungry, Trump needs Big Mac”. “Trump needs KFC.”

    2. “They” didn’t “create Donald”; he’s been a Malignant Narcissistic Sociopath for his entire adult life, the Republicans, in supporting him, refusing to convict & remove him in both Impeachments are just as responsible for the disgusting behaviour of Donald as he is himself; they had the chance to stop the insanity and they supported him all for the Power that it gave them! Power is like a drug, very addictive and the more they have, the more they want! Donald is sick & dangerous, but so are all the rest of them!

    3. @cynthia There you are again, still spinning your Trump crap! You and “John” both need to get a real life!

      Bless your tiny little Heart🙄❗

  2. The last four years taught us that SNL is no match for toxic waste 45, president clorox 😂

    1. @Laughs Trash hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant and can be used in small amounts. Only you knuckle heads believes in fake media and believed Trump ment clorox. There are also disinfectant like vitamin c that can be taken internally. Taking the vaccine is not the only option.

    2. @Bonsai Herman They always cry stupid sh*t like that! Trivial crap that means nothing, because they live in a fantasy. It’s like arguing “Prove Trump threw Brawny paper towels instead of Viva brand [in Puerto Rico]!”😂

  3. Maybe we should start looking at the states where Trump won. Perhaps his interference was successful there? 🤔Mmm..

    1. Sounds right to me ! Except KY , they are bible belt and have to vote for person that share their values !!!!!I actually had a family member say this to me , I’m still in shock lol they aren’t voting for Trump but for what the Republicans use to stand for !! Somone needs to get thru to these ppl somehow , showing Trump has no values !!

    1. @Walter Godsoe do you disagree? You’ve got MSNBC convincing people that Trump is a white nationalist, you’ve got OANN convincing people that Trump won the election.
      It’s harder to brainwash people when your station shows opposing viewpoints. Thus, fox is objectively better than these propaganda machines. Do you follow?

    2. @umrengnr After 21 years with a company insurance , ECT. I was laid off because of the pandemic and have been looking for work since it happened. I do not feel guilty for the help. I made a good living and raised my family with no govt. Help. Put 3 of my sons through the University of Texas with no help. My youngest is a Senior Chief Petty Officer in the U. S. Navy. Saying people a lazy is not always the case. Be more specific in your comments.

  4. It took Pence 4 years to figure out that Trump only cares about Trump? Then mike Pence is slower than I gave him credit for!!

    1. AS MOLASSES !!!
      WHEN trump WAS A “LOSER” !
      HE ALL OF A SUDDEN ISN’T BY HIS SIDE !! IF trump HAD WON ( eeww, gross thought, sorry folks) HE WOULD HAVE DONE “ANYTHING” HE..
      WE DEMOCRATS understand..
      There are NO HEROES in the REPUBLICAN PARTY ! NONE !

    2. @Ron G : EXACTLY SIR !

    3. @james miller in those 4 + years …
      IF trump SAID IT, HE AGREED WITH IT. PERIOD ! Or .. . 🤠🖖
      So , YES ! HE BLAMED OBAMA !

  5. Trump wouldn’t allow one of his supporters that show up at his rallies into MAGA Lago. He only uses them to bolster his bigly ego and his bank accounts.

    1. @Rashad S lmao then why don’t you have all those puppets called democrats leave DC we would happily move into the people’s house but you have to have the big bad military out to defend against your own people 😂

    2. @Cleveland Green Again ….. A CULTISTS and a proven lie believer trolling and calling people puppets 🤦🏽‍♂️🥴🤡. Had a blast with the money you got from these “puppets” though. What a clown

    3. They’re french fries to him. Served up all hot and tasty at rallies, but ultimately disposable till the next time his ego’s hungry

    4. @Mark Reynolds republicans are the ones who defunded the police lmao do you hear that nonsense 🤣

    5. @Cleveland Green Again That’s just you projecting.
      Democrats don’t ‘need’ to visit Biden and worship him, they just wish him well and want him to do his job as a duly elected PUBLIC SERVANT.
      A concept clearly alien to people in a cult of personality.

    1. @TimBuckOhFive Okay so WHO exactly is owning the media and controlling your country and threatening to “take is away”. Just some vague “they”. Support America first and the constitution and politicians second

    2. @Debra Johnson Nothing says patriotism like an INSURRECTION!!!!! oh yes but we don’t speak of that do we??? wake up and stop being a female brainwashed by MEN!

    1. Never trust a man who talks about himself in the third person and who wears Jim Bakker’s hair cut and Tammy Faye’s make-up.

    1. @Chuck Schenck If that’s the case I hope they like losing elections. I will NEVER vote for that man…many of us will not.

    2. @Brandon Driver : NO ! It has NO TRUTH EINSTEIN.

    3. Democrats would bring down this country if it got Trump out of office. That shows how much they love power and hate this country!

    4. @Kelly Empson all of a sudden I say “I don’t support trump”? It was one of the first things I said in this youtube thread bro. I’m libertarian I don’t vote republican

    1. They all need to go down with the ship they sailed in on… The ship of mutineers and insurrectionists.

  6. That makes Trump sound like Gollum, “Don’t take Trump’s precious. You must hate Trump. The precious knows I’m the winner, gollum, gollum!”

    1. The lie started when Trump starting campaigning in 2016, introducing his North Korea values…believe only ME! The media is the enemy, fake news! His followers are chanting the his words to this day. It’s their safe word.

    2. 45 is and will always be “Fake” news so many lies its sad to be so selfish people trust him but he only cares about 45 and putin

    3. In fact, Trump was already saying the election was “rigged if I don’t win” back in 2016, folks. Even after he was declared the “winner” (in spite of GOP election machine shenanigans in WI & PA). Look it up.

  7. Why isn’t tRump being charged with treason? If his actions aren’t treason, then it doesn’t exist.

    1. @The Blessings Of Jesus Channel What will you say when the Trump Family starts “Vacationing” in Countries with no Extradition treaties with the USA? 😀

    2. @888strummer he’s guilty of not paying my father for work done in the 80s, but rich white boys don’t go to jail.

    3. @camwyn256 I’ve got some subcontractors who I never paid because their worked sucked. Maybe your dad got stiffed and should not have been stiffed, sorry for his case; but most who get shorted on a job site do crappy work or use the wrong materials or don’t know what they are doing and so they don’t get paid and the contractor has to pay someone else to fix their mistakes and redo their work. The Trump Organization has employed over 20,000 people for 30+ years so they’re doing something right. Sorry about your Dad

    1. I’m only ever surprised when people are surprised!? Especially if they’ve met trump? Loyalty??? Are they actually INSANE? The whole POINT of jan 6th was the violence! 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🙄

    1. Hi 👋 this morning is the first time for your dad today at work and will you stop ✋ from your office today or Friday at night

    2. Barr’s trying hard to set things right for himself.since his former master doesn’t sit in the white house anymore.

  8. Bill Barr is just trying to rub the orange stain off his lips, hoping that some people have forgotten his complicity. He’s no hero.

  9. *Barr should NEVER show his face in public again!*

    *Shame on him and his prolonged silence.* 🤦🏻‍♀️

  10. I don’t understand why these folks are surprised. Trump has a history of cruelty, selfishness and denial.

    1. Right? I’m only ever surprised when people are surprised!? Especially if they’ve met him! He needed Jan 6th to learn that? Then Pence is dumber than I thought . . . And that was already pretty dumb . . . 🙄🤦‍♂️

    2. @RogerWilco you are spot on. But I’ve tried to tell Americans this and they have actually laughed in my face and said that’s ridiculous . I know because my mother was a psychopath who killed many animals and even small children. I had to move to Canada and she died 2008. I don’t understand why Americans can’t see it or maybe there’s more psychopath than in the past. The Republicans are a cult of psychopaths now. :(((

    1. @richard french . No need to go on – we have all heard the ‘whataboutism’ of the tRump cultist. Ad nauseum.

    2. @AwakeAmericanow. yeah. One guy went to penn and is a nyc real real estate magnate with billions and the number 1tv. Show. He is “ Stupid”. The guy that failed the 3rd grade. Never had a real job. Finished last at Syracuse is the smart guy. Oh tv said so. Is there anything you losers don’t just repeat from tv? Any thing?

    3. @Ash Roskell lol. You think a humanities degree is an education. No, it is a participation trophy for showing up. Show up and pay get a piece of pAper. Not worth anything. Just like that fat kid getting a tennis trophy for showing up. Both worthless except the degree they have turned you into an indentured servant. The debt can never be discharged. God I love it. So sweet.

    4. @richard french only when you don’t pay it back. Most doctors living in million $ homes, still don’t pay their loan back. But i ask this, why do you not blame the schools, they double f you and you all embrace their indoctrination. Guess that makes you double f too?

    5. @Steven Mack the schools have taken advantage of kids and pocketed the money to enrich themselves, there is no doubt. Most of the programs are developed to make sure the kids will matriculate while they stuff their pockets. And any degree worth while is now dominated by foreign students. Engineering dept look like downtown Bangladesh

  11. Trump’s insane people, why would you want someone as unstable as him in charge of anything let alone a country, America just wouldn’t survive him, his family and base again.

    1. America is already on the cusp of collapse, Janet. Get back to me when Joe Biden can string together a coherent sentence and not embarrass the US on the world stage.

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