Ottawa won’t share details on Afghan refugees due to security reasons: Mendicino

Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino says the federal government won't share details on the numbers and whereabouts of Afghan refugees who landed in Canada yesterday and those who will arrive later to protect the evacuees and the security of the operation.

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  1. Better hope they are screened well. All it takes is one bad apple to convince Canadians they need them out of the country for Canada’s security and the security of every canadian

    1. @wake up Canada you know these are specifically afghans that helped our military right? Imagine being this unpatriotic and such a pathetic excuse for a canadian

    1. Ya, but they’re likely to get in again. Canada is doomed. Thank you cities and Atlantic Canada.

    2. @Vexus Xenos When conspiracy theories come true, why don’t you guys ever admit wrong?

      Because of a philosophy of narcissism born from a perverse view of reality when blaming everyone is paramount over any sort of humility and accountability (Cretins refer to acts of humility as weakness), you do not.

  2. Canada never learn from the bad experience of European countries. Why these refugees wont go to wealthy Arab countries?

    1. Same reason our economy is being wrecked so bad that work is hard to find for the average person and wages are not capable of supporting life unless they are public sector wages. Dictatorships thrive on chaos. It keeps the proles occupied.

  3. Hate to say it neighbors but you’re going to have to get down and dirty to end this broadway show. You think I kid but Im far from trying to crack a joke.

  4. The like to dislike ratio on every single Canadian news outlet is insane. It’s been this way for years now. It doesn’t even bother them in the slightest. They just think we’re a bunch of jabronis who need to be re-educated.

    1. Mmhmm nothing to do with astroturfing…

      Ita so strange that conservatives never realize they are outnumbered so badly that it takes three major parties splitting the vote to give them even a chance of a right wing party winning an election…

  5. I love how dumb some of the reporters are. 23 minutes in, after being told why they can’t release any specific numbers, a reporter asks for the details of what’s been explicitly stated can’t be released for their own safety.

  6. Send them all to the south border of the USA. All could get in.
    You could not accept all the world’s refugees. Opening the borders like the USA is a wrong decision.

  7. O’toole and postmedia flunkies including Brian Lilley and Rex Murphy will make up something to complain about

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