Osterholm On Trump’s Indoor Rally: I wouldn’t Go If All Four Beatles Were Coming | MSNBC

Infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm reacts to the dangers of Trump holding an indoor campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as the number of coronavirus cases continue to increase there. Aired on 6/17/2020.
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Osterholm On Trump's Indoor Rally: I wouldn't Go If All Four Beatles Were Coming | MSNBC


  1. People would have to be crazy to attend that Rally unless they had a death wish and really want to go to glory!

    1. The people that love trump are willing to give their lives for him even going back home and infect their nearest and dearest , because trump never lies, Covid-19 is fake, the dead doesn’t matter , but has trump defenders say it’s just a flu , one question does the flu leave in the most horrendous pain ?

    2. @Moscow Mitch I know, that’s why I said it! It’s like he’s mocking them and because their to stupid, they can’t see it! PATHETIC

    1. The Spring Break and early re-opening lessons aren’t landing so I doubt future lessons will have any effect.
      Unless drastic. I see what you’re saying.

    2. @Googol The lesson would be how a few infected individuals are able to infect thousands with relative ease.

      I’m no fan of the President, but it baffles me that the Secret Service is allowing him to go there without protection or mandating attendees to wear masks. It’s criminal negligence.

    3. @Mackenzie Blair : Yeah … drastic.

      This virus moves with the seasons, that’s why the southern hemisphere is being hit hard now. With a well organized global effort this knowledge would’ve been a strategic advantage.

      Alas, things are driven by politics and economics, not the prosperity of all, and the summum of that is in full display in the US as we speak.

      The lesson will be hard .. but we’re not there yet. The system needs this shock to put us in place.

    1. Expect the fake news media to be harassed for wearing masks. Expect these enraged idiots to try and tear off masks.

    2. @Crystal Giddens just like your head! I bet you are a pro wrestling fan and you think it is real.

    1. Nah, no one deserves covid. But a lot of those day drunk boomers who attend the Tulsa rally are gonna get it. That’s what dropping out of high school does for you.

    1. I thought the left wanted all Trump supporters dead. Trying to shut down rallies is proof the virus is FAKE – like the news.

  2. He took an oath of office to serve and protect the people. Why isn’t anyone talking about that. As far as I’m concerned this makes him a traitor to his country when he’s willing to sacrifice his own people for a rally.

    1. I thought the left wanted all Trump supporters dead. Trying to shut down rallies is proof the virus is FAKE – like the news.

    2. @G
      So if the virus is fake, why did Trump shutdown the economy, restrict flights in and out of the country, force companies to make PPE’s and ventilators, had live corona virus briefings/mini 2 hour Trump rallies everyday etc.
      You’re insinuating that 116,000 people didn’t really die, they’re alive and well or that there is no virus, just fake news right?
      I don’t think the left want Trump supporters to die, just to see common sense but barring that, they all should go to that Trump rally, no mask, no social distancing, hug, shake everyones hand and just breathe. Stay there with Trump for about 3 weeks. As many people as can fit, standing room only. Grease the fire marshalls hand with $130,000 hush money and get all Trump supporters inside. He said he had 200,000 requests to attend, I’m sure they could get as many as 500,000 of his supporters inside.

    3. thereal eht543 No one is waiting in line to get on the trump train. Yes, trump’s cult will follow him no matter what he does, but no Democrats, or reasonable adults in general are watching this tragic circus and thinking where can they get one of those red hats. However, traditional country before conman republicans won’t be supporting trump in November.

  3. One good thing about Trump…provides great entertainment for the rest of the world. Also I love watching and listening to his stupid supporters. Classic reality tv.

  4. If they like it I love it, the only sad part about it is that these people will bring it back to the rest of us……. VOTE

  5. About to see a demonstration of natural selection.. By people who don’t believe in evolution..

    1. This comment made my day! So correct. But they will say it was god’s will. So in their parallel universe everything will be just alright.

  6. If his supporters can’t vote because they got the Convd19, then he will have another reason to call foul play on the election. That it was rigged by the Convd19

  7. Coughing , sneezing , hysterical cheering and people sweating and sitting close to you , saliva and mucus of thousands of people floating around , what can ever go wrong ?

    1. Consider that this will not only be dangerous for rally goers. But dangerous for, non-mask wearing, Trump.

    2. I wonder will he be in a plastic screened box. He’s famously germaphobic, remember when his advisor sneezed in the Oval Office?

  8. Trump: “I take no responsibility. Y’all just come, masks off, sing loud, breathe deep! Best sight ever, by far…”

  9. Beatles? silly you, bad analogy. Situation is more like a colossal Turd dropping and flies can’t wait to taste piece of it.

  10. Trump tweeted weeks ago:
    “Liberate Minnesota”.
    Or, stupidity?
    Or, a call to violence?

  11. Can you close your eyes for a moment and visualize that each one of those attending the rally will go back to their families and friends and potentially multiply the contagium exponentially. This little virus loves exponential growth.

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