‘Ongoing Threat’: Why Giuliani Was Suspended From Practicing Law 1

‘Ongoing Threat’: Why Giuliani Was Suspended From Practicing Law


A look at how Rudy Giuliani went from Mr. “Law and Order” to getting his law license taken away. 
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    1. @Toneisha Johnson I’m speaking of the persons original comment you are responding under.

    2. He made a fool of himself. Multiple times. So, yeah, when all common sense fails, you will be mocked. Common sense ran from Rudy like he was a building fire.

    3. @Truth OverFacts Trump is King of put-downs, name-calling, etc…but it wasn’t a put-down. It was just an observation.

  1. Hey wait, the mafia’s lawyers get their offices raided too. It must be fun for Rudy to know exactly what it’s like being on both sides of that dynamic.

    1. @Truth OverFacts not just attempted murder but also actually murder! 4 people got killed you remember?!

  2. I’ve always say Michael Cohen will have the last laugh look at how he treats Michael…this is the beginning.

  3. And all this for Donald Trump? A man who I still wouldn’t allow to manage a hotdog stand. I just don’t get it. (Believe in him if you want to, but why throw yourself under his bus for any reason?)

  4. The phrase “poetic justice” rushed into my mind the second I read the title of this video.

  5. He was not allowed in court a vast majority of the time, because he never back up any of his legal allegations with any facts.

  6. At least the goul cannot file rediculious motions for trump at this point any longer…what a real circus show they put on….

  7. Not only did teaming up with Trauma the Hut ruin Rudy’s career and life, but also his reputation. Do you think he would change anything if he could groundhog-day his life?

  8. Saying, “It’s only Trump lawyers who get penalised!” is like saying, “It’s only drunk people who get hangovers!”

  9. I’m pretty sure that “respect for the law” isn’t compatible with “trial by combat”.

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