Tyre Nichols’ family speaks as nation braces for police beating footage

After a traffic stop in Memphis resulted in a violent arrest and subsequent death of 29-year-old Tyre Nichols, police are expected to release police body camera footage of the incident to the public. The family of Nichols and attorneys have viewed the traffic stop's video recordings, which have been described as a vicious, prolonged beating that lasted for minutes after officers chased down a fleeing Nichols. CNN's Sara Sidner reports. Then, CNN's Don Lemon speaks with Vickie Terry, the executive director of the Memphis NAACP. #CNN #News


  1. Crying tears I don’t even know this man this is so damn wrong and the fact that our own did this. They all should be beat the same way. I hope their families disown them how could you do this to this young man. 😢

    1. @TheBlaise123 no cops are racist and have falsely incarcerated and killed people of color since the beginning of their organization

    2. Resisting arrest puts everyone’s life at risk, even bystanders. The cops don’t know if the person is running because he has a 4 year old tied up in the trunk or a dead body. Imagine if they just let the person go only later to find out he does have someone in the car that he then rapes, tortures and murders. The time that police have to waste on people who refuse to comply is time that they are not able to go out and stop other crimes that might save lives. Police need better procedures, but people need to comply. It is the common thread in every single one of these issues – the person refused to comply with police.

  2. I have Crohn’s disease as well, so I know how weak and fatigued it can make you feel. You’re constantly malnourished. The idea that these five well built and armed officers beat this guy (who probably couldn’t even put up a real fight against one of them) so badly he died is disgusting. My heart breaks for this family, and I hope a new circle of hell is created for these pitiful excuses for officers.

    1. It sounds like they took their rage and pent-up frustration out on this young man. Cops need a safe place to seek therapy; without fear of losing their jobs hanging over their heads, for the things they may divulge.

    2. @Deborah Freedman , Not weird, the disease can affect different people in different ways. I had a friend years ago that died from crohn`s disease at age 33.

  3. I’m so sorry that they lost their son. Outrage is putting it mildly. Praying for his family 🙏 Five cops beating on one man is crazy. Smh. It’s so sad.

    1. “They be hunting us down and killing us!”
      — Le’ wah-wah James!
      🏀 🤡 🇨🇳

      LeBron today : crickets!

  4. Truly saddened these officers did this to him. May they rot in jail for this heinous act! 😢RIP Tyre

  5. So sorry for the loss this family is feeling, each one involved should get the maximum penalty. RIP he didn’t deserve, no one deserves this .

  6. This senseless brutal beating that lead to the victims’ death is beyond incomprehensible and unacceptable. They deserve more than jail time. I can’t imagine what the family is going through. My deepest condolences for the victim’s family and friends.

    1. @William Masters All black this time, and they said so on the video. The question is, why are so many in our police forces prone to violence? If we can figure that out, maybe we can make meaningful changes which will make these events less frequent. We also need to figure out what is behind all the mass murders in this country. It is almost non-existent in countries without such easy access to guns. Australia eliminated their gun/murder problem almost over night by making every gun except air rifles illegal. New Zealand did the same thing there after a rash of mass killings. Zero murders since.
      This guy was beaten to death though, and it didn’t include any guns. Why is there so much violence among our police forces? We need to demand an answer to that question, and insist on changes based on what the answer is.Firing five officers is not enough. We need to know why so we can begin figuring out ways to keep it from happening again.

    2. No matter if you skin color type matters who you are, homo hominis lupost est from latin people to people are wolf

  7. Praying for the family. I’m so so sorry someone took your baby from you. People that are sworn to protect and uphold the law. I hope they get prison sentences.

    1. MORE CRY BABY BULLSH….T…they are always angels…….I AM GLAD THE COPS ARE FED UP….GOOD RIDDANCE…..😄

  8. I’m following this closely in Australia. This has gone worldwide.

    I’m scared for how the community will react when this comes out.

  9. I can hear the pain in his moms voice. It’s very disturbing that we have people out here that are sworn to protect and serve that will do something like this. I hope they sue TF out of that department and wipe their tears with 100 dollar bills

    1. You think they care, the local tax payers will foot the bill. Garuntee they would never let something like this happen if it came out of their funding.

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