Optometrists in Ont. withdraw OHIP-covered services 1

Optometrists in Ont. withdraw OHIP-covered services

Ontario optometrists have withdrawn provincially insured eye services after a breakdown in talks with the provincial government over reimbursement of costs.

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  1. if they need more money, then give it to them. Take the money away from your garbage rainbow crap. Gee I hope I didn’t hurt nobody’s feelings!,

  2. Why isn’t that lady with glaucoma being treated by an opthalmologist? I’ve never heard of glaucoma being treated by an optometrist.

    1. @Dennis S my ophthalmologist gets paid 1.8 million a year. Optometrist is over 400k far more than my gp or surgeons

    2. It’s mostly monitoring them. The puff test checks pressure and they do that all the time. In fact it’s the assistant who performs that test. Also, ever notice that they all have fully up to date state of the art equipment? Not like regular doctors.

    1. Ever seen a bankrupt doctor? They lease their equipment so it’s on;y rent and wages that they need to worry about. If they are slow they don’t even have help and they do everything themselves.

    2. @roof pizza Yes I have seen a bankrupt doctor mor3 than you might think. I worked in the banking commercial credit

  3. So, the Ontario reaction is to say that they will continue to fund eye exams through OHIP, but your optometrist has the option to not take you as a patient, and the individual optometrists/eye care professionals have stated they will no longer see OHIP patients. Hmmm. Sounds like the government isn’t listening. Again.

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