Olympic Legend Kristi Yamaguchi On Anti-Asian Vitriol: What Makes America So Great Is The Diversity 1

Olympic Legend Kristi Yamaguchi On Anti-Asian Vitriol: What Makes America So Great Is The Diversity


Kristi Yamaguchi, legendary figure skater and the founder of the Always Dream Foundation, talks to Ali about the fear among the Asian community. While her grandfather was serving in the U.S. Army, Kristi’s mother was born in a WWII internment camp. She says she now tells her parents to “be aware of what's going on around you whenever you're out and about” and says, “it's not just going to take the Asian American community, but…everyone as a whole coming together.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Olympic Legend Kristi Yamaguchi On Anti-Asian Vitriol: What Makes America So Great Is The Diversity


    1. I don’t need to imagine it. Ive felt it everyday of my life here in the United States. It does something to you. An extra layer of stress that some people don’t need to worry about.

    2. Unfortunately true.. My kids are born here and still they are made to be a foreigner. Americans forget how we all came to this great land. We all are foreigners to this land unless we are Native Americans, the one true people…

  1. If she were a different person, she could very well be very bitter about the racism directed at her most of her life. It is to her credit that she isn’t.

    1. @Momo_9k Tell us what the Jews endured during WWII. This isn’t a contest. By comparison…the atrocities of war produced nothing that exceeded that. ….by far. Time to give it up. Life isn’t always fair in hindsight.

    2. @R L T “what racism are you referring to? “
      “Life isn’t always fair in hindsight.”

      That’s all I needed. Well done.

    3. @Momo_9k You pick and choose the elements that prop up a your assertions. Not so well done. Life is not fair. You launch arguments in search of a point. Perhaps you need to find someone who doesn’t require a point to any discussion. I am sure you will then do just fine.

    4. @Momo_9k Lots of snarling, hissing, woofing and growling…as you endlessly chase your tail. It is my understanding that you never really catch it…..make a note..it might save you some time. Rather…maybe it would be a great idea to sound off on the discriminatory admission practices of Harvard University. Yeah…now there is a current event that seems to go unnoticed by most….especially the media.

    5. @RLT. Did the Japanese American living and paying taxes in California and other parts of US states went to war with it’s own people, shooting white/black American. Hawaii island was bombed by the soldiers that came from the country Japan, not living in American. You are correct, a certain number of German and Italian American were held and deported from US during WW2 during to security and loyalty issue but not to the extended where almost ALL American with Japanese ancestry were put in the a interment camp, in the middle of a desert with guard tower pointing GUN at the people during those few years. Why is there no such loyalty issue on those none Asian American who ancestry are from Europe. Answer is COLOR of their skin. As for comparing to the 6 millions Jewish people in Europe that were slaughted by the Nazi/Hitler idealogy. Yes, that man and his idea are evil and needs to put down, rightyfully so by America and anti Nazi country. But you can compared an apple to an orange even though both are fruits. One just have to accepted the facts that American foundation is built upon by blood, tears, genocide, discrimination, slavery and misery. It was then and a little more milder now.

    1. Considering what’s happened in the past few years I’m not sure America is still “great” anymore.

    1. Not under the Biden administration and certainly not during the Trump. Looks at what is going on in world politics.

    1. @Yamero Jones Yes, President Trump was against affirmative action and was for fairness in admissions no matter what race. People have been fooled for years thinking Democrats are for equality and helping minorities. Not the case. Now people are starting to see the ulterior motives.

    2. @Ee Zee I mean Biden’s not the one calling COVID-19 “Kung flu” or “China virus” or “China Plague” so….

    3. @志瑜杨 I think the virus did come from a lab in China. A Chinese lady scientist or doctor said she knew something about it (I saw in YouTube video). It’s no different to say China virus than it is to say Spanish flu, IMO. It’s not Trump’s thought that people are already racist. That said, Trump sometimes does lack tact, but he didn’t say anything that’s inaccurate. It’s questionable whether Spanish people would be attacked if there was a Spanish flu pandemic right now.

    4. @志瑜杨 Trump just tells it like it is. He didn’t tell people to attack Asians. The media such as Hollywood with its dehumanizing stereotypes and textbooks in which people of color including Asians are omitted is the guilty one.

    5. @志瑜杨 Of course, Biden didn’t say China virus. He never says anything truthful. He tries to act as if he’s the good guy, though he’s really not.

  2. Please be vigilant my Asian sisters and brothers. Racism never left us but is more dangerous than ever before like the virus. Thanks Kristi!

    1. Anti Asian racism has always been there in America. Trump and the virus has just amped it up. I am happy to see the rallies coming out against it. I hope that continues.

  3. The “Spanish flu” of 1918 was actually the “American flu”. US soldiers brought it to Europe during World War I. It claimed 50 million lives!

  4. I miss seeing her on the ice! She such a beautiful and graceful Queen!
    The majority of Americans got y’all back Kriti, my Fellow American!!!

  5. I’m so grateful for Asian American celebrities speaking out about this because (unfortunately) many won’t listen unless it comes from prominent ppl and normal citizens don’t have the platforms to truly be heard. ALM.

  6. The birth of the term “American” is built on racism. To START education on race only now, is 244yrs too late.

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