Over US$200M at Stake - Jamaica's St. James Residents Demand Road Bypass | TVJ News - May 12 2021 1

Over US$200M at Stake – Jamaica’s St. James Residents Demand Road Bypass | TVJ News – May 12 2021


With more than 200 million US dollars at stake there are calls for the Montego Bay bypass in St. James to be accelerated much has been said about the project but why is it such a big deal? We took to the streets of the second capital.

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  1. Jamaica’s biggest problem is the JLP and PNP both are evil and don’t care about the people.

  2. You can tell it’s not gonna get better here. It’s always, “when you were in power you did the same thing and you saw nothing wrong with it”.

  3. The bypass has been needed for decades but the Poor Nation Party is right, the project lacks transparency. We know who is building it but how is it being paid for? After completion, will NROCC hold a secondary public offering to absorb this leg of Highway 2000? If so, at what price?

  4. Another case of he say she say and poor people suffer! I’m tired of it!! Jus start da damn road

  5. No jamaican contractor. They are just gonna subcontract it. Then subcontract it. They are then gonna cost overrun, then use inferior products and make the road thin. PNP gweh. All of unu a tief

  6. First thing those people who are opposed this Road they should be ashamed of their self you give this kind of job to any Jamaican 50 years from now it is still working on first thing they bring on people who don’t know what they are doing the eat off the money they complain money finish and the work leave on done give the best qualified person the work and get it done please

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  8. We need the road far real ,this back and forth with the PNP and JLP needs to stop we need the to party to unite and bring the country 20 first century.

  9. Give it to the Chinese. When politicians and their agents come clean then they can give it to locals and extortionists have too much strength for Jamaican contractors

  10. Let the Chiney build the road. They did a very good job with the midfield to Ferris project in Westmorland which is still standing. If we allow these politicians to do as they please it will never finish and will go over budget by billions as they do all the time. WE get too much of that over the years. Mek di Chiney dem dweet

  11. I will agree y’all need some help bad y’all don’t have it like we have it over here in the United States

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