1. If the US is so disappointing to u I hear Turkey is a fantastic place for discouraged US ex-pats. Enjoy the trip and say hey to Orban.

    2. @IYamWhatIYam You go somewhere, how bout that. Bully. We have a right to disagree when our government is in the wrong. It os not supposed to be a dictatorship, no matter how much knuckleheads would wish it to be.

    1. @Daniel G Joe Biden has been president for two years now, almost all of which his party controlled both houses of congress.

  1. Notice the long pauses in her speech! This has been practiced and rehearsed. She’s going so slow I’ve fallen asleep twice😁

    1. It’s how all diplomats speak when they’re being translated into dozens of other languages. They pause to give the translators time to catch up. I switch to 1.5x speed.

    1. @AbyssGnasher No, Russia is not a signatory to the ICC. Neither is USA, oddly enough. Need I point out the hypocrisy there?

    1. @Listen Here I’ve been all over about the name , it’s a lure…..you bit .
      I’ve been cancelled for using Mao, not so much using Stalin.
      What’s in a name ?
      If you fear something , should I ?

    2. DONETSK, February 6. /TASS/. Ukrainian forces used chemical weapons along the Soledar and Artyomovsk frontlines on Sunday, Yan Gagin, an advisor to the Donetsk People’s Republic’s (DPR) leader, told TASS.

      “Unit commanders reported that Ukraine had used chemical weapons along several frontlines, mostly the Soledar and Artyomovsk ones. Some fighters are experiencing severe dizziness, nausea and vomiting,” he said.

    3. Well a lot of people lost their souls 20 years ago then when the US did the exact same thing to Iraq that Putin is doing now.

  2. “We know they are lying.
    They know they are lying.
    They know that we know they are lying.
    We know that they know that we know they are lying.
    And still they continue to lie.”

    ~ Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

    1. @Expendable4 H00 u do know I’m a amateur sedition hunter. I can turn u in to FBI. I think ppl like u should rethink that.

    2. @Brad Mehler yes u r. I’m a amateur sedition hunter. U should abandon trump. Or get picked for sedition and treason.

    3. Becuz when its in the history books in 10 years the only people that will know they were lying will be “conspiracy theorists

  3. I mean, of course but it goes both ways, I’ve seen with my own eyes combat footage of Ukrainian soldiers executing surrendering Russians via firing line, and there’s no lack of footage of this war on the internet so if were going to accuse Russia, then at least be consistent and accuse Ukraine too.

  4. Everything she’s saying is what’s been happening in America for years. Obviously not to this degree all at once, but our recent history of violence shouldn’t be ignored either. Worry about yourself before calling out another country

    1. @Aurora Theodore umm this has been verbatim all over every video covering the MSC… clearly a coordinated spam campaign @youtube

    2. @G H The Russian trollers think that they are making progress. Instead of trolling BS, they should get the F out of Ukraine.

  5. “their actions are an assault on our common values”

    dude worry abt the assault on our common values AT HOME.

  6. We will “support” as long as it supports our military industrial complex to do so, not to mention the rebuilding contracts Black Rcok is already snapping up.

  7. Dear rest of the world,

    We are trying to oust this class off permanent politicians that have been in power in our country for way too long.


    Sane Americans

  8. Republic of Moldova is simply the eastern half of Romania’s Moldova region (which is much larger), invaded by USSR in 1940, thus drawing Romania in WW2 on the Axis side. But the official language in Republic of Moldova is still Romanian! 82% of its population is Romanian and speaks Romanian as it’s mother tongue. They study “ROMANIAN language and literature” and “History of ROMANIANS”l as compulsory subjects in Moldovan schools. In fact, Principality of Moldova became in 1859 a founding member of Romania when it decided to unify with Wallachia, under a MOLDOVAN prince! About 50% of the population of Republic of Moldova have applied for and received Romanian citizenship, arguing that their forefathers have lost it unjustly during Soviet occupation. Not only does Republic of Moldova and Romania have the same flag, but they had the same anthem as well until 1994!

  9. By definition, crime against humanity is a deliberate act, typically as part of a systematic campaign, that causes human suffering or death on a large scale. In order to prevent it, one should conduct a war in quick and clean manner as possible. Only terminate what need to be nulled. Should there is a collateral damage, that is should be a collateral damage. Not a deliberate act.

    1. @billy rubin Hi. Thanks. This one I still don’t understand. If it is a deliberate act, what is the purpose?. Terminate civilians, make human suffering, have only a very small effect to the progress of the war. The benefit does not worth the effort.

    2. @Bud Bas When Hitler had the Jews and millions of other civilians killed that was not for military purposes, it was part of his great goal: to eliminate these populations and thus allow for colonization.

    3. How does termination of a Mariupol theatre full of women and children, with the word “children” displayed in Russian massively on the roof, advance the war in a quick and clean manner? You can’t even argue that it was meant to cow the Ukrainians into submission and incite a surrender, because it was more than clear by that point that such a surrender is never going to come.

  10. A great speech and loud applause indeed, but, frankly, F-16s would help “judicial process in Ukraine” and the serving [of] justice more than this and the 140 UN votes. Iran is not giving a bird about “possible further escalation” when supplying arms to Russia, but the US does. Being “proud to be [the] partner in [the] noble pursuit” [17:10] is indeed crucially important for the whole world security, no question; yet it gives Ukraine little air superiority. 10 months too late with the MBT, 12 months and counting too late with the multirole capability fighter jets. Our good ol’ friend Iraq has two squadrons of the F-16s [P. Iddon, Forbes, 2022-01-26], while Ukraine doesn’t, and, per the US’ position held today, shouldn’t. “When future generations look back at this moment, they will see” etc. [16:50] Yes they will.

  11. I feel so good to have someone of Harris’ intelligence as VP. Brilliant speech. She is tough, smart and human with empathy for all.She would make a very good, experienced President…

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