Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 15th | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 15th | MSNBC


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  1. They were happy for about 10 years after Batista gone and then downhill from there not unlike so many countries under dictatorships e.g., Amin, Kaddafi, Hussein, Stalin, etc.

    1. Trump’s “General’s” was nutcase Flynn and his nutcase brother. Who knows what delusion the Flynn bro’s were under or what they were telling that fool trump.

    2. We’re not going to be a socialist republic, nor will we ever be an autocracy. We need more moderate thinker’s on both sides. I’m proud to be an American.

  2. How would “mass resignations” by military leadership have stopped Tyrump? It would have made it easier for him to install loyalists or simply order the underlings that a Commander-In-Chief could order a military coup (disguised as preventing a fraudulent transition).

    1. That’s why so many didn’t quit despite his horrible decisions and abuses; they felt he was so immature he would’ve done exactly that.

    2. “Former U.S. Military Leaders Sign Bizarre Open Letter Pushing Election Lies
      Over 120 retired generals and admirals signed on to a letter falsely claiming the 2020 election was stolen in a move other veterans say erodes democratic norms. ” Just being a general doesn’t mean you wont lie or be a traitor (eg. Flynn Bros. )

    3. @M D: It’s court MARTIAL. And to be guilty of treason you have to side with a war-time enemy by “providing them with aid and comfort”.

    4. It would, however, indicate to the American’s paying attention that there is serious trouble! Unsure how that would have turned out, but is so important for US to learn from the last administration, and gain knowledge in what our leaders are able to communicate NOW, after that administration lost!

  3. What’s disturbing is that almost no one else reported a lot of this highly disturbing stuff. Whistle-blowers always face blowback (I should know) so it’s much more supportive when others can corroborate abuses of power.

    1. @Nami Dehya two types of t=rumpers: too stupid to breathe, and racists. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    2. People who blew the whistle were punished. Colonel vindman and his brother lost there jobs. Others were threatened with execution.

  4. Remember, Cuba embraced communism largely in reacting to the way American Mobsters essentially took over their government and economy during prohibition, and treated them as slaves and serfs. When that’s your experience of “capitalism” – it was an understandable mistake. And after that things got worse.

    1. This generation of Cubans has forgotten what brought Fidel in the first place. I haven’t, I was born there.
      They’ve been raised to believe government propaganda, whether they agreed or not. They are also ignorant of real world history.

    2. That’s actually a really interesting clue to the story, as Cuban exiles played a significant role in the JFK assassination and other Black Ops, Cruz and Rubio decend from these fundamentalist groups that thrived under Batista. The odd thing is Prohibition appears to link to JD Rockerfeller and his bid to make oil the only game in town, as around that time it had been shown cars could run on ethanol, one could argue it was the same with Hemp/Cannibis.
      Oh, and they’re all Roman Catholic

    1. They should have had a plan in case something like this happened!! Why didn’t they handcuff him when he walked out of the White House??

    2. also, Flynn’s brother is still head of the Army and was one of the 5 on that phone call and said he couldn’t come help!! And other small but meaningful things like not allowing Capital police to have riot gear! Just think if they had that feeling it MAY happen, there should have been a better plan in place!!

    3. @Annette Zaleski because dems follow the law. Republicans break the law and point to dems and claim they cant stop the violence and crime. Sadly the republican voters dance to whoever is pulling the strings

  5. Social security recipients need a financial helping hand when a cost of living raise each year is absorbed by an increase in insurance premiums each year for the same amount as the cost of living raise.

    1. @Chino T. It depends where you live sweetheart. Some states have great programs and other states just have program cuts for seniors.

    2. @Michael Fant You are going to have to be more specific. That makes zero sense, please elaborate???

    3. @Minute Meditations I tend to side with those who prefer to help others, not chastise those who “choose to be poor, stop being poor already!” The last admin brought out a lot of heartbreak for many Americans! And seeing suffering has never been my thing. I very much appreciate your perspective, and it has been nice talking with you.

    4. @Minute Meditations
      Very true. My State (Massachusetts) has been rated the best in the country for elderly services.

    1. Like our bumper stickers have said since Nixon+Reagan+2 Bush’s+ the last mess,,. Don’t blame me, I’m from Massachusetts.

  6. Congress GOP members are trying to whitewash what happened on jan.6 because they are probably planning on doing it again as this was a trail run and now they know what they have to do that’s why they rigging the elections to get back in power and God save us all if that happens.

    1. Try as they do, they have secured their spot-last administration’s history is already down on paper and in the history books!

    1. Some Cubans are blindly following Trump the way they did Castro. No matter what side of the spectrum they were on thy’re both evil.

  7. Dictators have 100% belief in their success and ability, and 0% trust that democracy and the voice of the people will provide for the security and success of their reign, like the thing you lead a horse with, dictators know only themselves my favorite example is Gaddafi just the definition of meglomania.

    1. The only thing you know about Gaddafi is the US lies that they told on him..Reagan bombed him in the 80’s calling him the Anti-Christ…all american lies. Gaddafi never carried a deficit like the US. that’s why he had to be killed, he had never did anything to the US except reject them. Hillary wanted oil, he said pay me in GOLD not big’s easy to hate when your government gives you the thumbs up. your government bombed countries all last year while, they were dealing with corvid-19 like us…and signed executive order to keep innocent deaths secret, yes US Government acting like the devil

  8. Guess we know what’s on those notes from the Putin conversation that Trump confiscated from his interpreter in Helsinki.

    1. Trump and Putin have had several conversations with no one else in the room. No American interpreters, anyway.

  9. Thanks General Mikel Milley, Commander the courage this is a commandor that raise above that’s courage No Matter what.

  10. another thing the US could do about Cuba is just mind its own business and do nothing ….right now you have a slow moving coup taking place in your own country

  11. It’s pretty scary that the idea of an American president who would attempt a coup to cling to power is not just a story in The Onion.


    2. @barbara m Milley was not fired, he’s still Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and lying in all capital letters while rambling doesn’t make your lies any less untrue. Edit to add: The families of over six hundred thousand dead Americans blame Trump for a lot of things he didn’t do. Biden isn’t the Messiah, he’s a guy who’s responsible for some of the laws that led to mass incarceration with mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines which disproportionately affected minorities and the poor. Biden had a stutter and managed to still be a vocal politician. He’s not hiding, he’s allowing people to do their jobs the way most Presidents do and he doesn’t need to be on TV constantly. He’s not vain and self absorbed. I look forward to better options for my vote going forward instead of having to vote for a milquetoast candidate to prevent a fascist authoritarian from retaining power. I’m curious why the GOP is holding him up so high. He’s like a film about the horse that came in last against Seabiscuit in which the gambling public bets on said losing horse after watching him get annihilated for no reason that makes sense to those whose brains aren’t damaged from huffing air dusters and gold spray paint.

  12. While generals resignations aren’t going to do anything, they need to stay tough and fight for freedom.

    1. People don’t often realize the depth of education good military leaders encompass. The idea they are auto-Republicans is outdated. Especially now. What I don’t get is why isn’t retired Gen Flynn in deep horse hockey. Is it consideration of his brother? Why the ignoring of shockingly bad behavior? Is Flynn a Russian actor as he appears to be? That does not fit unless bad actors are entrenched. That would put an uneven keel on a great ship. Answers are needed.

  13. Trump and Nazis are one and the same. All this stuff, is he or isn’t he….. It’s not a point of debate any longer, and hasn’t been for a while.

  14. I believe every single word. And no matter what side your on, if this had succeeded we all would have ended under a North K-rean regime. It would totally blow up in the MAGA foĺlowers face years down the line by way of someone smarter and smoother than DJT.

  15. All of this conversation about trump is anecdotal, the GOP enabled him the entire time. Thats where we need to focus our efforts!

  16. How could Trump go through his whole crime-infested adult- life without an iota of accountability.

    1. Because money corruption and power is the american way, please don’t be too naive to believe that.

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