Op-Ed: Biden Deserves More Credit For His Good Morning Than Reagan Does 1

Op-Ed: Biden Deserves More Credit For His Good Morning Than Reagan Does


The Morning Joe panel discusses a new Paul Krugman column on why he says it's President Biden's morning in America and why Biden deserves more credit for his morning than Reagan does for his.

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Op-Ed: Biden Deserves More Credit For His Good Morning Than Reagan Does


  1. Have you heard that since leaving the White House,
    Trump approached Nabisco with a proposal for a new potato chip:
    they’re called ‘Dicktaters’.

    1. @David M
      David……have you no shame?
      Did your LOVE DOLL go flat?
      Is thats whats bothering you, Bunky????

  2. You guys cannot have this conversation without acknowledging the influence of twenty years of the fox news/republican party propaganda channel.

    1. @Chris Thomas You think CNN or MSNBC report the news, heck CNN is now Pres. Trump every day all day, and MSNBC forget about it. Now be a good mushroom and eat up the BS they feed you while keeping you in the dark.

    1. @23 biscuits doesn’t it bother you that your closest and longest allies are laughing at your president and his halfwit giggling psychopath VP?

    2. @Dog Poo Fairy highly doubt that. your prime minister highly regarded him as a stable genius

    3. @Mark Nix the only time I’ve seen Biden properly awake is when there’s a seven year old girl in front of him.

  3. Democrats need more of the Tim Ryan type rant against the Republicans who voted against the JAN 6 commission ..Speaking in measured tones , or assuming that results will simply speak for themselves …..don’t work …Trumpet the great news , be unrelenting in pushing a positive agenda ……take the high ground from the Republicans …

    1. @Hank Henderson QNuts are the only ones trying to politicize it, sweetie. If MAGAts are so sure the damage was caused by Antifa and BLM, then they should welcome the commission, yes? Why would you fight against the thing that would exonerate you?

    2. @Hank Henderson Oh Hanky dear… who started this “bar fight,” hmm? And if it was Antifa or BLM, wouldn’t y’all want them to be brought to justice? No honey… no matter how you spin it, this was all on crazy MAGAts and QNuts, disciples of the Orange Pustule. Thank goodness MAGA is dead.

  4. It would really be nice to hear more good News comming from the Biden Admin, instead of giving the Insurrectionist GOP oxygen and attention they want.

    1. Good point. I’m so sick of seeing all these headlines saying, “latest Trump news”. Time to acknowledge the good that President Biden is doing for America on a more consistent basis. Trump was then, Biden is now!

    1. @Hank Henderson
      You are wrong again. But you are too stupid to know the difference between patriotism and nationalism. Admittedly, earlier forms of nationalism would have described them, but nationalism in the modern world does not mean what it used to:
      “loyalty and devotion to a nation
      especially : a sense of national consciousness (see CONSCIOUSNESS sense 1c) exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups”

    2. @Hank Henderson
      And they also LOVE ILLEGAL immigration – but they won’t say that. Trump loves them so much his businesses made it a practice to hire them for YEARS! And reportedly, they still do. That’s why they limit legal immigration.

  5. The economy always preforms well under DEM leadership.
    The Regressive GOP ONLY cares about the the top .5%, always has/AWAYS will…

    1. Well I live in a democratic state and were broke with high crime rates, I can’t say I agree with your statement. Dems like to spend money they don’t have while the democratic politicians collect a percentage on all government contracts. I’m sure it goes on with republicans as well but seems to be worse in democratic states as there broke.

    2. The gas crisis happened under Carter as well as problems with high inflation. Neither party has a monopoly on good governance, just look at history: Jim Crow flourished under a Democratic led south, Reagan traded arms for hostages, Kennedy put his brother in charge of the Bay of Pigs fiasco…

    3. @The Schwa Sound Yes, there once were Southern Democrats and they have a sordid history, for example:
      1.) The Southern Democrats were the ones that supported Slavery.
      2.) The Southern Democrats were the ones that supported Segregation and fought against Women’s Suffrage.
      3.) The Southern Democrats were the one’s that supported Jim Crow.
      4.) The Southern Democrats were the ones that started the Klu Klux Klan.
      5.) The Southern Democrats were the one’s that rounded up 10’s of thousands of Asian Americans and put them in concentration camps.

      But the part you pretend to ignore/forget is that the Southern Democrats left the Democratic party and became Republicans after Kennedy and Johnson began to support the blacks in America, reference:
      > CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964
      Unfortunately these Southern Democrats have taken over the Republican party and it has been going down hill ever since, but it is has been Trump’s supreme incompetence and devotion to the wishes and desires of Putin (someday we will find out why) that has truly brought the Republican party to its nadir.

  6. Reagan destroyed the middle class. I wish President Carter defeated that fool. America would be so much advanced now.

    1. @JVS 3 so far all in all uve made obvious lies about reagan, trump, trump supporters, and the entire right wing of the country lol
      like some radical leftist nutjob for corporate politicians and MSM
      all cuz u seem to think the US was in decline in the 80s lol
      not to mention ur also openly bigoted
      “Our entire America was made in those 200 yrs ”
      and yet fractional reserve banking didnt exist till 1920 lol
      but keep talking about things u obviously dont understand haha
      this is why ppl say u have TDS blueanon

    2. @Borvo “states with the most poverty are predominately Republican.”
      u mean if u ignore california and new york?
      there is more ppl in poverty in california than exist in small countries haha
      its so bad in san francisco that homeless ppl are pooping everywhere bringing back medieval diseases
      u know its bad when the major concern is the black plague and yellow fever lol

    3. @ORANGE GENERAL It was all smoke and mirrors. I worked for the DOD and knew what was going on and it was all BS. Remember the $700.00 diodes and toilet seats?

    4. ​@Cid Sapient What you say is true about the number of people simply because states like New York and California have greater populations; – – – people do tend to flock to the more prosperous states. But the true measure of the policies of the state regarding poverty is the rate of poverty in that state and in this there is no doubt about which states policies cause the most poverty.
      For your edification I provide the following list (from 2020 Census figures) showing the top 10 states with the highest rates of poverty:
      Rank State Poverty Rate
      1 Mississippi 19.4%
      2 Louisiana 18.4%
      3 New Mexico 16.0%
      4 Arkansas 15.0%
      5 West Virginia 14.9%
      6 Kentucky 14.6%
      7 Alabama 14.4%
      8 South Carolina 13.9%
      9 Georgia 13.5%
      10 North Carolina 12.9%

      BTW: The Poverty rate for New York is 11.8% and the poverty rate for California is 11.0%

    5. @JVS 3 Carter had a year to get the hostages out. The Mullahs hated Carter because he let the Shah come to the US for medical help. So they Kept the hostages for a year out of spite towards Carter.

  7. I think that rather than 10 or 20 million voters crossing over to vote for Biden, we might just have 10 or 20 million voters opting out of the whole election process.

  8. WHEN will all the seditious republicans who incited and enabled the insurrection be made ACCOUNTABLE for their treachery????? What is the JUSTICE for TRAITORS?????

    1. @D Burton Obviously someone who is racist as well as ignorant; one who values entitlement over work without realizing he/she is a government dependent pawn.

    2. The only traitors in this nation are the CIA/FBI/Soros created/funded organizations like Antifa/BLM and massive hordes of gang members that terrorize working Americans and their families. The FBI/CIA targeted patriots and orchestrated a peaceful protest; and they orchestrated/triggered the violence used as an excuse for unlawful arrests/detainment/prosecutions as well as propaganda to attempt to intimidate patriots and prevent another, larger, Bundy-type victory. An equal number of patriots are educated, persons of color; despite the “white supremacy” bs. They want Americans poor, sick, dependent on government programs/handouts, and entirely passive to their tyranny.

      No one who champions Constitutional rights and freedoms is guilty of being a traitor; traitors are those who seek to undermine those freedoms for personal/professional gain, destroying the lives/welfare of citizens, their businesses and communities in the process. They are also the ones continuing the pattern of undermining governments in South America, in Africa, Syria, etc., arming rebel groups, creating chaos, in order to establish control of resources for private corporations and/or environments where they can continue testing biowarfare agents (bacteria/viruses/vaccines) on unsuspecting individuals, including illegal immigrants coming into the US.

      Learn some real American history, not the dumbed down selections taught in schools so you understand the truth about current events and the underlying motives.

  9. “Donald Trump was a senile patsy, play-acting as head of state while the far right quietly re-organized the structure of the government to advance their goal of a fascist revolution in America!”
    *Ronald Reagan, on the other hand…*

  10. Reagan’s legacy:

    -Welfare Queen (terrible race relations, used the “N” in a call with then President Nixon)
    – Trickle down economics
    – Rolled back clean energy created by previous administration
    – Drug war
    – Iran Contra scandal
    – most violent crime ever in the US
    – policies led to a recession during the Bush Sr administration which sunk him politically

    Ronald Reagan was an AWFUL President.

  11. I was coming of age when Reagan took office. I couldn’t get a job anywhere as I watched Reagan destroy PATCO and the other unions. Unemployment was 18% and interest was outrageous.

    1. I was a young adult, just started new job with large company in my area, during Reagan’s terrible reign, the company had it’s first layoff in their 60 yr. history.
      What a disaster!

    2. I graduated college in 1980, and started my first job, as a computer programmer for a bank. I watched as pension plans disappeared, we were cajoled to work harder, and my employer developed numerous ‘Instruments” to legally screw over the customer. And, as a young woman working in the corporate world, I faced intense sexual harassment. The 1980s may have been great for music, but it was lousy for workers and consumers.

    3. Maybe so, but emperically he, Clinton and FDR created more jobs on a percent basis than any president before or since. You could argue Clinton got credit for Reagan since he didn’t really deviate from Reaganomics. It’s not like the inflation was his falt. Stagflation was an issue for years before Reagan.

  12. Reagan destroyed a lot of small towns in the southern states. Look at films of Rural America before Reagan and you will see all the mom and pop Businesses open and the towns full then look films a few years after Reagan was gone you will see a lot of the businesses boarded up. Go to Thom Hartman on YouTube and go through his videos on Ronald Reagan and you will see. His trickle down theory only trickled down into the pockets of rich Republicans.

    1. @John_Smith Chiropractor go to Thom Hartman on YouTube. Then look through his videos and go to the ones on Reagan. Thom Hartman is educated and explains them better than I do.

    1. you mean the Dems shut down the economy, made all the jobs go away, they call it a Republican hole, and now they think Biden deserves more credit than Reagan because they allowed the economy to open again after Trump left office? Are you all complete morons? Thanks.

    2. @MilkCow every republican administration leave us in recession. Trump spent more than any other president. Red states are all bankrupt

  13. Can you mention inflation effecting the middle class. These are people going back to work after covid shutdowns… biden is a joke

  14. Where’s Hunter?
    Why did Hunter have Secret Service cleaning up his Drug, Prostitution & Dumpster Gun crimes…. When Trump was President?
    Does Jill call you “the Big Guy” too?

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