1. What an irony country with 40 million people is begging for money allaround the world for entire year. Ukraine couldnt last even month without supplies from EU, it just keeps begging and begging and no one even looks after the money that goes there, they are obviously stealing money as they did for 30 years.

  1. Six months for the F-16 training is what I estimated too. But I’ve heard Ukrainian pilots, of which there aren’t many, started training on simulators many months ago already. This should shorten the training time significantly, I believe. Also, the earlier the training starts, the sooner Ukraine can field these jets, and the sooner the war ends, lowering the number of casualties on both sides.

    1. @User User It doesnt matter that you cant understand…by now everyone sees what a total fukwit you are….of course Ukraine is bombing russia with paper planes.. according to you of course! fuknut! In reality…Ukraine never lost a plane on the ground in the first week. They were not even in Ukraine…dikhead russian troll!

    2. @Pai M Idunno. They are unfortunate people born into a regime that brainwashed them into supporting atrocities in Ukraine. The human brain is a very fragile thing. Anybody could be in their place. Russia absolutely needs to be defeated, but Russians need to be reeducated, the same way Germans were after WW2, not killed.

    3. @Ricky Hunter Ukraine has enough pilots to man the rather few aircraft they inherited from the Soviet regime. They don’t have hundreds of pilots trained on fighter jets, to be able to replace crews with ease.

    4. @Neal White Two years, I’m suppose, is for completely green volunteers. I expect it to take significantly less for pilots already having gained battlefield experience on other jets.

  2. Thing is, people were saying the same thing about F16 (training taking too much time for it to be useful) already 6 months ago. If we had given those planes to Ukraine back then, UA would have completed the entire training by now.

    1. @Mark M I agree, nobody is going to send the F-35 ‘s or F22’s. F- 16 ? , Maybe.
      The Typhoon is a good aircraft yes. Don’t know the Gripens . Google here i come 😂

    2. @Mark M What makes the Gripen special?
      Gripen E has the powerful GE F414G engine, great range and the ability to carry an impressive payload with its ten hard-points. It also has a new AESA-radar, InfraRed Search and Track System (IRST), highly advanced electronic warfare and communication systems..
      Looks like a good choice

    3. It is time to scrape up every available SU-25 and MIG 29 left in Europe and beyond for use to help the brave people of Ukraine. Thousands were produced. It is time to think outside the box. Why the fear of provoking Putin’s Russia. He is already hell bent on destroying Ukraine and if successful, others in eastern Europe.

    4. @User User Yes. Another thing about the Gripen is it only needs 400 meters of runway to take off and 500 to land. That’s extremally short for a bird of its capability and the runway doesn’t have to be all that good. It might be possible to deploy Gripens pretty far forward but I’m not sure. It’s easy to work on and it’s easy to maintain, relatively easy anyway. For Ukraine it’s a good choice but I don’t think it’s the only choice or should be the only bird. The Typhoon is a beast and it has supper cruse capability, this greatly extends its area of control. It’s over there and very quickly it’s over here and its maneuver envelope is, well; something a lot more than impressive. The F-15e is a truck…I can’t believe I’m saying that but it’s the truth, the Strike Eagle can haul about 1.5 times more than the Gripen. And once you punch everything off the Eagle’s wings it’s OMG fast.

      BTW somebody needs to talk to Moldova. 😉

    5. @Mark M The Gripen sounds a very good option with tat short takeoff ,even roads could be used as runways just cut down and telephone poles etc so the wings have clearance . Maybe refueling and rearming could be made mobile so they could meet anywhere they can land .
      I have seen the Typhoons doing escort work with RAF flights going to the UAE so yes , they have good range on them and theyare very agile .
      The F-15 might be a bit of a truck but it does not have to get to close with what it can carry, fire off what it is carrying and get clear fast. Most of Ukrainian airspace is now more or lass ” safe ” so as long as there are no friendly fire incidents it could work . Someone suggested that the planes could go to Poland and or Romania for service but that would be looked on by Russia as a direct NATO involvement and thats a big no no.
      I think Moldova knows exactly where it stands and would help if at all possible but they have a very small army and Russia has troops in Transnistria and i have no doubts that if Moldova did get involved then Russia would start to use those troops there . Moldova has been helping with allowing equipment to pass through its territory after being delivered to an airport in southern Romania but it seems to have dried up, not sure why . Maybe the route has been made unusable . Blackhawk helicopters down in that area quite a lot maybe assisting with supplies in some way .
      Moldova has aprox 6.500 soldiers but i dont know about equipment levels , type . Probably older stuff . Russia has aprox 1,700 and probably better equipped . The good news is that Russia can not put more on the ground there , it is totally locked and Moldova is not letting them rotate even if there was a way to . The only route they have is from the Black sea and having to cross a par of Ukrainian airspace

    1. @Sveta ” Sveta

      Joined 16 Feb 2023 ”
      пожалуйста, соблюдайте тишину

    2. @David Welch u sound like another Hitler, maybe u can help your friend Putin with his military tactics, Hitler thought he knew more than his generals also. We’ll see how it turns out 6 months from now, it’s only been a year already fighting a small country.

    3. @Sveta of u don’t reply in English, forgot about it, & Russia also. It’s only been a year fighting a small country. Good luck burying a bunch of men from prison that your society don’t care about about anyway & untrained, no discipline, no leadership so they might as well die instead of going back to prison.

  3. 1:41 – The brave pilot, putting his life on the line every single day, is confused by the question, if he has any fear. This is the definition of courage. Give Ukraine Jets and Helicopters

    1. @David Morris II unfortunately, if you’re 15 years old or more, have legs and arms, you don’t get to stay home. Zelenskyy’s clown police posse will rip you right out of your house and put you on the front line.

    2. Courage is not the absence of fear. It’s not letting fear stop you. I support Ukraine and hope this viscous war ends soon. But everyone has fear in warfare. Bravery in the face of that fear .. that’s the definition of courage. People who act / think otherwise are dangerous, and likely to get themselves and their compatriots hurt .. or worse.

  4. Very brave men indeed – fighting Russian aggression is their incentive. Long may they succeed 🙏
    Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦❤️🇺🇦

    1. @HilarityBribo 🇷🇺 😂🤣😂
      Keep living in cloud cuckoo land Olga
      Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦❤️🇺🇦

  5. Little known fact, they have to use transport helicopters in order to be able to carry the pilots giant balls. Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦

  6. To this day,the Ukrainians are still so determined to defend their country at all costs. How admirable ! How amazing!. Prayers for your victory.

    1. @JustOneTime exactly!! This is pretty much a Russian Civil War to me. For people to say they want ukrainians to keep fighting for something that’s never going to happen. Says they don’t care about y’all lives.

    2. This jet could be anywhere Poland near border of NATO countries to make this video because doing it on the front line is suicidal and dumb and out of procedure

  7. The ability of Ukrainians to stay positive, optimistic, and extremely brave in the face of such adversity inspires me everyday to do the same. Glory to the heroes of Ukraine, we will always support you. Much respect.

    1. I never new Racist nazis and fascist are Heroes the western media has you all brainwashed into thinking Ukraine is a good nation just look at how the media cover it before the war they opening reported about how racist the country was also just look at the reports coming out of countries taking refugees the amount of racism and trouble they are causing

    2. What choice do they have? Where is their help? Everything they get is less and late, maybe too late. We’ve failed them. If Ukraine falls we don’t lift a finger for the rest of Europe. We let Russia have ALL the Soviet Block countries back. If they can have Ukraine, they can have the rest… why not? Chechnya, Georgia, Croatia…. Ukraine? Poland? Finland better be getting ready for that war again. What a plum East Germany must look right now, just ripe for the oligarchs (that are left) to pluck it. I left out Belarus but they kept their dictator. Ukraine ousted their Russian puppet. 20 years in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ukraine isn’t asking us to fight their fight, they are asking us to help them arm themselves so they can defend against this attack on their right to the freedom and the life they built a long time ago. Not helping Ukraine is a tactical error.

    3. @Shih Tzus Rule Russia would not engage in a open conflict with nato it would be a death sentence for them and they know it the only chance they would have would be China and even then it’s a far stretch Ukraine was not a issue until NATO made it one Russia warned the whole world what was going to happen they didn’t listen

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  8. Outstanding courage. In this war the Ukraine soldier fights for home and people and those who fall can be said to have lived a beautiful and pure life while the invader will just rot.

    1. @Bobby Walker has nothing to do with nato expansion.. due to the fact theres many nato members on Russian borders already and ukraine didnt request nato membership until after russia invaded. And the fact russias actions have caused finland and sweden to request membership means they would have achieved the opposite.. This is for russian expansion. To take ukrainian land and resources. This is been something putin has been wanting to do for a long time now. The whole nato angle is something putin is using to gather support from russians.

    2. Someone who gets shot and has their life ended prematurely after being drafted to fight for Ukraine has lived a “beautiful and pure” life?

      Jesus. People like you are terrifying. Truly terrifying.

    3. @Edgar Kannuba you must be a moron to call me a Russia bot. you are just a fool who only believes what our lying politians and MSM feed you. Pathetic.

  9. As a wannabe pilot who a number of years ago spent hours and hours *trying* to do combat support missions with the Mi-8 in DCS World, I must say these guys are some effin’ talented and brave people. Not that the simulations in DCS are perfect to reality, but from my admittedly limited experience what these guys are doing is the equivalent to driving a 2 ton pickup truck like a Mazda Cup Car. That said the Mi-8 is a brilliant machine though.

    1. @Johnny Anda The channel the video is from is Ukrainian and they go very close to the front lines, brave people.
      ” To stoned” , lucky you 😂

  10. Ukrainians in this horrible war are the most impressive people I ever had the chance to witness. Women and children who had to flee the country are already returning to support their family and country. The people staying there from the beginning are incredible brave and strong willed and still keep their humanity side alive . So different from the Russians fighting in Ukraine and those staying at home hiding behind “What can I do” and “I am apolitical”. SLAVA UKRAINI! And glory to their heroes!

    1. @Yuriy Seliuk democratic meaning u can vote, what else ? – – shooting are daily occurrences in the usa States you lucky to be still alive today – – Usa is a sick country, the fact that is more prosperous than Russia doesn’t make a better place to live in

    2. Personally I think the most incredible people are the ones who managed to escape before zelensky’s draft to hell.

    1. They have no choice but to fight, because they are all forbidden to leave the country and have been drafted to fight.

    2. ​​@Jonathan Stein brave people in the east of Ukraine. Those who suffered 8 years of ethnic cleansing by the Kiev govt.

  11. Very brave pilots, i saw a video about them flying in over the black sea to take injured troops and deliver medicines etc to the fighters in bakhmut when they were totally surrounded by the russians, you have to have a very strong heart to do this. Gods speed to them all. They do deserve to get better helicopters and also planes tonhelp them winthis war..

    1. @Bill bob They’re helping defend their country from invading Rusnazis and taking every precaution to stay alive so they can keep contributing under dangerous circumstances. All it takes is one hidden soldier on the ground with some AA and they could be shot down so course flying these sorties is courage.

    2. @Bill bob Of course, here we have Bill bob the internet hero, a sometimes master of online counterpropaganda and unapologetic fighter for lost and amoral causes. I salute you, Sir Bill. To fight the truth, in the hills and on the beaches, never will you surrender your unsound beliefs.

      Your kind is becoming rarer by the day. Soon, your types will be but an unpleasant aftertaste in the collective civilised world.

    1. They are firing at an enemy and then dodging any returning fire as fast as the can. Survival of your personnel and equipment.
      Clueless keyboard warriors are obvious.

    2. NATO wants the Nazi regime in Ukraine to send everyone to this bloodbath. As soon as the US and NATO stop arming the Zelensky clown and move their troops away from Russia’s borders, the war will end.

    3. @Old Bagira It’s that kind of thinking that let Hitler take over so much of Europe without a fight.
      “Just capitulate!” they said, “Just avoid the fight, no bloodshed, and it will all be fine!”, they said.
      Yeah… and how’d that turn out?
      Bullies need to be dealt with asap. So go home putin stooge, history has heard your message before, and it still stinks.

    4. @Old Bagira war will end with all russians dead if this keeps on going

  12. It takes courage to cross a street in Manhattan. The Ukrainian Pilots have “ice” running through their veins. I have so much respect for the entire Ukrainian Forces, amazing people. Slava Ukraine..

    1. When you see friends and family being murdered by a short man in ruzzia only ice and hate will ran through your veins for putin

    1. What a dumb question. “Are you afraid?’ duh. Of course any human would be afraid in that circumstance. And he was forced to then answer in a way to overlook that fear, by denying it. Most of those pilots probably just don’t want to think about their fear, in order to do their jobs,, which they do regardless. This reporter only forced that pilot to have to revive his fear and have to go through the process again of denying it, in order to go back up

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