Outrage as Floyd Green, Councillor Toast at Party | JLP Floyd Green Resigns 1

Outrage as Floyd Green, Councillor Toast at Party | JLP Floyd Green Resigns


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  1. One rule for the poor and a different rule for their friends and company. Nothing is new with this flip flop Government. Anju ongle know fi run social media and not hold his cabinet members

  2. Andrew was at a party too the other day so he was not setting example either. It don’t matter when the party keep him fi leave.

    1. Green is a very good MP that’s what matters the most! Jamaica the home of hypocrites JLP still a class act. Yall can’t change my mind from my party with y’all hypocrite self. Back when PNP was in power no one was ever hold accountable for any actions. But now all rules are to be held up. Which I don’t have a problem with.

  3. Resign we need him an him friends dem to be arrested for breaking disaster management risk act an the lock down curfew,,the man should be fired

    1. They arrested my cousin’s husband that was on vacation in Jamaica locked up in a bar with the owner and her son. The police kicked off the door and arrested all 3 of them. Poor people should take notice

    2. @Ivet Miller that’s going on around here only poor people everything comes down on not politicians an rich people

  4. Mr. Green’s party escapade must definitely signal the death of ‘No Movement Days’. Anyway, I am not any more outraged by Green’s actions than I would be had it been any other minister or top level official. ‘Two Jamaicas’ – This is how we roll..how we’ve always rolled!

  5. It’s nothing new. As I will always say Corruption starts at the top , ends at the bottom. No top No Corruption.

    1. Most definitely. Floyd is not setting a good example for the Jamaican people at all. Not even the prime minister himself, one of those responsible for the number of cases we see today.

    2. Labour party government noh, both political parties are cut from the same cloth, they all practice the same corrupt politics.
      “Political power married to corruption and criminals’.

  6. Floyd Green is the one that was recorded whose video went viral..This is how politicians along with the upper class behave as the lower class must watch with anger and envy having been denied basic human rights..

  7. So you realized you were wrong when you got caught. If the video was not out you would have continued. Pure disrespect from enuh

  8. so basically he admitted that this party was on a no movement day! In that case, all other members that are of political relations seen in the video should either be charged/ fined and or resign too.

  9. The JCF needs to find out who attended this party, then go to their homes or place of work and arrest and charge each and everyone of them, just like how they arrested an ordinary individual for breaking DRM protocols.

    1. @0v0 Dashawn Are you a troll, or is it you never heard of disaster risk management (DRM) or you just plain stupid, did ever attended school.

  10. Not his first time breaking the rules, just the first time getting caught!
    Plus, resignation doesn’t mean that his employer found grounds for dismissal and let him go, means he went on his own accord, plus he remained humble and accepted his wrong doing without argument….so shall we give it 3 months for him to be back in a seat in government

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