Nova Scotia Supreme Court orders a halt to anti-mask protests | COVID-19 in Canada

N.S. Premier Iain Rankin discusses the injunction granted by the province's Supreme Court that is blacking planned anti-mask protests.

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  1. The Canadian Constitution is the Supreme Law of the lands From Sea to Shining Sea..No one can make changes to it.I wish all well.

    1. @Richard C no they can’t 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 you’re very confused. The only way to ammend the constitution is for 7 provinces and 50% of the population to agree.

    2. @K R can’t help you if you don’t understand how things work. Sorry YouTube doesn’t allow me to draw pictures

    1. BLMs won’t wear masks during a pandemic, but when no pandemic they wear masks or face coverings LOL I don’t get these Clowns???

  2. 1 DEATH. 1!!!!! What about the other ppl that died yesterday of other things? POLITICAL PANDEMIC

  3. Everyone in Nova Scotia should call his office everyday and give him a piece of their mind and call everyday

  4. Silence dissenting voices. How appointed officials can dictate the lives of the public is beyond obscene.

    1. @J Sharp not illegal nor against human rights. During a pandemic health supersedes that. Sorry to burst your bubble

    2. @Jumbo Me did i miss the part where the legislature invoked section 33, the notwithstanding clause to override the charter of rights?

  5. 3rd wave 4th wave on and on their never letting u take the mask off. Shame on all of u political vipers

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