Oregon Gov: Politics 'Cannot Get In The Way’ Of Climate Change Action 1

Oregon Gov: Politics ‘Cannot Get In The Way’ Of Climate Change Action


Gov. Kate Brown (D-Ore.) urges nationwide action on climate change as her state battles wildfires brought on by extreme heat.
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  1. One state out of 50 doing the right thing which is not good odds. The other 49 need to wake up.

    1. Thanks for surrendering your credibility so easily and showcasing your total and complete moronic buffoonery Doug 🤡

    2. @William H Music 2020 what’s the matter BM? Did you run out of those soft and juicy cantaloupes? I do mean to thank you for the comic relief 😂😂

    3. @Angela Dansie So What was in in the 60’s then, when it came out we had 12 years before all was lost to flooding due to melting Ice caps? Then the 70’s, are there is a famine due to food shortage, we have 12 years. Then the 80’s the Ice age is returning, then it wasn’t and we had until 2000. Al Gore comes along, we have until 2014, costal cities will be gone, same ones that they said in the 60’s would be gone by 1980. 2014, Gore updates the time line. Now it’s 2030. Yet all these people who tell the everyday people we can’t have this or that, are flying around on private jets, big SUV’s with armed guards, cruising on their yachts. How is it the ice age went away? There wasn’t any cars and jets and boats polluting the air causing global warming. Could it be a cycle? Like the ice cores scientist have drill in the North and South poles and Greenland that are 2 miles long and it shows a warming period, a cooling period and then repeats over and over.

  2. Trumps administration put your country into a mess regarding climate change 🙄 sad that 4 yrs are lost 😢 😔

    1. The USA has actually lowered our carbon footprint as a result of using more natural gas and less coal.

    2. @Lee
      Yes, we were on the right track, but it is not nearly enough, and too much is going the other way.

  3. The republicans say there is no climate change ,, when it gets hot let them pay my cooling bill ✌😁🤣🤣🤣

    1. And you don’t think that cooling bill of yours isn’t part of the problem if you want change its your habit that have to change consume less use less eat less want less need less desire less stop trying to impress others blame is an excuse only lies use look at your own footprint and fix it

    2. @Bobby Bouche that’s probably true ?? But if I would of listened to eX President Trump I’d be burning fire wood or coal in my fire place ,✌🤣🤣🤣

    1. @Constituent A
      No, I listened to the tape and it was clear he was counting backwards on the fly. He was saying that there were 3 states he hadn’t been to yet, so that makes 50 …… 7

    1. @GreenEyedLady Many ways to use the term. What does SWEEPING do? Oh yeah, it cleans something up from debris.

    2. @Wisconsin Man You know darn well that Trump was talking about actually sweeping the forest floor, as in with brooms. No way is any state actually proposing to do that or anything similar. Just for reference, much of the forested land in the western US is owned by the federal government anyway, and the state’s have no control over it. In Oregon, more than half of the state is forested, and more than half of the forested acres are federal. Most of the rest of the forested land is owned by corporations or individuals. While raising Christmas trees is an important farm product for Oregon, huge tracts of land are owned by companies that produce wood and paper products.

    3. @GreenEyedLady lol u have TDS tho
      just listen to urself “You know darn well that Trump was talking about actually sweeping the forest floor, as in with brooms”
      get a grip lady

  4. Politics gets in the way of everything. It’s what people do. We just can’t let the politics stop us from doing what needs to be done.

    1. Inevitably, nothing will. Nothing CAN. The Pentagon war-gamed climate change with other countries for GW Bush. They told him it would be the biggest challenge mankind had ever faced. The study reports are finally back on Google, having been removed to protect them from Trump’s order to destroy them .
      We need to prepare with better infrastructure, and voting rights to prevent the fascists from establishing neo feudalism.

    1. I like this a lot. Your fascist evil twin is also about 10 other sock puppets here btw…

    1. Definitely one of the most confused individuals who comments here. He needs to just come on out. He’d feel a lot better about the whole world. Who knows, he might even stop being such an avid Trump cult member.

  5. The US is well over four years behind where we should be. Thanks, for holding us up, Trump voters.

    1. @Oppressed Speaker of truth TDS???? Isn’t that when you are so deranged about Trump you think he was fit for office? I certainly don’t suffer from that delusional thought.

  6. Sure, say we need to do something about climate change, at the same time Oregon is charging extra to register a hybrid or electric vehicle. There should be a discount for registering a hybrid vehicle, not the extra $100 surcharge. We are being penalized for not driving gas guzzlers.

  7. for 100 years politic have interfered Now they can blame tipping points they caused and make laws that say they not responsible

  8. You want to help the climate? Get China on board,there the largest producer of green house emissions, starting up 3 to 4 coal fired power plants per month, unrestricted.

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