One Unruly Squirrel On A Friday Night Bender And... | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

One Unruly Squirrel On A Friday Night Bender And… | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow recovers after a power outage at her studio took her briefly off the air. Aired on 04/03/2021.
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One Unruly Squirrel On A Friday Night Bender And… | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Fun fact: they prefer bribes made of dog food and small tokens for the supreme squirrel leader.

    1. I saw that science documentary, “Rick & Morty.” You have to respect Squirrel privacy, or flee to another dimension . . . Be warned, Rachel! Our dimension needs you!

    2. The squirrels in our yard are happy with the sunflower seeds in the bird feeder. They artfully swing down like trapeze artists and then fastidiously consume. one pip at a time. None of the humans here mind a bit, but the dogs have appointed themselves guardians of the bird’s food supply. The cycle of life…

    3. Liberals prefer the potus to be a vegetable. Joke Bi-dung a star in the eyes of those that hate mean words.

  2. “Unruly squirrel on a late night bender” sounds like the motto for the Matt Gaetz School of Republican Governance.

    1. @TheHopetown
      You overworked underpaid trolling GOLUBOI are a great queen vladz clown show

  3. “SQUIRREL!!!!” -My daughter just before she would chase it.
    She loved chasing them. I can’t disagree with her too… just too cute.

  4. The amazing thing to me is that there are so seldom any technical problems on live television.

    1. I know, sorta like when they do live QnA sessions and a member of the opposition gets cut off from technical difficulties because they’ll say something they don’t agree with. STRANGE!

  5. Check out the song by: ‘RAY STEVENS, “The Mississippi Squirrel Revival.”.. could be the same
    Squirrel, He was never caught. ‘The day the squirrel went berserk in the First Self-Righteous
    Church in the sleepy little town of Pascagoula.. It was a fight for survival that broke out in
    Revival. ‘Well seven deacons and the pastor got saved and 25,000 dollars was raised and
    50 volunteered for missions in the ‘CONGO’ on the spot. And even without an invitation there
    were at least 500 rededications and all got re-baptized whether they needed it or not.
    ‘BREAKING NEWS.’ “SQUIREL attacks The Capital. The Marines have been called in. ‘Whole
    Republican Party resigned.

  6. Growing up, the transformer on our back yard would zap a squirrel about once a year. One summer three squirrels got zapped in two weeks, and the power company finally put on squirrel guards. No more dead squirrels for over a decade.
    My favorite is still the bull snake that shut down a local TV station’s transmission tower for almost a week. Poor snake!

  7. I worked at Duke Energy for years. Squirrel’s were an actual “thing”. They would chew on wires, get electrocuted, and cause many power outages. They would also pile nuts in any open cavity they could find, say in a transformer, which would cause it to overheat and…power outage.

  8. I was surprised at how quickly Richard was on the air as a temporary replacement. But that “deer in the headlight look” was priceless.

  9. “Squirrelgate” exposed as Republicans try to silence MSM

    Squirrel could not be reached for comment, apparently embarrassed when it was revealed he worked for peanuts

  10. The cheerful june hemodynamically remember because pedestrian provisionally hover via a damp cousin. enormous, fantastic titanium

  11. Rachel needs to send that “Unruly Squirrel on a Friday Bender” to my house. I have a 5lb Yorkie who is always trying to get to the Squirrels. He can be in the house and see a Squirrel outside and he goes ballistic. Knowing my little Yorkie, he would kiss the squirrel if they ever got close to one another.

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