Marking Six Months Since The January 6 Attacks On U.S. Capitol | MSNBC

Six months after the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, the FBI is still working to identify individual rioters who took part in the insurrection. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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Marking Six Months Since The January 6 Attacks On U.S. Capitol | MSNBC


  1. “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” – George Carlin

    1. Hey Witless Nosepicker, You can’t write an English sentence. There is no way you were admitted to the US military.@Mr Popeye

    2. Hey Senile Nosepicker,

      Are there still village idiots in Russia?
      What village are you from? @Clubber Lang

    3. Grandpa benjianubis , Olive oil is more effective for men than viagra.
      But, you’re supposed to drink it.
      (Swedes giggling).
      @Mr Popeye

  2. “No, this is not a fraud case”,
    ~Rudi Gulliani, after the 2020 election in every court acrossAmerica

    1. Is that why you needed to take his law license? Fraudulent Joe has to go .

    2. @The Morally Superior Democrat you don’t even know why his license was suspended. You people cry over everything.

    3. Stop your messing around;
      Better think of your future,
      Time to straighten right out,
      Creating problems in town.
      A message to you, Rudy.
      A message to you.
      Stop your fooling around,
      Time to straighten right out.
      Better think of your future
      Else you’ll wind up in jail.
      A message to you you, Rudy,
      A message to you.
      Stop your messing around,
      Better think of your future.
      Time to straighten right out,
      Creating problems in town.
      A message to you, Rudy.
      A message to you, Rudy.
      A message to you, Rudy.
      A message to you, Rudy.
      A message to you, Rudy.
      A message to you, Rudy.
      A message to you, Rudy

    4. @Harold Moore Harold shut ur mouth I’m a liberal overlord. As a white liberal I own you. Shut your mouth.

    1. @N 827 oh yes he is, you will love it when he drops the soap. And I bet the other inmates will love listening to how it was a “witch hunt” and how he is “ president “ and that supposed “stolen” election, and nonsense about “the swamp” again and again and again

    2. @Bryan So you mean as soon Trump’s dictator we will only get the real _”maga infos”_ anymore?

  3. For the same reasons why conservatives would still have you believe the civil war was fought because of “Northern aggression”.

    1. The numbers don’t lie .
      71 million trump voters
      53% lie believers
      Equals about 37 million cult members ..
      After Republicans suppressing votes, Biden still got 81 million . With 287 million potential voters in USA .
      THESE CRACKPOTS who support Putin’s plaything are such a small minority that they are literally a joke .

    2. @the_Godfather
      July 3rd 2021 Florida trump said , and I quote …”….Murders, okay. Human trafficking, no problem — but fringe benefits, you can’t do that.”

    3. @the_Godfather
      The ONLY fact you posted is that his supporters are overweight fat Republicans .You failed to mention they also suffer from Persecutory delusions , inferiority complexes, low IQs and the inability to control their emotions .

    4. @Stagehands Labor you believing the putin trump conspiracy is now different from a trump supporter believing their voter fraud. both have been proven false yet people still cling to them. i dont know how you could support a president who has done nothing fro this country, its almost like you voted him in because you didnt like trumps personality

  4. Get the evidence, hold trial. If convicted, give time & heavy fine. These yokels need to watch civil rights protest to learn how it’s done, peaceful. They need to be taught that this is a country of MAJORITY rule. Not minority.

    1. @digidanshow they were at the 93% peaceful George Floyd protests practicing for 1/6 by framing BLM AND ANTIFA in most gun deaths and rioting during the George Floyd protests. Read the FBI reports. Watch Wray say t forced the FBI to downplay right-wing extremists framing BLM AND ANTIFA.

    2. @digidanshow you know what’s hilarious? There’s easy to find proof for everything you think is funny.

    3. You mean live last summer’s? $300 million in damage, 24 people dead and blocks of downtown Seattle taken over? Like those peaceful protests?

    4. @Clubber Lang you mean the 17 of 24 gun deaths were right-wing extremists framing BLM AND ANTIFA? Yeah that’s true. Did you read the FBI reports saying right-wing extremists were framing BLM AND ANTIFA in most gun deaths and rioting during the George Floyd protests? Or see Wray say t forced the FBI to downplay right-wing extremists framing BLM AND ANTIFA?
      So,some of the people that were framing BLM AND ANTIFA were likely also at the insurection. It was right-wing extremists that killed 2 cops in Cali, planned on FB to start a civil war. Please stop being a fox and right-wing media parroting sheep. Research please.

    1. They may be special but I don’t love them and I hope they never have another day of peace in their sorry, angry lives.

  5. Lets imagine a large mob of non whites storm the capital the same way..can be any race u can would never go the same way..privilege at its finest

    1. Let’s imagine of a large mob of armed non whites occupying US soil for 1 month, building a wall and not letting no one inside. Wait…

    2. @the_Godfather
      Yeah.. because breaking windows and holding up traffic is the same as beating cops and breaking and entering and burglarizing the capitol…

    3. @Theron Wynn the capitol that our tax money paid for? antifa destroying a city and police equipment also cost tax dollars look up the total damage from blm protest, its way more then the capitol riot.

    1. Coup? How many “seditionists” were armed?? NONE! But your people can shoot up a Republican baseball practice, that’s not a big deal. We should be looking into Leftist extremism.

    2. Nancy refused national guard the day before. Your narrative is falling apart day by day and it’s truly glorious.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em oh really, must be why they support more personal freedom then the party that wants to make you dependent on the government

    2. @the_Godfather Freedom, if you can afford the time off. The GOP is the party that want’s to do away with living wages, while working crazy hours and making health care completely unaffordable. Sure, youcan iown a gun, but you’ll also be working 80 hours a week unti you drop, so some multibillionaire can get more money. And also, that “personal freedom” must fit within the confines of thier interpretation of christianity

    3. Or it’ll be Russia in 1922 because the other half embraces socialism which leads to communism.

  6. Still don’t know why they didn’t use tear gas and rubber bullets like they did with peaceful BLM protests so tRump could hold a Bible upside down.

    1. @BTM I watched it live on youtube as it happened. There were massive clouds of teargas when it started in broad daylight.

    2. @Ruth Saunders it went for several hours before anything. It was around five o’clock when they decided to make them go away. You can bet you rear end if it had a large group of minorities they would still be picking up body parts.

  7. I think the senator that said this was just like any tour of the capital needs a competency evaluation lol


  8. I’m sick and tired of seeing these “Content May Be Disturbing” warnings. The only thing that was disturbing was seeing the police allowing that mob to leave the Capitol and go home.

  9. Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, . Or a MINIMUM of 5 years in prison and 10,000 $ fine ..

  10. I still wonder why security didn’t have more backups when they had intelligence of something like this happening??

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