It’s unlikely Trump will be found guilty, here’s why he’s being impeached anyway | Madan explains


    1. @Nathan Veldman Yes the precedent that a former-president, now-citizen is still responsible for what they did as president. How shocking.

    2. @Scott Dolmang Something that his cultists in the house and senate refuse to issue? Shocking that the right is totally corrupt! lmao

    3. @Raynus 1 Oh yes, they are definitely going to be demanding the guy who tore their country apart, tanked their economy and presided over 400k+ covid deaths should return. You’re not unhinged, at all!

    4. @Shadow Warrior The only reason trump isn’t a dictator is because America still has checks against that and a democrat party willing to enforce them. Much to your dismay, we’re sure.

  1. Did he say “urging his supporters to go out and STORM the capital” ? If I remember correctly, Trump said to “I know you will march to the capitol, peacefully and patriotically, make your voices heard”. Not the same thing

    1. @E K hahahahaha… Yeah… You realize it’s the democrat activist who go to homes and scream and threaten at them all night… Just ask Holly and Paul.

    2. @M T Yeah MT you totally know what your talking about, how long have you been in senate? What does Mitch Mcconnell like for dinner?

  2. When you have third world elections, other aspects of the third world are soon to follow. Things like show trials and much, much more.

    1. LOL, no silly. The trial is in REACTION to “third world” tactics (like that pesky insurrection attempt where your side got humiliated). Glad I could help 🙂

    1. ​@Dapper Canuck um, YES. And YES, you’re right too! Court can refer to the senate because in this case, the senate represents an institution which can adjudicate legal disputes.

    2. @E K their are many ways to fight including legally. And I’m Canadian this is a state Canadian Broadcaster.

    1. yeah, how do they think those Federal employees or Police officers felt when BLM were trying to burn down police stations and court houses? Suddenly when it happens to their work place they care. 🤷‍♂️

    1. Wasn’t FBI behind Jan. 6, saw video with commentary, looked badly acted. Trump had nothing to do with that at all, distraction for something, but what. And the orange hats at the barriers. Naw, all a set up.

  3. “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard,” – Trump inciting bad things

    1. You need to have everything written down, in exact detail for you to understand anything?
      What a sad life you must live.

    2. @CannedEnd 89 bro wake up, Trump never incited anything even remotely close to violence. He litteraly said peacefully so many times in his speech. It is not his fault for what happened at the Capitol

    3. @Chris Hudson Ah yes, the right and “evidence”, two things that totally go together. Just like all that evidence of election fraud, eh?

    4. @Joel So it’s not his fault that almost 200,000 thousand Americans died from Covid-19 after he repeatedly played the virus down.
      Massive loss of jobs, after giving his rich friends even richer paychecks, letting them get away with soo much more stuff.
      His constant message that the election was stolen from, and leading to the logical conclusion that his base could “give it back to him”
      If you can’t understand what he’s done to the country, you need to wake up, because you’ve drunk the coolaid.

  4. C’mon there wee just massive riots just a few months ago in democratic run cities but NO mention on any democrat fearing for their lives….WTF

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