Overcrowded Idaho Hospitals Forced To Ration Care: ‘Reconsider High Risk Activities’

Rachel Maddow reports on hospitals in Idaho having to resort to "Crisis Standards of Care" as Covid patients have stretched medical resources so thin that health care providers have to resort to assessing which patients will benefit the most from the care they can offer.
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    1. @Friend cheers, but i was being sarcastic 😂 i feel for the unvaccinated and their families but we’ve also spent 18 months trying to help them so at this point it is what it is

    2. What is sad is that the media is twisting your minds about the reality of covid 19

      They won’t show you the recovery rate

      The death rate and severe side effects of the vaccines

      And the natural immunity of those who has recovered

    3. @ibewhoopin Here’s the problem with that scenario. The hospitals in Idaho filled up last month, and they started sending their overflow into Oregon. Now that we have a Covid serge of our own, their are no hospital beds for Oregonians, because they are filled with Idahoans.

  1. This is coming to a state near you if you have an over zealous religious state like Oklahoma, Tejas, Florida…….

    1. @Takkie Terror Sorry, I replied another way until I saw you called him DeSankus – good one. I have to use that, because that’s what he’s literally doing to us, smh.

    2. What is sad is that the media is twisting your minds about the reality of covid 19

      They won’t show you the recovery rate

      The death rate and severe side effects of the vaccines

      And the natural immunity of those who has recovered

    3. @freedom of rights You mean the people that have caught it twice yeah.. A good immunity.. Too bad you don’t know who can handle it and who can’t

    1. @Alicia Taylor, my point was that being overweight is often a result of poor decision making like not being vaccinated.

    2. @Super Scary Russian Bot well its still the unvaccinated clogging up the hospitals and the unvaccinated that should be put away from medical treatment not other seriously ill patients because of the unvaccinated individuals selfish stupidity.

    3. @Alicia Taylor, so if you were a doctor, you would choose to treat an 80 year old vaccinated man over a 13 year old unvaccinated girl? Not me. I would choose the patient who is most likely to come out of their situation to live a long and fruitful life with no regard to the decisions they have made in the past. But that’s just me.

    4. @Super Scary Russian Bot No but none of the adults in that childs life should get preferential treatment. Shes not responsible for their stupidity.
      By the way I walked away from the contractor and the large. Newly built victorian home and the money after 30 years of marriage. Money doesn’t make happiness . Neither does it keep a good wife. But then again I had my own education and career. I am incredibly happy with my security guard , body builder boyfriend thats two years older then my son who’s your age by the way. Why? because he’s kind, intelligent, makes me laugh and we have fun together. Good luck, buying someone it rarely pays off neither do forced marriages she’ll resent being sold someday. As a criminal forensic psychologist I can almost guarantee it.

    5. @Alicia Taylor, the first time I ever took my wife to a hotel, she didn’t even know how to use a shower and I had to show her. What Americans don’t understand is that for people in her situation, their primary concern is survival. If a man comes around offering to show them the world and a castle to call home, chances are, they’re going to take it and be grateful for the life their husband built for them. I know you probably will never understand that because you’re an a American, but that’s the way they think. And they almost never divorce their husbands. Not because they are “forced” into staying married. But because they appreciate what they have been given.

  2. Hospitals in Florida are having to shut down emergency rooms for a similar reason, there’s no staff to work there, they’re all tied up dealing with non-vaccinated Coronavirus infected patients.

    1. @Texas Abortionist HUNTER did a little research to figure out how wrong you are. It was fun. So it turns out there are more unvaccinated white people in Texas than both vaxed and unvaxed blacks put together. And of whites, a staggering number of them are republican. So, there’s that

    2. @Kevin Adams you’re just lying about everything. College stadiums are FULL of Americans not crying about the FLU. GFY 😂

    3. @Kevin Adams the numbers show who’s not vaccinated. You had to find BIAS BS and apparently it took some time 🤡😂😂

  3. The tragedy is this was all preventable & explicitly mentioned in Obama’s pandemic response strategy.
    – Do not politicise it.
    – Be totally honest.
    Fundamentals in a pandemic.

    1. @Aparna Rajesh, both sides politicize the pandemic. If you think only your political opponent is politicizing it, then you are politicizing it.

  4. I have a family member disabled through no fault of her own. She requires serious medical care. Why should her health and her life be considered less important than that of some irresponsible, ambulatory person who was too negligent to get vaccinated, mask, and social distance? Triage health care to children & the disabled, next to elderly & adults who did get vaccinated, last to the unvaccinated. If the unvaccinated did not think their own lives were important enough to protect, why should we put them in front of others?!!!

    1. Ya know why ? Cause their the Nazi’s not us. But the unvaced should not be allowed to crash the system for everyone else what a fricken mess.

    2. @lo re your analogy doesn’t work because the stats aren’t comparable. There has been less resource use and overall accident-caused time spent in hospitals as a result of covid. Car problem down, antivaxxers on bed rest to the moon

    3. @Josh James Lowering of road traffic accidents with the first Covid wave got reported a lot. When the final figures came out this summer 2020 deaths were 7.2% higher than 2019. “Occupant ejection” increased by 20% so a proportion of these extra deaths may have been anti-vax, anti-mask and felt emboldened to be anti-seatbelt. They are thinning themselves out, but hurting others in the process. [Edit- Idaho was one of few states where road deaths went down in 2020, but they’ve already had more in 2021, and seat-belts are main cause.]

  5. But, but I’m told this would only happen with a one payer system, that a for profit medical system would NEVER have to ration medical care.

    1. pandemics have the capacity of OVERWHELM a health care system. Remember there are people who do not believe Covid-19 is a real entity yet a problem and think all this stuff is fake news. They will vote based on these beliefs then you get officials who lean toward these beliefs since they were elected by these people. The medical researchers and epidemiologists will have a field day with all this interesting data to study and inform about how not using a mask and not being vaccinated are probably not good ideas during a pandemic with a highly infectious virus.

    2. @Fred Freddy I never said it wouldn’t. I said Republicans have constantly said that this would NEVER happen in a for Profit medical system as Capitalism would be a driving force in wanting to treat everyone. The pandemic is providing time and time again that’s a lie. Now Republicans will keep saying that lie and their little followers will continue to eat it up. Republicans are a perfect example of tell a lie long enough and it becomes Truth.

  6. Oh gee, yeah that’s right, Idaho is a red state. Go figure. There will be a less Republicans that will be able to vote in 2022 🤣🤣🤣🤣 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    1. @Sam Huff Idaho ranks last in education. This is a non union state and teachers will not work for $22,000 a year in Idaho, when they can earn $95,000 in Seattle or $80,000 in Saint Paul. The family farm is now taken over big corporate non union operations that pay low wages. Idaho has 2200 hospital beds and they are full. 90% of Covid patients will be sent home. ideally , that will include the elites in the state.

    2. @Deborah Freedman there is room in South Dakota for now. 850,000 residents and 2400 hospital beds. Hurry, South Dakota went from 0 new cases in late July to 1235 per day now.

    3. @dbsti 300 – You have no idea of my party. I am saying if people act like they have the IQ of the room temperature when it comes to a deadly virus, and refuse the vaccine, they will suffer the results.

      And if 3,000,000 Trump supporters and voters die from the Trump Delta -Covid19 virus, it is not my problem. Those people are choosing suicide.

    4. @Dawn Naomi Gad Whats equally sad is that some of the excuses are so feeble and based on minute numbers as they try to justify their decisions. You cannot help those who refuse to help themselves. What did they used to call the left snowflakes was it

  7. Hmmm weren’t rethuglican’s all up in arm’s over the ACA supposedly meaning there were going to be “death panels or whatever wedge issue they turned it into. Now they have created real death panels by there policies. Good Job 👌

    1. when medical services are stressed, they have no option, but to use triage, to determine which patients should be treated first, and who can be left till later, and those there are no hope for. by trying to treat someone with no hope, a patient who would of survived if treated first would die

    2. Remember when Investor’s Business Daily ran a ridiculous editorial claiming that Stephen Hawking would have been let die by an NHS death panel if he was in the UK? And Hawking himself spoke up to praise the medical treatment he got from the NHS. I wonder if they have an opinion on Idaho now. It probably isn’t any better informed.

  8. These people are looking at this pandemic through rose color glasses and we the people have to suffer from their delusions. God help us all. 🙏🏼

    1. @merle merle unfortunately the vaccinated can still contract and transmit covid to others even if they have no obvious symptoms themselves.

    2. @Satanic Microchip v5 You may want to research the background of this population because actually most Scientists are staunch believers in God.

    3. They don’t want good things to come from government or the Biden Admin because it would mean they were wrong, and they can’t have that.

    4. What is sad is that the media is twisting your minds about the reality of covid 19

      They won’t show you the recovery rate

      The death rate and severe side effects of the vaccines

      And the natural immunity of those who has recovered

  9. This is what happens when u take medical advice from a celebrity idol instead of a Doctor. A doctor who actually went to a university for his profession, not an orange clown who’s spewing non sense on his phone, while taking a massive dump.

    1. @N W …and after trump said to get vaccinated, he was booed at his rally. He can’t do a 180. The cult are addicted to their lies now.

    2. What is sad is that the media is twisting your minds about the reality of covid 19

      They won’t show you the recovery rate

      The death rate and severe side effects of the vaccines

      And the natural immunity of those who has recovered

    3. @Fred Freddy he never at any time said people shouldn’t get a vaccine . Nobody really is ? Some don’t want to make it mandatory but that’s due to freedom of choice but trump was the one who pushed the vaccine through

  10. I’m in California , a neighbor moved to Idaho because they wanted the freedom to carry arms and not wear masks … I m thinking they may have not taken this new policy into their plan when they moved …

  11. hard core triage. like a war. those that wont make it, just make them comfy till they expire. antivaxxers….Im done coddling these people.

    1. I know an older veteran that is still waiting for care for his prostate cancer and heart issues here in Wyoming. Still not sure about hospital capacities here, but I’m sure Covid has something to do with it. This town recently had an active patrol officer die from complications due to Covid.

    1. Around 70% of the african american community is unvaccinated. You’re truly racist if you believe that the black community dont have a reason not to trust the government

    2. @Caballo Loco African americans have a lot of reasons not to trust the government. This is not one of those occasions. This is a worldwide problem, it affects everybody, race should not be an issue here.

    3. @Mauricio Fauci had a vaccine for aids back in the day, he suppressed and demonized every other treatment and come to find out studies showed the vaccine was actually doing more harm than good, give it a google please. You guys have got to understand why people are sceptical of a vaccine developed in a year even with FDA approval because the administration is so invested in the vaccine that theres no way theyll ever admit it’s got long term effect or even works like they claim considering boosters are in the way, you can still die, a lot of people still get sick, and you can still spread the virus.

  12. It’s really a sad commentary on a large segment of the anti-vaccine, anti-mask U.S. that are needlessly and selfishly taking up hospital beds and care from those with cancer or other serious illness who had no choice in the matter.

  13. Two Americas: One that values truth, reason, common sense, science, humanity, and justice…and another that rejects all of those things, that CHOOSES willful ignorance.

  14. I’ve gotten to the point after almost 2 years, I have absolutely no sympathy who have not been vaccinated. Excuses, Excuses. They shouldn’t even go to the doctor when they get sick. Take 2 aspirin, go to bed and it’ll be all gone in the morning.

    1. Idaho is already saying, ( if you decode the math ) 90% of Covid positive persons seeking a hospital bed will be turned away.

      They will be told, go home and self medicate. Let mom and dad and your siblings take care of you, 24 hours a day for 5-10-15 days.

      That type of job will exhaust anyone in a few days.

      They are making their lives and the lives of 5-25 people around them a living nightmare.

      I think this could create a depression in the Idaho economy as average workers stay home to care for mom or dad or children or sister or relative.

      These people will go to the grave, claiming it is a hoax, or death is better than taking the Fauci jab, which will ” make them magnetic”.

      Darwin was an alcoholic, nut case and a lazy stupid man, with little formal education, but he gets credit for seeing stupidity can be costly.

      I know several traveling nurses who make $80 per hour, turning down $150 per hour, plus all living expenses, to travel out of state to Covid hot spots. None will do it and especially because the Covid patients chose to get infected.

      Money is no longer the issue.

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