O'Toole slams 'partying' Trudeau on campaign stop 1

O’Toole slams ‘partying’ Trudeau on campaign stop


Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole takes aim at Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau during a campaign stop.

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  1. “Every Canadian has met a Justin Trudeau in their lives. Privileged, Entitled & always looking out for #1.”

    1. @Wilner Olivier …. Have not a clue…do you. JT was born into wealth. His father was born into wealth. Not the same as O’Toole who served in the military and then put himself through law school. JT on the other hand never accomplished anything in his life until he got into politics ….which would have been an utter failure if not for the name Trudeau.

    2. @Wilner Olivier … he benefitted from privilege of his father being a politician while he was growing up?……. Erin O’Toole was already an officer in the military when his father was elected as an MPP in Ontario….

    3. @T Dioxin ..if not for his grandfathers money and the name Trudeau, JT would likely be on welfare as well….lower middle class at best

    1. Ya businesses that create jobs, enable wealth should pay for everything and then some.
      They’re paying their fair share and more.
      What’s your big contribution. Besides going to work for somebody you hate?

    2. That tax break would have been great, but unfortunately that tax break money now has to go towards paying for the ego stroking liberal election.

    3. How about something for singles that have no dependent tax deductions and have to pay rent too? They are always taxed disproportionately to begin with and use the least amount of government services. Is it always about families or are singles entitled to qualify life too?

    1. Sadly I don’t think he will get booted… too much support for PPC taking away from the Cons. Obviously the PPC support is not enough for them to win but just enough to cost the election for the Cons. Sad.

    1. Sometimes its not the same thing, with some politicians – who say one thing in french and sometimes something else in english.

    1. Ya way better to vote for O’Toole … ‘O’ stands for OLD …an OLD TOOL with tired useless ideas. Trudeau is ahead for lack of intelligent opposition.

    2. @DaxTrudeau is not ahead now…Look at the results of the recent Nova Scotia provincial election..one can only hope the rest of Canada can see through Mr. Trudeau…an elitist hypocrite.

  2. Beautiful. Its about time the gloves come off and political leaders start calling out what kind of person Trudeau really is.

    1. @Butter Wine you’re kind of desperate if you randomly associate someone you never met with a secret society. Come on, is that the best you can come up with? In that case kindly leave political discussions to the adults in the room.

    1. @Baron Von Blue Eyes Why waste your vote on someone who is insignificant in the election. He should try to become the Conservative leader instead of quitting and weaken the party.

  3. Trudeau would happily dance on the grave of Canadians if it helped his cause or his cronies.
    Then say it was done to stop hate. When he’s the most divisive and hateful person in Canada.

  4. Trudeau calling an early election (2 years before it was required (2023)) in the middle of a so-called “severely dangerous” pandemic, is like a teacher 10 minutes after the morning bell rings saying “class dismissed!” ….and still getting paid the rest of the day for teaching it. (though the silver lining is some radical liberal mp’s might not get their life long golden pensions if they lose!)

    1. He called early election to act now. 95% of lost jobs are recovered. Now it’s time to act fast. And frankly the reforms in Speedo and NDP yelling in fruit market can NOT do the job

    2. @Mr Ed Taking out of the “Andrew Scheer Playbook” as he was known for “Entrapment Tactics” as Justin Trudeau gives him what he wants, but then criticizes him for it.

  5. Remember when Trudeau was partying it up at the G7 without any masks or social distancing?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

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