Ottawa will unveil first budget since 2019 on April 19

Michel Boyer has more on the announcement that Ottawa will unveil a federal budget on April 19, the first since 2019.


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  1. I wonder how many billions of tax payers money has disappeared overseas while not addressing problems here?

  2. Let me look into my crystal ball…. more spending, more taxes, more handouts to Liberal-friendly corporations.

  3. Probably another “modest” deficit. I think we should lower the voting age to -25 years old because that generation will still be paying for it so they should have a say on how fucked they want to be.

  4. This is why you don’t hire based on sex and colour, instead of experience and qualification. She a bloody ex reporter not a finance officer.

  5. budgets like, just totally balance themselves, especially when blowing billions of your taxpayer’s money in your latest billion-dollar scandal.

  6. I can sum up the budget easily. We’re screwed. A large percentage of Canadian businesses will never reopen. Billions unaccounted for. The Canadian federal debt that took 153 years to accumulate was doubled in 1 year. But we’re racist or something & we best pay our carbon tax. The end.

  7. trudeau will try to force an election by pissing off all the opposition with this budget guarenteed.

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