One Don Trial – Secret Recordings ‘More Shocking Details’ – Feb 22 2022

One Don Trial - Secret Recordings 'More Shocking Details' - Feb 22 2022 1


  1. I said it before these entertainers make the country worst and he’s the 1 who is always bashing government when he’s aiding and a betting criminals he need to be lock up

    1. Yes before he make the country netter he bring down the country with all these criminals..
      Show me your company tell me who you are..

    1. They should ask vibes Kartel..
      It’s the same cell phone put that convicted friend killer in prison for over 30 years..
      Hope he died in prison..

    1. Maybe it’s was you doing the voice notes or you know something that we the good people of Jamaica don’t?

  2. Tesha Miller gang going to try and kill Octane, he better be careful since him mix up in gangster life…its not a nice road.

  3. To where Jamaica gone no nothing is shocking to me anymore..
    Some of us Jamaicans lost our way..
    We lost that good values and attitudes.
    We lost that good morals.
    Anything goes these days in Jamaica..

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