World's largest carbon capture plant opens in Iceland 1

World’s largest carbon capture plant opens in Iceland


This plant in Hellisheidi, Iceland, is one of 15 direct air capture plants operating worldwide. It captures more than 9,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Scientists view direct air capture as an important way to limit global warming and the team behind the new Icelandic plant is already building a new larger plant.

According to the International Energy Agency, global CO2 emissions totalled 31.5 billion tons in 2020.

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  1. How many plants do we need to build to capture 10 billion tones of carbon? What is the long term effect of sticking this mineralized carbon in the ground, 10 billions tones of it?

    1. @john hodgson we don’t know that, that’s just your guess. If this is what we need to do yearly to keep living the way we are. Most likely a better way is to change the was industry works. We have the technology.

    1. It’s still in the testing phase. It’s far from close to mainstream. Relying on this to save the planet now, it like someone trying to fix an amputation with a bandage. Maybe in 10 years this will be able to launch full scale and this plant will be Obsolete and useless.

  2. So why No Coverage on the Carbon Capture in Saskatchewan – because Trudeau pays you not to cover that. Trudeau hates Western Canada and we reciprocate.

    1. @MacIver Lantz lol..Since humans started cutting down forests, 46 percent of trees have been felled. Forests cover about 30 percent of Earth’s land surface, while accounting for 50 percent of plant productivity. Do you actually believe trees pose a threat to planet earth? Lol… unbelievable!

  3. All that to save 790 cars worth of emissions. More than 10 times that many cars came off the assembly line just today!

    1. Absolutely so, . Let’s see all the math as it relates to the Earth’s entire atmosphere. A 2 billion dollar attempt in Saskatchewan hasn’t worked

    1. Really – stick with the gist of the story and run with that. Dissecting a negative and like every thing along comes Mary Poppins and bam let’s sweat the little things.

    1. None it is geothermal thus the location Iceland ? that’s why they went to university and became professors ,keep flipping those burgers and pretending your the clever one in the room.

    1. It’s run by geothermal energy that would have been wasted so it doesn’t offset the capture. That’s why geothermal landscapes or deserts are the best place to put them

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