‘He could easily destroy us’: See Tucker Carlson’s private text about Trump

The most prominent stars and highest-ranking executives at Fox News privately ridiculed claims of election fraud in the 2020 election, despite the right-wing channel allowing lies about the presidential contest to be promoted on its air, damning messages contained in a court filing revealed. CNN's Sunlen Serfaty reports. #CNN #News


    1. Hey she released the kraken all right …..the lawyers for dominion and smartmatic …….and they’re eating fox news alive.

    1. @Augie Rockero One of the things I always say is check yourself before you say something stupid like a village idiot. I dont think anyone dismissed the smoking gun.

    2. @Mr Rey Great, comrade! We both agree that FOX News is a dangerous lying racist propagandist insurrectionist election denying biased Russian tool! I guess that you will be defecting to the US now that you have been born again! 🤣🤣🤣

    1. @Janpre2001 “Anyone who is that hysterical and angry on a nightly basis on the things he is hysterical and angry about can’t be taken seriously.”
      You also have 100s of comments on this channel which do the same thing, including this one. lol

    2. I hope Jon Stewart runs for president and wins. And then puts a journalistic reform in place where networks like FOX are held accountable for every single on air lie, regarding elections.

    3. @S Alex I’ll bet that nobody can do math better than you. 5 million times 12 (months in a year, in case you don’t know) does not equal 35 million. But we don’t expect anything more from the Right.

    4. Tucker: How did Biden get 15 million more votes than Obama?
      Those 15 million voters: Uh, we cause we voted for Biden.

  1. Tucker: “I can’t believe our smart fans believe these lies….Ok let’s go tell these idiots to believe these lies”

    1. @Pat Doyle Only God Himself can make Tucker and his kind pay for ALL the hurt their lies have caused Americans! And it is A LOT of hurt! Families torn apart all over this country from their stupid election lies!

    2. @Glenn Lienhop
      I think for myself, AND I base it on evidence! Anyone can decide what they believe with their gut and look for something to back it up. And if it goes against what most believe and even the evidence, they feel really special about how well they “think for themselves”. It is part of the lure of conspiracy – you don’t need to be terribly bright, or think too much, but you get to believe that you have special knowledge that the “sheep” don’t.

  2. “That’s the way that it works [in cable news], Oftentimes, people [who work at the network] know where the boundaries are. They know what they’re allowed to say. They aren’t there because they’re talented. They’re there because they are reliable purveyors of whatever it is that network wants to purvey.” – Krystal Ball

  3. Why did they ever think this stuff wouldn’t eventually come out? It might take a bit, but stuff like this always comes out.

    1. @Pat Doyle go read the Dominion conversations, they don’t have a leg to stand on, anything that was claimed by Fox Media hosts, dominion staff actually admit is true in their conversations, but what’s funnier is how bad your memory is, because multiple democrat’s and every media outlet, has said the same things about Smartmatic and Dominion voting machines.
      Remain Gullible and Ignorant.

    2. @Pat Doyle wrong … Here watch this he has plenty of videos of democrat’s in Congress and the Senate and Media Pundits saying the truth about Dominion and Smartmatic.
      Your denial is useless, I can factually support everything I say.

    3. @Pat Doyle love how YouTube deletes posts and link’s
      Go look at Mark Dice video about Tucker being a liar, plenty of videos of democrat’s and media pundits saying how insecure Dominion and Smartmatic voting machines are.

    1. @Jason 1: Very few dems stated that 2016 was fraudulent. Sure there were some but they were not many.

      2: Trump is a THREAT to democracy he always has been and will always be.

      3: Trump will be in prison before to long you can count on that.

      4: Not 1 of Trumps lawsuits has EVER been approved which proves he has no actual evidence of fraud or anything else.

      5: Trump by the words of the Jan 6th committee DID in fact commit fraud and pushed an insurrection. Garland will put that piece of filth in prison and when he does I will f*cking throw a party like no tomorrow.

      6: Trump is guilty on all accounts btw

    2. Fox News, like MAGA and Trump, have absolutely no problem with lying or liars. I just assume that they are lying, and only very extremely rarely do I find out that they aren’t.

    3. @Jeremy Backup almost as good as Biden in an interview back in 97’ “If cnn and msnbc back me I’ll run because their followers don’t care about policies”

  4. Sadly, the only people who will care about the truth are the ones who never brought GQP nonsense in the first place.

  5. The truth always comes out. Those clowns will lose everything, the truth always stand and lies go down to hell like those clowns and their some viewers and the other viewers open your eyes if you have a conscious and a heart, to turn from lies or if not, you will go down, because you choose that for you.

    1. @Joeg 911 ah yes. You have no arguments and therefore have to resort to playground insults. Calling everyone who has another opinion as you a Nancy? How old are you kid?

      I can see on your channel that you have been spending months on putting hate comments all over the CNN videos and that this your alt account. All of it shows the kind person you are. Enough said.

    2. @Hil Milo Snowball But you know what everyone is thinking about…you said it yourself. You should be proud of your super ability. Not everyone possess such gift. Still waiting for that number that I am thinking about! Come on Nancy, you can do it. I have faith in you! You are nothing but a stooge. But then again you already know that ! Period! That beats your “enough said”. Just like Don Lemon said “Google it”….now that Nancy is almost as funny as you!

    1. If Fox had adhered to minimal standards, much would have been avoided. For most folks, “news” is a sort of cloud that hangs around them. And repetition forges minds.

    2. @lurklingX it’ll reach them but their arrogance and shame, that made it possible for them to adore, believe, and pledge allegence to someone like Trump in the first place, will never allow them to admit they were wrong. They cannot admit they were had. That’s how cults work.

  6. These lies tore families apart. Brother to brother. Father to son. Stop talking to each other. Ruin relationships of Friends.

    1. @maniac2079  Early 2021 Chris Licht became the new CEO of CNN and immediately made it clear that he was going to change the network’s direction. One of Licht’s first moves was to embark on what Axios described as a “Capitol Hill diplomacy tour” and others described as a Republican boot-licking tour. Licht met with lawmakers who had become wary of cable news and promised them that CNN was moving away from “alarmist” programming towards more neutral, objective reporting.

      What does that mean in practice? Well, it appears to mean firing anyone who is critical of Donald Trump or Republicans. Last month CNN suddenly axed Brian Stelter’s Sunday show in a move many commentators considered politically motivated; Stelter had been an outspoken critic of Trump and was reviled by many on the right. Earlier this month White House correspondent John Harwood was fired shortly after calling Trump “a dishonest demagogue” on the air.

      So CNN has been ran my a maga (like yourself) since 2021.

      Get new talking points kid

  7. Anyway, it’s clear Tucker thinks his audience is stupid, so why does he keep asking them questions he knows they can’t answer? I think his sole purpose to just to confuse and anger them.

  8. I refuse to ever watch Fox, but I’m guessing they aren’t covering this story, at all. And since their viewers live in their echo chamber, they will never hear about any of this.

  9. “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”
    Thomas Paine
    English-American political activist, writer and revolutionary.

    1. The sad, sick comments of the MAGA, most of whom are just very lonely people with little human contact. They say things so ridiculous in hopes of a response. Yes, they are a sad lot, but in truth, were it not for the anonymity of social media, these are the people who would be screaming in the grocery store parking lot, and we would just walk past them, shaking our heads and thinking, “How sad”

    2. @granola funk Its a good thing that you liked your own post, because no here believes your nonsense. Traitor Trump, Oh, and that stuff Dripping from Trump’s mouth? Putin!

    3. ” Ukraine is a small Country, that is beside a Bigger Country, Russia, the Bigger Country decided to invade the smaller Country” heels up Harris

    4. @bakenumber4 Blood Libels got Je Ws banned from 109 Countries. Learn your History. Read the Franklin Prophecies

  10. The moment we let Kelly-Anne Conway have “alternative facts”..was it..nothing matters anymore. We operate on emotions now, no logic, no reasoning, just pure emotion

    1. @Joe Cancer What is it you like the most about him? Racism? Sexism? Misogyny? Lying? Narcissism? Insults? Criminality? Stupidity?

  11. Those who report the NEWS and Their Executives should be held ACCOUNTABLE for EVERYTHING they spew! It does not matter what Network they work for!

  12. “He could easily destroy us!”
    No, yall are pretty good at it yourselves. We really should stop calling them a news network. They’re a disgrace to real journalism!

    1. @PIPE DOWN now the reason Biden only has a 38% approval rating is even easier. Highest Prices in your lifetime among many more

    2. @Chuck Rambo As long as trump gets no where the white house again unless it’s for a visit or field trip I’m ok.

    3. Carlson and Hannity should both be in jail in my opinion. Inciting chaos, playing the long game. Opinion should also be left out of “news” reporting/journalism.

      Not to mention Rush Limbaugh… At least he can’t spew his biased bs anymore.

    4. @Terrapin Flyer Congress needs to do something about this, free speech and freedom of the press is one thing but they blatantly lied to millions of people causing a uprising and the storming of the capital..It’s benefits Republicans so they don’t want to do anything about it their main focus is Twitter censorship for right-wing nuts.

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