Risk of hospitals being overwhelmed, cases expected to rise: modelling data | COVID-19 in Manitoba 1

Risk of hospitals being overwhelmed, cases expected to rise: modelling data | COVID-19 in Manitoba


New modelling released by Manitoba show that case counts are expected to rise and there's a risk of provincial hospitals being overwhelmed.


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  1. Can we get a tax break since we can’t use anything that we pay our 50% towards ? I’d like to lockdown my bank account for a while. When you open up I will too

  2. P.s. thanks for having the sign language guy on the screen for added drama. I have a 93 year old television without closed captioning.

    1. Haha…ty for that laugh…I’m assuming you are still using the coat hanger rabbit ears for reception ? If you attach a ground wire to them it works 100% better. Lol.

    1. @Dan Jones Oh maybe you haven’t heard. It’s been in the news for about a year or more.

  3. It’s all the areas in Canada with the worst levels of conservatives where everyone’s dying RN. The liberal areas will be fully recovered in no time!

    1. @Heidi Mountain
      True, NS has run into a foul stretch of bad luck in recent weeks, however the Atlantic Provinces as a whole have ranked almost New Zealand-like, compared to the rest of North America, throughout most of the pandemic.

      PEI was sheltered from the storm on three sides.

    2. @boghopper
      Alberta, Canada’s conservative political pole, notoriously pro-trump [with a nation-leading 32% approval] is also the top province in terms of covid deaths per capita.

    3. @Skyprince27 There is no pandemic,also all political parties are in the same club,all working against the ppl,you are dumb to think voting matters anymore.

    1. The stat that nobody wants to talk about. Healthcare was over capacity waaaaaaay before COVID. This isn’t a Covid problem. This is typical-government-managed-bureaucracy problem.

    2. As an intensive care nurse I can confirm this. They will even downsize smaller hospitals so that what remaining care units are operating, do so over capacity.
      It is a funding thing.

  4. Simple prairie folk cannot understand these complexities. It’s beyond their scope of awareness.

    1. “YO Dawg, I see you like to lockdown, so we went and put a lockdown Inside your lockdown, so you can stay at home, while you stay at home”.

  5. Build military grade hospitals in existing hospital parking lots. Cheaper than DESTROYING the economy, livelihoods, and dreams

    1. @B Better Yes, which should tell any reasonable person that the response to Covid with lockdowns is political and about more than this disease with a 0.028% fatality rate.

  6. Hahaha you said this last month.
    It wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now.

    We don’t believe you.

  7. Please site Koch’s postulate regarding sars covi 2.. oh you can’t….. It seems that c19 has replaced the flu and many other upper respiratory illnesses… it there any accurate data on asymptomatic transfer other than- 1%.. is there presently a cloth mask available that can filter a .03 of a micron? Is there data available for the% of folks that are immune?Is there data to support the benefits of proper nutrition and supplement usage in regards to immune system improvement. Are there treatments better or more effective than mRNA therapy? Are mRNA treatments effective, safe, thoroughly tested, or even necessary? Are pcr tests accurate? …… are pcr tests for analysis or diagnosis?…. this stuff comes to mind, just haven’t heard any of these questions or points brought up by the news outlets.

    1. @Gerry Vandepol Perfectly well stated! Thank you! You are absolutely right on with your questions! And absolutely right on about the fact that news reporters are not doing their job here in Canada!

    2. why can’t our governments answer any of these questions? they are, after all, guided by the science.

  8. I, for one, am deeply concerned about how this will impact the ability of health care workers to make dance videos and post them on Tik Tok.

  9. And here we go with the “overwhelmed hospitals”. Maybe we should lock down for 2 weeks to flatten curve?

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