What Is The Difference Between Prostitution And Sex Trafficking? | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

What Is The Difference Between Prostitution And Sex Trafficking? | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Katie Benner, Justice Department reporter for the New York Times, explains the charges being investigated in the case of Rep. Matt Gaetz and the legal jeopardy Gaetz faces. Aired on 04/03/2021.
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What Is The Difference Between Prostitution And Sex Trafficking? | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. I hope he doesn’t do any jail time
      Because I’m hoping he will get out of it by turning in Roger Stone,Donald Trump and other members of the Trump administration

    1. @Zed Wait, Q told me it was Nancy Pelosi disguised as Gaetz, who paid the girls, and then got nasty with them. You gotta believe Q, don’t you?

    1. @Noreb i’m clean. i have ADD and hate it!! i wonder if congress has people with ADHD or ODD!!

    1. @Alli P The Republican Party is pro death as regards to their pandemic response and the party of crime and chaos as regards the January 6th Insurrection.

    1. Yeah daddy is getting his escape from the law set up now. Unfortunately his billions can make it all go away rather than go down

    1. @THE ANGRY QUAD You Q guys are the first nuts to fall off the tree. Are you trying to wrap Biden into this Trump/Gaetz/Stone burrito? Parental advice to you: don’t quit your day job to be a comedian.

  1. “Christian” evangelical “news” channels jumped on the Cuomo story with unadulterated glee. They’re not laughing so hard now.

    1. @Debra Johnson Wasn’t a guy named Donald Trump running things then? I think he said it will just disappear didn’t he? 500,000 dead and the orange man didn’t need a gun.

    2. @Debra Johnson We don’t need the media to tell us. Trump told us himself. “It’s one person from China.” “When we get into April into the warmer weather it will have a negative effect on the virus” (April 2020) “Corona virus numbers are looking much better, going down almost everywhere…” (May 2020) Another lie was that covid would just go away after the election (at a campaign rally). We saw the worst surge after the election. My favorite lie was the one where he blamed Obama for outdated, obsolete covid tests. There was no covid-19 when Obama was president. It’s called Covid-19 because it came out in 2019. Duh.

    3. @Tyrannulet2k Most viruses go away in warm weather. It was the Sars virus under Obama and most people never knew about it. Thousands died and the media barely covered it. That’s why I think that the left is purposely keeping in lockdowns for political purposes.

    4. @John Sarlo Haa nothing to do with Trump. He’s gone now its Bidens problem now and Hollywoid Fauci.

    5. @Debra Johnson And it is a good thing Biden is in. We have a vaccine plan and the economy trump destroyed is coming back. More new jobs in 2 months than any time in history! Go Joe Go!

    1. Obviously it’s THEM! That’s why they’re always talking about and blaming everyone regarding the exploitation of kids, it’s because they’re doing that themselves.

  2. Remember the old adage “Don’t make a Federal case out of this!” The DOJ has a 95% conviction rate. With the entire force of the federal investigation departments available to them, the DOJ will leave no stone unturned in their search for any evidence. With the entire federal investigation capability of the federal government, the DOJ will have a ton of evidence before they go to court. “You can run but you’ll only die tired”…Boba Fett Star Wars

    1. And I bet you fully accepted the Mueller report too, that stated that there was NO evidence of Russian Collusion

    2. @Rick Cook The office of the special counsel provides any evidence they found in their investigation to the DOJ and the DOJ decides whether or not to prosecute based on the evidence provided. If the DOJ does not decide to prosecute, the full report is not published. It therefore can not be stated what evidence was provided. Only a redacted report was issued to Congress.

    3. @Rick Cook The reason why Trump’s DOJ started an investigation of possible Russian interference was because Trump’s political appointees had lied or misled the FBI. The FBI was vetting them for their security clearances when they lied. Remember when Sessions and Flynn misled or lied about talking to members of the Russian government? If they had been truthful there wouldn’t have been any probable cause to start an investigation. And when giving the chance to correct their previous statements, Sessions came clean, while Flynn continued to lie and was convicted.

    4. @Reecom98 Excellent job fighting FOR truth and AGAINST whataboutism in the comment section.

    5. @Leon Moor : It rubs the bronzer on its skin
      and pardons a criminal friend again
      It does this as quid pro quo.

  3. Hopefully this investigation of Gaetz will also provide some answers about his adopted Cuban son, Nestor. That whole situation screams “something terrible is being hidden”.

    1. @Weldon Bynum So you are relying on whataboutism? That is irrelevant to the matter at hand.

    2. @Weldon Bynum : I was once a Republican voter who subscribes to the idea that “all” law breakers should be held to account without regard to their political affiliations, or assumptions that their wealth or social status would furnish them an outcome any different to you or i.

    3. I wonder if this was cover for bringing in young or underage girls. Gaetz could always claim it was his “son’s” girl friend.

  4. ‘Son, I’m so ashamed of you, you have let me down badly. We did not bring you up to behave like , I told you never to get caught’.

    1. Imagine being the father of Ginger Luckey, the woman Gaetz is engaged to get married to. Advice for bride-to-be, “Ginger darling, I think you ought to reconsider. Does he wear a condom, or is he like his super-spreader friend Don Trump, who has hated to wear condoms for 50 years, with hundreds of women?”

    2. @Ken Albertsen : I’m sure Ginger Luckey can make her own decision, ….. provided she is of legal age. 
      Otherwise, yeah. A legal guardian.

  5. Immorality has a price. Can’t wait to hear about the upcoming wedding. I’d like to hear the fiancé’s thoughts.

    1. Immorality has its price? Why don’t democrats ever pay that price? How would you define what your dictator is doing on the border?

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