‘Outrageous’: Don Lemon reacts to Florida book law championed by DeSantis

Efforts are underway in Florida counties to comply with a law championed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis that requires the approval of books in classroom libraries, leaving some teachers feeling fearful and confused. #CNN #News


    1. @Mister Alias You could have easily posted a list of 5 books that are examples for books that are removed from schools. Author, Title. This is all I wanted to prove. You still could, instead you are making a great effort to avoid this. Why?

    2. @Julia Richter , what in the world are you talking about? I was asked to show proof of the writing materials and I gave you the keyword searches so you can check the sources yourself. And I was asked to show proof of people found pornographic material. The names of the books are with the keyword searches. Duh. And I mean duh. Like a big duh. 😂

    3. @Julia Richter and why didn’t I post book names? Because you really could use the practice in verifying sources, seeing as you posted misinformation from last year. 😜

    4. @Mister Alias It is really hard to get it, isn’t it? I did not post to give a list of the books ( I obviously would not include a list made by Barnes and Nobles), but to show that it is possible to post a list of books/copy and paste of comments on this lists on youtube for everybody to see. Again: Why don’t you just give us the names of 5 books that are removed because they contain pornography instead of telling us that you wrote about this in your “censored” comments?

    5. @Julia Richter , you’re… not very bright, are ya? Have fun with… whatever circular reasoning your stuck in. I’m going to go be productive and leave the dishonest trolls to swing their clubs beneath their bridges.

    1. This is probably another case of DeSantis passing an unconstitutional law. Gets overturned in court. Wastes more taxpayers money.

    2. @Mrvls Mrv Hitler did the same thing. And the books were burned. The only alternative, if the parent is a responsible parent, get talking books or download them. To think people want deathsantis for president!!.

  1. 54% of adults have a literacy below 6th grade level. So of course these adults should decide what the children can or cannot read. sigh.

    1. Any whacko can make up the curriculum any way they like, teaching anything they like, and the parents or governor should have no say at all… Got it.. And you wonder why so many folks think liberals are flat out nuts….

    2. Is that U.S. statistics? If so,wouldn’t surprise me. Just shows the majority of the general public is dumb.

  2. I would bet at least 80% of the parents who support this would freak out if the banned the Bible from the library because lets be honest there are some pretty adult stuff in there.

    1. Hey fool… just keep voting for democrats so YOUR children will get what is comming to them because of YOUR vote! lol

    2. A parent in Florida was successful in getting a book filled with more violence, murder, rape, and incest than any of the books that school district had already banned. You guessed it. It was the Bible. The school board published a list of the issues that would get a book removed, and the board’s published policy stated it would ban any book if it contained one issue from that list. The Bible contained several. I was surprised the board stood by their own policy, but I also think most boards don’t like book banning. What’s good for the goose…

    3. Parents in all the districts (or whatever organizational level this is happening at) need to file complaints about the Bible.

    1. @Faux Que if that’s true WHY would a governor F with the state’s high ranking by driving teachers OUT of the profession. Fl has the largest teacher shortage 4k in the country and that number is growing every day. Florida’s education system is ranked soooo high but can’t find teachers?! That doesn’t make sense even on your Earth 2.

    2. @Beau R Lesson one of being a troll: Variety

      Now, you’ve shown you’re complete lack of imagination and intelligence by constantly talking about groomers. On a side note, a part of me wonders if you’re the groomer around here, or perhaps you’re fighting urges and are asking for help.

      Anyway, variety. If you’re unable to come up with new material during each reply, your ability to troll diminishes further and further. You have to switch it up. One of the things you could do would be to talk about liberal policies that are apparently glorified handouts. This would make you look at least partially conservative, since conservatives hate all social programs besides social security and Medicare.

      You could also potentially make a comment about liberals supposedly pushing “woke” agendas. The issue here, is that your lack of intelligence would prevent you from properly describing what “woke” is. Unless you started regurgitating whatever Faux News told you to believe, that is. Whenever Faux opens their mouth, however, they peddle baseless bs. I know that’s your bread and butter, but you have to come up with something else if you want to be an effective troll. Constantly speaking about grooming kids is lazy and just puts the suspension on you. 🤔

    3. Audrey,
      I haven’t heard anyone turning down the raise. So it must be a big deal for many educators 👍🏿🙏🏿💯

  3. I know this won’t happen, because of felony charges, but it’d be great if all the teachers could band together and keep the books. Then as thousands of educators are arrested each and brought to court it would reflect on the idiocy of this governor.

    1. someone needs to take it through the court systems all the way to the Supreme Court.
      I know it is “right” controlled, but if the Supreme Court goes the wrong way on this decision it would be throwing even more ice-cold water on the country and hopefully wake up the people that think it is still okay to side with White Christian Nationalists, Neo-Nazis, and White Supremacists … because if you side with Trumpians (including DeSantis) … that is who you are siding with.
      A far as I am concerned, if you side with White Christian Nationalists, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, and Trumpians to overthrow the American government and society, you are a threat to America and what it stands for – you have made yourself Anti-American and just as much of a threat to America as the Axis during World War 2.

    1. Not assigned by a teacher. You are correct though but thats where the parents come in…………hopefully

    2. 77 people just said, they already have access the inappropriate stuff so who cares what they see at school…😳 no wonder things are going down hill fast.
      I’m glad a few people are smart enough not to give up on our children.

  4. these book ban advocates are same parents who wouldn’t recognize their kid’s math or science book if you smacked them in the head with it.

    1. @Henry W Yeah the beatles and elvis presley was the devil religious people sade. Same Mentality as the Religios people in IRAN and ISIS.

    2. @Henry W You’re right. I wonder how long this conservative BS lasts? The young people are tired of this too

    3. @Masters of the universe It will past until young adults start showing up to vote. If 80% of those 18-30yo voted, in 6 years, over 2/3 of both chambers of Congress would be Democrat. Young voters are far more likely to vote Democrat but only 12-14% even vote. They have the largest number of people but vote in the lowest number.

  5. In Denmark we have big libraries for everyone and we have school libraries. There are no books in classes. We don’t ban books from the state level. We learn about sex, racism, war, death etc. In those first 9⃣ years of school.

    1. There’s a radical group in DC now attempting to ban tiktok. So yes – the gears are turning. What with about 134 election deniers sitting IN CONGRESS RIGHT NOW we are facing immense dangers to the structure of our nation.

    2. One book that has more violence, including rapes,murders, and incest than any of the books Florida and Texas has already banned will remain in school libraries. It’s the Bible, and if I lived in one of those states, I’d demand it be removed.

    3. All you need to have is a kindle app, and you can read any book on your computer. Kids aren’t reading physical books anymore anyway.

    1. @David Eby @”You can teach kids without all the hate. Demonrats don’t understand anything but divisiveness and violence. You people gatta chill.” – First, teaching about uncomfortable parts of history is not teaching with hate. It’s teaching…history. The fact that those things make those like you uncomfortable enough to try to hide it says more about you than the teacher. Second, the irony of you “opposing hate and divisiveness” and using a derogatory term toward Democrats in the same comment isn’t lost on me. 😂

    2. @David Eby  lol… so going back to the 40s and 50 isn’t the way. Hate is ignorant and knowledge stops the ignorance. I guess you didn’t read and learn that, Huh 😆

    3. It’s about covering up the vile past of Florida’s racist history. My family tree has been a part of that history for nearly 200 years.

  6. *MESSAGE FROM EUROPE* glad to see you are at the “making books illegal” stage of fascism over there…!!! Going great – we tried it in the 1930’s it worked out JUST FINE

  7. “This is completely outrageous.” Exactly, and why isn’t the entire nation up in arms about this???

    1. IDK. It’s the mentality of the south rearing its ugly head. States with the most poverty and most racism and most fear continuing on the path of idiocy.
      I am alarmed. But also amused: these fear mongers seem to forget that about every kid has the internet in their pocket. They have everything in their phones.
      It’s about control and indoctrination. Distain of science and truth. It’s not going anywhere productive.

    2. @Donna Vorce I’ve spent some time wondering about this myself. (Not to go “there”) but I’ve often wondered if Barron Trump does the same thing as my kids…watch the world on their phones and form their own opinions about social issues and world events. All of them veered towards the side of science and truth, especially by their mid-teens, thankfully.

  8. Wow….The Bluest Eye….?? I really want to know what their reasoning was after reading ‘the entire book’ what the takeaway was. I grew up in Houston and we read this in high school in mixed Ethnicity class groups ….great discussions – no one felt disenfranchised. In fact, it was one of the books that gave non-black folks a way to understand and also black folks to examine their own internal societal blind spots. And for such a decorated author, they really want to make much ado about nothing to keep us the public from really talking about things that matter. Let’s be clear about this tactic, there are more important things to be talking about but as long as they keep doing the silly laws little focus will be put on things that really affect people and they are in essence creating the divine because it was not an issue for decades, how is it now an issue when it was not an issue 30+ years ago? That’s the real crux of the issue.

  9. “With school turning out more runners, jumpers, racers, tinkerers, grabbers, snatchers, fliers, and swimmers instead of examiners, critics, knowers, and imaginative creators, the word ‘intellectual,’ of course, became the swear word it deserved to be.”
    ― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

  10. Why are parents so worried about books when there are so many inappropriate movies, tv shows, and video games that children are watching daily.

  11. I taught in Florida. We can’t get parents to respond to an email, but they want the ability to tell us what to teach…

    1. @Dodie Odie You don’t seem to understand how the curriculum is set and even less about who decides on which classes are required. It appears that you think classroom teachers decide what they’re going to teach. They don’t.

    2. @B Bodziak That’s a silly question. The majority determines the culture. Communities determine the values. And that is playing out RIGHT now, as parents are objecting to certain materials being in the schools. I am not going to get into the weeds with you about why CRT should not be taught in school. That is a long and involved topic. As long as the “African studies” include CRT and that sort of ridiculous and poison ideology, then it should not be included. Any more than a myriad of other toxic and destructive philosophies. Wanna teach that to your kids? Wanna teach your kids to think like good little Marxists or that they are oppressed or oppressors? Do it on YOUR dime, not mine. As it is, African American/Black history has been taught for years, and only recently did they decide to insert the Marxist and racist crap. And, last that I heard, they do not teach Bible in public schools. Unless it’s taught as a study of religions, which I would assume teaches about religions, including other religious scriptures and doctrines. It doesn’t teach you to THINK like a Christian or a Muslim or a Jain. As for teaching about Marxism, fine. Just as you teach about capitalism, totalitarianism, etc. As a study among other studies. NOT distorting a separate study by superimposing the ideology upon it. That’s a step too far. That is indoctrination. But again…I’m not going to engage in a long harangue about CRT and all the ways it can be inserted into a curriculum. Of course, that is the difference between teaching calculus and teaching an ideology. I think you would recognize the difference. As for whether taking the course in question is a choice….that makes no difference whatsoever. I would also oppose a film course in pornography. Wouldn’t make any difference to me if it’s simply an elective.

    3. @B Bodziak I am QUITE familiar with it. I am also familiar with how teachers determine what they will teach and how they will teach it. I know that school boards can also buck the dictates if they so choose, though they can lose some funding if it becomes too much of an issue. It remains to be seen just how much influence the parents will have in the long run. We are in a cultural and moral tug of war.

    4. Yes because they pay you .. like wdf you want to tell my child what to learn or not you are being paid either do your job or someone else will oga

  12. Remember DeSantis wants only certain parents have a seat at the table.

  13. I live in Florida and I can’t believe this is happening! I am so glad my child is an adult. This is crazy!

    1. Why aren’t you all protesting?? Get this guy out!!! He’s ruining your state and turning into his own little fascist freedom. If you impose this dictator wannabe on the rest of us we will never forgive you. Get him out so he can never be president!

    2. @Pandora Jones He has to be beaten in the court. His whole plan is to show his bigoted base he can do the things Trump couldn’t. That’s why he’s doing it. Want him gone have to be at him in the courts.

    3. I’m a native of Florida and I said the same thing. Then, I thought about my future grandchildren…I asked my son to “please leave Florida before you marry and have children”…please don’t raise my grandbabies in this state. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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