'Outrage of the highest order': Chorus for Trump to be impeached 1

‘Outrage of the highest order’: Chorus for Trump to be impeached


Former U.S. ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman with Rick Wilson, Robert Moore and Annie Bergeron-Oliver discuss the Capitol Hill storming.

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    1. @Matthew plays PC because the governer was repeatedly denied.. he tried for a couple hours to get them but needed permission from the president himself.

    2. The lack of security is not a big mystery. Donald Trump used all his presidential influence upon the administration to undermine all the initiatives of any responsible to increase security. In situations like this you need since the start the support of the national guard managing the outside perimeter but this is one support that wouldn’t be available during the planning because of Trump’s veto.

    3. There’s plenty of security at the capital, didn’t you see the army of cops that were at the memorial for the BLM protests? The problem isn’t a lack of security, it’s an inconsistent use of it.

    4. If Trump and his supporters are so dangerous… They should’ve seen it coming… Why did they leave some poor Paul Blart agent alone during this entire riot? Because they knew for a fact that this would generate enough chaos to be able to talk about it for the next 20 days until Joe Biden is officially called the next president. They knew Trump was on something big, they had to silence him. How do you burry something? By putting something even bigger on top of it.

    1. @Allan Allan No need to panic because there’s gonna be an enormous amount of deaths very soon and wooo I can’t wait

    1. @Anne Druoid yeah how dare an outsider tell career politicians how to dictate to the world… the democrats know everything because they are the party who made the jim crow laws and the 1994 crime bill

  1. This was planned and all levels of government were recruited to ensure that it all took place exactly as it did! There needs to be real consequences based on this incident and it must not just be allowed to unfold! That’s why it got this far! America is a joke in the world!

  2. Going through something likely and needs time away he’s too close to whatever he’s thinking he needs a change.

  3. Make a mockup of a giant McDonald’s Playland at the front gates of a Max security prison and drive Trump there.
    It will take care of itself.

  4. Where was the security, where was the back up and how did they know where the offices of the officials were? Too many “?” Very shady.

  5. Democrats fail to see their own role in all of this anarchy. Always pushing blame. What are they going to do when they can’t blame Trump for everything…

  6. The guy with the fur hat & horns blows my mind. Does he not own a mirror? If I saw that looking back at me I’d be wee bit tempted to call a therapist. I bet his mom makes him move out of her basement after this.

    1. They actually did a short interview with his mom and turns out she might be the cause (or at least an enabler) of his son’s craziness

    1. There’re still Americans with sanity but their voices were drowned out by the ever so vocal village idiots

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