1. What are you talking about. Africa has some of the best pandemic response results. Take a look at countries like Zimbabwe. After the deaths of 3 prominent people in January the country decided to use ivermectin for treatment (and prevention of entire affected households) after a previous policy of following the WHO of no ivermectin that resulted in a peak of infections and deaths in January. The results now are amazing https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html ( move down the left side slider past half way way below even Cuba.) The country has over 15 million people! with mobility increasing! https://www.gstatic.com/covid19/mobility/2021-05-11_ZW_Mobility_Report_en-GB.pdf With doctor Jackie Stone there reporting great results! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGzaa07zNrA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtoOw9VqjI0

  1. Meantime in the US y’all wanna open up every city and have huge parties and concerts…. smh
    Arguing about whether or not to wear a mask 😩

    1. @Muddy Water the border is not open and wasn’t open even before Trump. Have you ever been to it? Most of the Republican morons don’t even live in a border state and pretend to know everything with the greatest of conviction. I want to petition the thesaurus publishers to list Republican as a synonym for stupid.

    2. @Yannis Karageorgiou thats if no one indoors with you is “not” vaccinated. Of all vaccinated its ok

  2. What a sad Species we are when there is so much need, but, even more GREED ! 🙁 …WE can do better.

    1. Greed? You absolute fool. India is on full damage control and rightfully so. They need to prioritize their own citizens.
      And besides, for countries that are low on vaccines, they can just mask up and social distance. We know that it’s just as good at reducing the spread

    2. @joeriv5462 their low on vaccines because they are expensive from the price parents from companies. You forget how they get the vaccines

    3. Some African countries not using vaccines at all even though they were provided to them.
      For example the Republic of Congo have used only 1000 out of 1.5 million provided to them. Vaccines are going waste in many countries in Africa.

    1. @g00gle minus Mother nature has nothing to do with this pandemic. The Rand Paul questioning of Dr Anthony Fauci pretty much told us that this virus is a military bio lab virus that the NIH outsourced to a third party to take it to China and have it tinkered with to investigate it and it somehow escaped or was transmitted outside of the Wuhan Bio lab. THIS WAS NOT MOTHER NATURE. THIS WAS IDIOTS PLAYING AROUND WITH THINGS THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS MESSINF WITH. Fauci and the people at the NIH need to stand trial for crimes against humanity.

    2. @Militant Atheist Really? Are you kidding me. There are already breakthroughs of the original strains. The New india variant is 15 times more virulent. So rest assured it will break through even easier than the lesser strains have.

    3. @Kevin Middleton yea and the Justinian Plague, Boobanic Plague and Spanish flue were all created in a Woohan Lab too. Viruses, bacterias and other pandemics have been happening since the beginning of times.

    4. @Ms Maddie Not this one. They just talked about this before the senate this week. You might want to watch some news besides MSNBC

    5. @Kevin Middleton yes and in some major states and Delhi and Maharashtra the positivity rates were 35%-37%. Families have been wiped off. And this strain is way more Lethal. The symptoms are also different not just the common cough fever ones

    1. @Raptor x Bcz he’s getting a vaccine? Or because you think its the mark of the beast. If you think its the mark of the beast i highly encourage you to re-read Revelations 14-15 KJV. Scripture is very clear that the mark comes at the midway point of the tribulation period and is rolled out by the antichrist himself.

      To say the vaccine is the mark is saying you misinterpretated Scripture. Its very clear that 3 major events occur BEFORE the mark is rolled out. 1. The Rapture of the Church. 2. Antichrist rises to power over all nations. 3. Desecration of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem occurs at the midway point of the tribulation by the antichrist (Obomination of Desolation) where he stands in the Temple and falsely proclaims to be christ performing miracles and wonders (Rev 14-15 KJV). The mark isn’t here yet. The antichrist hasn’t revealed himself to the world and the Obomination of Desolation in Daniel 9 KJV has not happened yet.

      Take care bud.

    2. And we are soon to run out in Uganda. And the president says only 10% of the population needs to be vaccinated

    1. China is already taking over Africa gradually! They are creating jobs and improving the infrastructure in Nigeria.

    2. Some African countries not using vaccines at all even though they were provided to them.
      For example the Republic of Congo have used only 1000 out of 1.5 million provided to them. Vaccines are going waste in many countries in Africa.

  3. I’ll bet if we talked about sending our extra doses to Africa, the ones that the Fox news viewers say they do not want, they would have a s*** fit anyway! 😷💉🗽

    1. @Bmw E90 yes, everybody comes to Florida to vacation, and with no restrictions transmits the virus to the rest of the country. Don’t you know how travel work? Also you people are one of the nation’s hot spots for covid right now! You have had so many deaths that were unreported because your governor had the person reporting those deaths fired from her job and then arrested! Go hang out with Matt gaetz maybe you can find a girlfriend you loser

    2. @Hankakah Now, I fall into those demographics and wearing masks is 8th grade science. The science behind vaccines is college Biology 101. It’s just plain irresponsible not to wear mask and get the vaccine.. I too, think if you want to die, go for it. The problem with that thinking is it really bogs down the healthcare system and people who have heart attacks, strokes, etc. end up being affected. You can’t save people from themselves. Americans seem to believe the Constitution gives them the right to endanger other people.

    3. @Fiona Bologna I’m not sure where in the DSM-5 coof is a disease, but you are an example why people who can get the vaccine should. We can’t get heard immunity for people like you who can’t get the vacinne, unless the people who can, do.

    1. @Carlos De Leon it is imperative you do wear it.The vaccines that are given are not a cure…it s simply a means of reducing the affect the illness has on the casualty.It reduces death

  4. السلام عليكم انا امرأه من فلسطين/غزة انا ارملة زوجي توفي سنة2017 لدي طفلين ايتام واعيش في بيت ايجار ولا يوجد احد يعون بنا والله اعلم كيف ياتي اجار المنزل انا دخلت لاطلب يد العون من اهل الخير اطفالي ايتام لا استطيع توفير لهم اساسيات الحياة
    بتمنى من اهل الخير مساعدتي
    الواتساب مرفق في الصورة الشخصية
    وجزاكم الله كل خير….

  5. watching india convinced me to get the vaccine. i have 3 different choices of vaccine in the u.s. i am so privileged to have access to this. the place i went to asked which i wanted. i got to choose. i hope all who want a vaccine, can get one.

    1. the videos from India were the most effective ad. But if a country like Sweden or Switzerland burn people, no one will ever leave their homes.

    2. thank you for saying “all who want one”. I think that language would calm down the political climate a bit here in the US. As i would like to wait until it is fda approved. we both agree on freedom!

    1. All of us are safe until we are not safe. Trust a money hungry pharmaceutical company and you’re no longer safe…

  6. Praying for India and Kenya… It’s so sad that they always seem to be the last to get help… ❤️🙏🏾

    1. This is crazy. How is it that the vaccines may run out. It’s always Africa that receives the bad end of everything. Why?

  7. Absolutely…come on US help them..India can’t right now..make me proud 🇺🇸🇮🇳

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