New Book Reports Gen. Milley Prepared Troops For Possible Trump Coup 1

New Book Reports Gen. Milley Prepared Troops For Possible Trump Coup


A new book reports that General Milley mobilized troops for a possible coup by fmr. President Trump. 
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  1. Albert Einstein-“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch and do nothing.”

    1. @PendeltonWhiskey Yet, they bombed Japan with it. Not to mention allied with the Soviets that committed The Holodomor.

    2. yep we should not stand by and let the democrats commit election fraud and germ warfare and allow open borders.

    3. @Chris Himebaugh Yes they bombed Japan and saved a lot of lives by doing it. You know nothing of history

    4. @Bruce Smith I’m sorry you’re insane, I wish I could help but there is no help or hope for you.

  2. The George Floyd protesters get “When the looting starts the shooting starts.” But the insurrectionists get “It was a love fest…”

    1. @Floki it’s really easy to Google “who died at capitol riots”, are you completely helpless lmao? And it was 5, sorry.
      My source for those numbers aren’t cnn either, even if it were, they are biased af, but there are strict laws in this country that prevent the media from outright lying. It would be great if anyone who has actual evidence would get off the youtube comments, or leave their mar a lago and take legal action, but they don’t, so they can’t.
      Also, your don’t get to not count the cop, he was involved in the riot. The Google says “25 deaths associated with the 2020 protests”, not all of those were brutally beaten to death by a mob. Just like the girl at the capitol who died of a heart attack, she wasn’t beaten to death or anything, but it counts because she may have survived if the group of officers attempting to reach her hadn’t been swarmed and beaten (on video) during the attempted rescue.
      Nice ignoring the multiple white supremists rampant all over the videos from that day demonstrating the truth of my last comment too, and the ignoring the goal of destroying our democracy and the numerous chants to murder those elected by the people.

    2. @Floki also, notice your whataboutism.
      I wouldn’t defend or deny the violence and damage of the protests of 2020, but here you are denying anything about deaths or insurrection… have fun on the wrong side of history.

    3. @logikyle arguments 5 deaths. 1 by a cop shooting an unarmed woman. The rest by either self inflicted or natural causes. Nerd

    4. @Otis Bigsby correct, I’m glad you can read.
      10,000 people, 6ish hours, 5 deaths, Compared to- 15-25 million people, 4,300ish hours, 25 deaths.
      Ending oppression and police brutality, compared to- destroying democracy and oppressing the majority.
      I don’t defend or deny the violence and damage of either, compared to- it was only 5 people, and they dont even count.
      Great argument.

  3. Ah those Darned ” Peaceful Tourist” breaking doors and windows to take selfies at the U.S. Capitol.

    1. @cynot71 If those idiots had been wearing proper Halloween masks attire in those selfies, the FBI would have a tougher time rounding them all up.

    1. @arnesto rodgers it was sold long ago to Goldman Sachs by the Reagan administration, try again.

    2. Biden doesn’t seem too frightened… neither does Manchin and Sinema. They seem perfectly comfortable right now. Me , I’m learning Russia and Chinese just in case.

  4. Society’s apathy towards politics for the country, has turned into political religionism…… instead for voting issues that matter to the country haha

    1. It’s a shame we had to vote for Joe Biden to prevent a madman from winning the office again.

  5. “To protect & defend the Constitution of the United Sates against all enemies, foreign and domestic”

    1. Miley didn’t understand when she took the oathe, with her new title General Of the drama queens, maybe her wikeness will get her a new outlook on her career

    2. @J. Wright i’m so glad white supremacists are soooo dumb, a truly superior failure philosophy lol

    3. @J. Wright hey dummy your refering to a person as a female Gen.Milly is male…how do you expect to be taken serious when you can’t even realize the mistake your making when talking of someone

    4. @J. Wright Milley and every us soldier allegence is to the constitution not a president especially a wannbe dictator, read the constitution its clear that coup and insurrection is not part of it

  6. The best, Kasie Hunt, a Gemini, doing a piece on the worst, trump, also a Gemini and the great Gen Milley, a Gemini, who instead of doing the worst did the best.

  7. They outta be prepared and this time capture as many prisoners instead of letting them go and just hunting them down and I hope they show the same mercy the rioters showed: none

  8. With so many Republican scum in the military, could the army have been relied upon to restore order?

  9. This is problem when you don’t hold people accountable.
    Lies should be a criminal offence for all public transmissions.

  10. Special forces are trained and educated about coups to facilitate them in other countries. That Milley, the president’s top military advisor with a Special Forces background, was concerned enough to have a strategy session with his aides should be shocking. But in context, it isn’t really. No contingency is too rediculous in a Trump presidency.

  11. You can always tell when a story hurts trump to the core. His sycophants post one right after another often saying the exact same phrase. Soooo strange!!

  12. And still the DOJ, FBI doing nothing to bring charges against Trump despite overwhelming evidence

  13. He should be removed from office and confined to federal prison as a felon. You we told this would happen and you did n ou thing

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