Opening border could ‘expedite and expand’ Wave 4: Dr. Barrett 1

Opening border could ‘expedite and expand’ Wave 4: Dr. Barrett


Infectious disease specialist Dr. Lisa Barrett opening the borders without proper measures will expedite and expand the fourth wave.

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    1. Oh wait…it doesn’t mean we don’t want our American family and friends…we need to protect both borders!!!

  1. Can any Doctor on your channel please clarify why Justin Trudeau has let over 300,000 migrants since the covid pandemic was declared and intends to has over 400,000 migrants in total in 2021 to immigrate into Canada while closing free flowing American and Canadian citizens crossing our borders.
    How is immigration not a more likely spread of covid.

    1. They probably haven’t clarified it because it isn’t happening.

      //from the government of Canada website:
      Before refugees leave for Canada, they attend a Canadian Orientation Abroad session with the IOM. This session provides refugees with information on how they can monitor their health and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Refugees are also told about the 14-day quarantine upon arrival in Canada, and given information about the supports they’ll receive from Resettlement Assistance Program service provider organizations or their private sponsor As an added precaution, refugees undergo a fitness-to-fly check for COVID-19 signs and symptoms with an IOM nurse or doctor. This check is done 24 to 72 hours before their flight. Resettled refugees come to Canada by air and, like all international travelers, are tested before boarding and upon arrival in Canada. They must also follow all quarantine requirements.

    2. @the Branch7757 – hey funny guy. I said immigrants, but asylum claimants are walking across the Canadian border through Québec. They are only tested “after” they walk across.
      Question. What is the average failure rate of PCR testing? Why don’t the Canadian Government track that. What is the level of magnifying used on the PCR measurements?
      Answer is that none of that matters because the corona virus has never reached a pandemic level as it is just a weak virus that has a very low death rate and almost always in a 70 plus age group with multiple illnesses.
      Nice try.

  2. Are we going to invite the COVID variants into Canada just when things are starting to open up?

  3. Yes,such is our modern society keep running away from something that you can’t run away from period!

  4. Nooo…don’t open the borders just yet..let everyone get vaccined and if they don’t want to…no opening of borders..

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