Oregon Governor To DHS Police: ‘Go Home’ | MSNBC


  1. This is straight-up fascism. You expect to see citizens snatched off the street in third world countries, not the US.

    1. @Albert Green I agree, specifically the secrecy, it’s an intimidation tactic; also how can you know if the person isn’t just another alt-right bunch of thugs?

    2. @Chris P. Bacon You really think DHS, FBI and National guards are picking people off the street sprinkler can style? Over 90% of the people they pick up go to prison. It’s very targeted. They rarely pickup somebody, they don’t have on a list.

      They are not allowed to pickup a state resident, who has not committed a crime in another state, committed a crime and is not a resident of that state, or a federal crime, or damaged federal property.

      Why do people have so much trouble differentiating, who in government is responsible for what?

      The President has no say in city police matters, or in state health insurance matters, or in local arsonists, or all the other things, people want him to do, while their city, county and state has actually the authority.

    3. Deborah Freedman People are fighting for things that are more important than businesses, art, and beauty.

    4. @Mainely
      I need you to do a little research. The Alt-Right don’t believe in foundational values (conservatism). They don’t believe in natural rights. They are leftists who happen to like Trump ONLY for his stance against illegal migration.

    1. Eric Prince and Steve Bannon are both students of the Phoenix Program in South Vietnam. Maj.Gen Bruce Lawlor was first DHS Chief of Staff and one of the architects of DHS. In the summer of 1972 Lawlor became Police Special Branch advisor in Quang Nam Province, organizing paramilitary Special Branch operations and interrogation under CIA Phoenix. Vietnam is the American far-right’s version of the Versailles Treaty. Oliver North stated as much under oath during Iran Contra. The Phoenix has come home to roost in Portland. Know thine “enemy” – that’s why liberals fail again and again.

    2. _”They are probably Besty DeVos’s baby brother Eric Prince’s mercenaries.”_
      That’s what I”m thinking as well. Why else make them “anonymous”? IF they’re really part of DHS, then WHY hide their identities and arm what are proving to be brutal, cowardly, ravening thugs to teeth without any information to the legal authorities as to who they are?

    1. Congress granted DHS their current authorities. Currently under a Democrat that decided ICE detention centers don’t need so many beds with corona sistancing rules in place.

      Still feeling the partisan love?

    2. John Hillman , really ? Republicans want to deport illegals , democrats want to support illegals. It is democrat anarchists that are terrorizing American cities not republicans. It is democrats that are trying to overturn a legitimate presidential election with lies and slander , not republicans. It is democrat mayors and governors refusing to protect their cities from democrat anarchists , not republicans. It is democrats demanding the defunding of the police not republicans. So then I’m not seeing democrats supporting the rule of law anywhere in America , so could you point out how democrats support the rule of law ?

    1. Marcy Abrams I don’t mean to be rude, but please read my comments before responding to to them. No where in my comment did I say that the lady deserved to die. In fact, in my comment I stated that I didn’t believe that she should’ve died in a situation like that. The point of my comment was to challenge the false narrative that an innocent mother was killed due to a political belief. However, the Republicans of Indiana have passed stand-your-ground laws, which very may have provided a legal loophole for this murder to occur. You’re the only one trying to make excuses for the inexcusable here, by implying that the US citizens being snatched up off the street by unmarked federal forces while exercising their right to protest is okay. Maybe that kind of thing has a place in China, but not the USA. I hope one day you’ll find yourself free of the hatred in your heart.

    2. theWZZA Exactly, at 3:00 AM. It would’ve been pitch black at that time, with maybe a little light from lampposts or something. There is a small, but existent, possibility that the murderer wasn’t a part of the group who encountered the lady earlier that day. If that were the case, but it was dark and the murderer was standing far enough away from them, they might not even be sure who killed the woman, and then just came to the conclusion that it was the people that they harassed and possibly even assaulted (pointing deadly weapons at people is assault) earlier in the day.

  2. This tactic goes against everything the FM 3-24 manual says to do to handle crowds a protesters. These Trump thugs need to be fired and lawsuits need to be made.

    1. @Mad Hatman
      That is an absolute lie proven by all the videos.

      The cops tear gas them because they are burning down cities. I’m sure you think they burn down buildings because the cops tear gas them right?

    2. @Mad Hatman
      Right wing groups don’t need to pretend to be Antifa. Antifa and BLM do enough rioting and looting. There is just no need.

      It is true, that some right wing groups pulled pranks like putting trump stickers on leftists’ cars to watch them destroy their own property but come on, that’s just good fun!

    3. @Albert Green Dude they caught boogaloo in the act! Boogaloo members have killed federal law enforcement under the guise of being BLM. They arrested him! You think they wouldn’t infiltrate a protest movement if they have no problem killing cops? The only thing the Portland protesters have burned is that a statue and the HQ of the people who was shooting at them.

    4. @Albert Green what about the ones that killed Feds while pretending to be BLM was that good fun too?

  3. Much like when Jared and Ivanka are celebrating their anniversary, Portland doesn’t want t’rump anywhere near them. 😉 😛😜

    1. @Uncle Ed 👈 Doesn’t realize that every image of “unrest” that t’rump uses is one that happened under his “watch.”

    2. Do you live in Portland? I do, and would rather have that fool Trump, than the rioters who are now terrorizing us.

    3. @Sean Hovan Considering that the people in Portland pay more in federal taxes than the entire (red) state of Montana, you’re the hypocrite crybaby.

    4. @Uncle Ed Thanks to Trump it’s going to be which is precisely what he and his ignorant base want.

    5. @Mainely and you are from maine?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      All those trump signs must be triggering you. I see them all over the place yet I seen 0 biden signs.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Congress need to pass a law where one person a alone cannot deploy troops to occupy U.S cities.

    1. ​@Albert Green_” When you talk about masked cowardly thugs are you talking about Antifa”:_
      Red herring, MUCH! Where is your EVIDENCE that “Antifa” is involved? Oh that’s right you’ve got none. This is your laughable attempt to deflect from the very real evidence of these masked, unidentified, heavily armed Trump goons in military camouflage (why?) viciously attacking/gassing and kidnapping people in plain sight, doing what they were sent there to do, inflame, incite and escalate the violence.

       Trump’s Pinochet-style secret police are simply using Portland to see how much they can get away with so the same tactics can be used to terrorize others who dare to oppose the “man who would be king”. Your kind hate democracy and want it gone and Trump is currently your best hope for instituting the absolute fascist authoritarian state of your fevered, power-riven wet dreams.

    2. @Hanna Barbera I Agree, this is a test drive and people should be concerned.i would think this would get the attention of pro gun rights people everywhere .Heres an example , California is a strong state and has some strong anti gun laws and Trump hates Califonia so who is to stop Trump from sending in his goons to california to disarm all the people he considers to be violent in the big cities. You are right it all starts with a test drive!

    3. @Uncle Diggie Good point but that was because states were not protecting constitutional rights of citizens.

    4. ​@Albert Green_” Please go and learn some history.”_
      LOL! Where have you demonstrated that you’ve actually “taken your own advice'”?

      _”If you want the actual law that allows the federal government to protect federal buildings, the White House Press secretary quotes it right here.”_
      What federal buildings EXACTLY (can you point them out) need “protecting”? Can you name even one? What I note is that Trump’s Bottle-blond Bunker Barbie doesn’t present any evidence of the ~gasp/faint!~ “threat” to “federal buildings” either during her usual I’m-an-overpaid-lying-shill-for-Trump session.

      Therefore, the laughable concern-pearl twisting about “protecting” unidentified “federal buildings” from “harm” is an empty pretext to send in Trump’s Pinochet-style storm troopers. It’s very obvious that the presence of the goons who are too cowardly to wear proper identifying insignia and numbered badges, too cowardly to even show their faces, has NOTHING to “restoring law an order” (funny how tyrants are so fond of that pretext).

      Watch Trump’s Unidentified Goons Brutalize a True Military Veteran and a “Wall of Moms”
      Show me the “federal buildings” they were “protecting” here, ducky

       NO, they are there to do everything in their power to inflame and escalate violence by brutalizing the protestors like the real Navy veteran (so unlike your beloved, self-declared “very stable genius”, Bone-Spurs Trump) they gassed and assaulted for simply asking them who they were, why they were there and terrorizing the population by kidnapping people off the street (on what charges? where’s due cause…your evidence, Bunker Barbie’s evidence that these people had actually committed any crime is where?)

    1. Malcolm X , murdered by a gang of black men .
      Apparently they didn’t have BLM in the 1960s

  5. Solve problems by sitting down?? They have been RIOTING IN THE STREETS DURING A PANDEMIC

    1. So, ‘no content’ Maleko, that makes unidentifiable thugs snatching people off the streets okay? No. If the Feds want to stump up, I’ll take some PPE and ventilators thanks.

  6. Why is the police not arresting these camouflaged persons and ask them to identify themselves?

  7. I’ve voted for you, Kate Brown, every time you ran. But, you have not defended the people of Portland, from these outside agitators. You won’t get my vote again unless you bring in the National Guard to clear the parks of squatters, and the streets of rioters.

  8. Dang. We are blowing it people. Let these cities burn and the more Trump votes get racked up. Playing into their hands. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

  9. The world is crumbling down around leftist leaders! Kate Clown needs to know what *Operation Cable Splicer* is all about!

  10. Where who’s leadership has failed? I think every level of leadership in Oregon has failed. Not fascism, law and order. There’s a big difference and unfortunately, most of the people who respond on MSNBS, yes – BS, are brainwashed liberals who hate President Trump more than they love America.

    Recall that President Kennedy, in June 1963, federalized the Alabama National Guard to prevent Governor George Wallace from taking action that prevented Black Students from attending [then] White schools. Portland is the other way, the violence has been going on for a couple of years with more violence in the last 51 days . . . and NO ONE in Oregon is taking any action to stop it.

    There is no justification for the damage they are doing to that city and the residents there, none.

  11. I was predicting democrats to win in a landslide, but since all these riots i’m not so sure.
    The more destruction they cause, the more centrist voters will be pushed to the right.
    Its going to be a close one. Democrats are sabotaging their own chances of victory

    “We often gift our enemies the means of our own destruction” – aesop

  12. To Oregon Governor: Do your job of protecting your state from thugs and the federal officers can go home. They’re only there because of your incompetence!

    1. Speaking of incompetence, The USA has 4.5% of the worlds population but 23% of the COVID deaths due to Trump’s weaponized incompetence.

    2. @Mainely
      You leftist idiots love to blame our Great President for the deaths from covid, but the facts don’t support the leftist fake news you’ve so willingly swallowed. Over 60,000 of the deaths from covid were in Nursing Homes. And the vast majority of those Nursing Home deaths occurred in NY, NJ, PA, MI, and CA; where the democrat, genocidal Governors forced infected patients into those Nursing Homes, thereby spreading the virus to our most vulnerable citizens, which resulted in thousands upon thousands dying! In May, the Governors report out of NY recorded that 61% of all new cases of the virus came from people who were in lockdown(a mandate of the leftists). Never before in the history of medical practice in this country have healthy people been forced to quarantine. Then on top of all that the leftists all out assault on Hydroxychloroquine (which has been proven to be very effective, especially early on when prescribed by a doctor). This drug has been used for years and currently the V.A. issues over 40,000 doses of Hydroxychloroquine per Day! There is no way to estimate how many lives would have been spared an untimely death if the leftists had not done all they could to discount this valuable medication!

    3. @Mainely No one is suppressing criticism, unlike the leftists, those of us who love America still believe in the freedoms afforded by our Constitution! Peaceful protests are also protected but riots which lead to looting, arson and destruction are Not! At least our Great President believes in Law and Order and I don’t know of one democrat that has endorsed or called for Law and Order. Of course when your agenda is that which the democrats hold to with defunding the police, celebrating BLM and Antifa, releasing convicted felons and locking up churchgoers, unable to condemn the senseless killing of innocent people even children caught in the crossfire, etc. Every major city in this country that looks like some third world country is controlled almost exclusively by democrats and has been for decades. The worst school systems, the highest crime and murder rates, the most despicable living conditions, the most widespread poverty, the fewest homes with both mother and father present, the most rampant drug problems, the least job opportunity, all these distinguished honors go to cities run by democrats! Most Americans say, No Thanks I’ll pass on that!

    1. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness… it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. Thomas Jefferson

    2. fredyd13662 good luck, conservatives own 90%of the guns and are armed to the teeth. If there’s ever another civil war every socialist commie dummycrat would be dead within a week!

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