1. All these politicians don’t like being asked hard questions I can’t come up with solid answers and a beat around the bush. Sounds like none of them know what they’re doing and that shows me complete incompetence.

    1. If they’re liberal it’s because they don’t know the answers. They don’t care about data in fact. They live in a world of fiction.

    1. Not well done. At all. He cut off just one her diatribes and let her ramble and ramble and ramble with her nothingness. If he had any respect for himself or his profession, he’d have disconnected. “Ok…I see you are not going to answer questions…bye”. Instead he thanks her for deigning to drop in

  2. Ottawa better get our manufacturing sector in order an perhaps partner woth some automakers across the pond to fill in where the Americans will be leaving holes.

  3. This lady hasn’t said a single useful piece of information….sounds just like some else who does the same!

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