Ont. man dragged by vehicle during smartphone sale

A Kitchener, Ont. man is warning people selling online after he was robbed while trying to sell a smart phone.

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  1. Could tell right away, when the “buyer” pulled in and immediately turned around,
    that it was preparing for a quick get away.

  2. Best thing to do is arrange to exchange for your item in a Police Station parking lot. Less likely to be ripped off.

    1. Funny thing is there is a Tims just around the corner of where the robbed guy lives. And the downtown police station is not too far there either.

  3. I don’t know if it’s because of shadow of not but the licence play looks blacked out. That with the fact the male refused to get out of the car should have instantly tipped the victim off.

  4. I won’t trust anyone, selling my item at my location, I would rather sell my phone near police station. Never trust anyone, whatever the skin colour is.

  5. Personally I would have requested the buyer to come out of his vehicle. If he refuses then get lost.

  6. this could of been avoided. tinted license plate! the guy doesn’t want to get out of the car! soo many signs. if you are selling you have to note these things.

  7. Similar thing happened to me in Brampton. Was trying to sell my iPhone 11 Pro Max and was injured and robbed. Luckily recovered after a few days and managed to get my phone back.

  8. Ha, I know where this guy lives at… Next time he will know better and do his transaction at the Kitchener downtown police station (corner of Weber St and Frederick St), which is only about 1.5 km away from his house.

  9. That’s why I only use eBay for selling anything worth more than $200. They take a lot of fees but it gets rid of a lot of hassle and theft concerns

  10. Better to sell it for a bit less at a store. I sold a PS4 and XB1S for $320 at EB games in 2020. They gave me an extra $80 for a total of $400 after I said they gave me the amount for an OG XB1. Looked at my credit card and there were no chargebacks and I even said it was too much but they said naw lol. 100/10 would do again

  11. I might be a little more street-smart but I smelt that one coming simple fact the stadium Deal or No Deal set your own terms

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