Ottawa gave ‘unclear information’: Qualtrough on CERB claims


  1. Canadians must open there eyes Justin and his liberal government are unfit to govern. And must be removed as soon as possible. Justin and his liberal government have no idea what’s happening or what to do ….completely lost do to incompetence.

    1. wrong!!!! they know exactly what they are doing if you cant see that you are lost once you understand the nature of the beast you understand your enemy

    1. Or look at their academic history. I’ve never heard of a teacher grading you by looking you in your eyes lmao.

  2. So my wife is an artist and runs a home-based business as a sole proprietor. Her GROSS earnings in 2019 were greater than the $5,000 threshold for earnings to qualify for CERB, but her NET earnings put her below $5,000. We called CRA and asked for clarification and were told it was based on NET earnings, therefore, my wife didn’t apply for CERB.
    It’s kinda logical that if your annual income was hovering around the $5,000 threshold, why would you qualify for $2,000 a month of free money, no?
    So now, if you received the CERB benefit and shouldn’t have received it, you don’t have to pay it back??? How is that fair… and more importantly, where can she sign up? That money in our household would go a long way, given that she hasn’t been able to DO her business since all of her shows and events have been cancelled since March 2020! She still had operating expenses to cover during that time…

    1. You did the right thing, in no universe should anyone expect 280% more than the year without Covid – expecting $14,000 when in a normal year earning less than $5,000 is insane.
      Ottawa does not have a magic piggy bank – ultimately the $6Billion will cost in programs, taxes and interest for your kids, my kids and their kids, on top of the $400Billion so far.

  3. Such a incompetent government. Canada is going to be in a very hard place once Blackface and friends are done.

  4. Another example of how inefficient governments are…if they were self employed they wouldn’t last a week😂

    1. She is albino and is a highly intelligent. You may not agree with the politics but attacking someone personally is unnecessary.

  5. Until Quebec & Ontario have decided they’ve had enough of this crap nothing will change for the rest of the voters in Canada.

  6. I like how nobody mentions how we just printed the money for all the cerb checks and somehow we haven’t seen gross inflation of our prices of goods/services. Taxes haven’t gone up

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