Republicans Make Trump’s Big Lie Party’s Campaign Platform

Rachel Maddow looks at how Republicans have made Donald Trump's Big Lie that his 2020 loss was fraudulent so central to their political identity that candidates are crying fraud as their campaign message before any elections even take place. 
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    1. @HunterBidensCrackPipe Trump’s dad taught him it is ok to cheat but it is not ok to lose. Trump’s mental illness will not allow him to accept failure. If he fails at some thing, he convinces himself the event never happened or the other side cheated. Trump did everything he could think of to cheat on the last election because he was obsessed with winning and the Democrats did not cheat because they were not mentally ill and obsessed. Nobody talked “Rigged Election” for 240 years and then Trump began yelling rigged election 2 years before the voting took place. If you talk to people who invested in Trump Casinos, you will find out Trump cheated everyone he ever did business with.

    2. @João Soares exactly, just following the same game plan. Say its rigged before the election even starts.

    3. @TheQueenRulesAll exactly what they are doing in Brazil and what Trump did, he was saying it was rigged in January 11 months before

  1. Well, if we extend the GQP logic even further, we could say, without a doubt, that if Gavin Newsom is recalled, and a Republican takes his place, then the election was definitely riddled with fraud and rife with corruption. I mean, that’s as reasonable and rational as the GQP belief. They’re just blithering idiots. Seriously, why does anyone take the GQP seriously? They’re cretins.

    1. @Phil Groves listen punksetony i really dnt care what u are..or who.
      We all should and need to be more greatful..

  2. Can’t we say the same for ANY election that a GOP candidate wins, including small local school board elections? If the GOP can do it, why can’t the Democrats challenge a GOP candidate’s win?

    1. @Luis Rubalcava hoping for times like this, but I digress there are two republikkkan oppertives (in my opinion) still thwarting their efforts. For this very reason we need to gain all 34 seats come 22

    2. @BTM lol there have always been republicans obstructing everything since newt gingrich, so I’ll ask again why don’t dems ever flex there muscles when they have a slim or super majority

    3. @BTM it’s because establishment dems are weak and believe republicans will do the right thing because they are “long time friends”.

    4. @andrew molen It can be as ridiculous obvious as it wants, they are blind deaf for logic. They have no sense for humor, so they think Stephen Colbert is right wing. I have often experienced commenting something against Republicans, they do not understand if you are not very very clear. You must of course say the Republican right wing media, like e.g. Fox News and Sky News Australia which both belting to Rupert Murdoch an American and no Sky News Australia is not Australian news telling the truth. If you say there us Propaganda Media in America like in Nazi times in Germany and this cannot be True, than America US no democracy. Then they would agree, and say CNN LIS every word it says. 🤪

    1. @Rudy Galindo
      Yup, and Mueller investigation showed that the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid for a completely fake dossier.

    2. @Usman Idris
      No Fox here…but you’re right. It was the AP, CNN,Washington Post, BBC and the Wall Street Journal who reported that the fake dossier was funded by Clinton and the DNC. The Mueller Report just found there was NO collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Thanks for reminding me.👍

    3. @Jim Koonz I. Summary of Major Findings

      The redacted Mueller Report documents a series of activities that show strong evidence of collusion. Or, more precisely, it provides significant evidence that Trump Campaign associates coordinated with, cooperated with, encouraged, or gave support to the Russia/WikiLeaks election interference activities. The Report documents the following actions (each of which is analyzed in

    4. @Takkie Terror Absolutely, but IN PERSON. And no, unverified signature matches, ballot harvesting and blanketing the country with ballots when allowing mail voting is NOT safe.

  3. Benjamin Franklin words of “a Republic, if you can keep it” could not be any more prophetic than at this moment.

    1. I’m afraid Trump has irreparably broken his base, and now about 40% of the country don’t want Democracy anymore. They’re saying “you can shove your Democracy up your behind if our candidates don’t win”.

    2. ​ As the GQP embrace and cultivate
      unethical attacks on truth and the election validation system, the roots of democracy have been weakened. If the justice system does not seek to address fraud and deceit meant to undermine a fair and just system of democracy, freedom itself will be lost.

    3. @D SP 40% of voters, which is actually more like 25% of the voting populace. USA typically has a very low voter turnout.

    4. @DarkKnightTrinity Yes you are right although in the last election good civil minded people voted in record numbers. That is why they are restricting voting! Despite those newly inacted laws we Must get people to the polls!!

    1. I think we should…

      Next it will be contestants on the Jerry Springer Show. On second thought that would be a step up…

  4. How can there be a fraud if something hasn’t even happened. Sounds to me that they already know they’re going to lose or something.

    1. @Beau Pankiw guess we’ll never know. Judging the man’s character against the average politician he’s no more unscrupulous, not near. Believe it, the media wanted to prove a whole litany of things that just weren’t true. He’s completely opaque. You folks are WAAAYYY too consumed with his personality (that he’s brash, prone to hyperbole, vindictive with his detractors). But do you think it’s an act? Don’t you think he’s really like what you see? So do most of his supporters. It’s not an act, he speaks without a PC filter (which drives liberals nuts), and is spot-on about many observations. Everything he said about what would happen if Biden/Harris won is already coming to pass, and it’s going to be as disastrous as advertised.

    2. @William Carne what are tou going to do when you wake and realized you’ve been conned and defrauded by a narcissistic physopathic con man ? The best you could hope for is just egg on you face.

    3. @William Carne when you have a group that deals with the facts and can back up those facts with unquestionable proof. Then you have another group and their whole premise is based on a sea of lies those involve lose their ability to separate facts from pure lies that any one can see. They can never prove any of their accretions. Except by turning their views into reality and claiming someday you’ll see everybody else is wrong. When in fact their whole organization is based on nothing but lies and made up stories and conspiracies. That is the world you belong in.

    4. @conrad cappwell That’s is what we are in, exactly. Except, you are the one that is on the side that’s been keeping you in the dark this whole time. Bug Tech and the white house are in bed. Big Tech banned Trump, opposing opinions, and freedom of speech by calling it ‘Misinformation.’ Why ban freedom of speech, when it’s obvious to you and the rest of the world, not to be valid? Why is Big Tech and Big Gov’t working together to make certain you only hear their side of the story? I’m sorry you can’t be objective if you tried. Time will tell, and you will be awakened, as well. Patience, the plan has been in place since 2000. Trump will shock the world with the Truth that’s been… Occult. Hidden right in our face, the entire time.

  5. The idea is to make the claim of fraud first all while planning and unfolding their own actual fraud so if/when they are caught for it, they can say why wasn’t it true when we said it etc….

    1. @Jane D. Think about it. Did you hear RumpT give a speach indicating he conceded? No, you didn’t. I’m sorry all of you are unable to discern what’s really happening. If I am right, how do you like your Crow… Medium rare?

    2. @Bryan MG Turd talibiden promised to shut covid down if elected. The giant Turd took office 246,000 deaths ago. What now,Trudy?

    3. @Loriann Richardson Big lie? How about “if elected I will shut the virus down” Joe Turdburger said that in the 3rd debate. How about”we won’t leave Americans behind” He did leave Americans behind. Seems Demonrats have herd stupidity.

    1. 570 have been arrested and charged so far with the first of them beginning to move through the courts and be packed off to prison where they belong. These things take time.
      We’re only eight months in. Frustrating I know but similar situations have taken a lot longer.

  6. Everybody knows what the Republican party is now. The covering is translucent. Don’t later pretend, if you vote with them, “we didn’t know”!

    1. @ANOTHER 4 I do find it funny how Maga keep projecting stuff..
      *Biden causing inflation cause he printing money nonstop.. Yet Trump spent 8 Trillion vs Biden 1.9 Trillion.
      *oooh Democrat are pedophile!!! Yet 18 Republican arrested for Pedophilia from 2015-2021.
      *oooh Democrat doing election fraud… yet 20 Republican arrested for voter fraud.. lol

    2. @ANOTHER 4 There’s really nothing you can say.. Even if you make stuff up about Democrats.. I’m pretty sure Republican have done it
      x 10… It’s just facts..

    3. @Vincent Ramirez Just report him for spreading fake news. They established that as a thing and now they can be removed from any social media platform for it because they’re the ones who share it. Make sure you include in your report that he’s sharing false information about the election and pandemic. Do that every time you see someone like that. Much less effort than arguing and makes their task that much more difficult for them. Because YouTube will take them down for any of the things I just mentioned.

  7. How can such mental sick minded liars be expected to govern a country and respect
    the needs of it´s citizens? They are proving their is no limit to how deep they will fall.

  8. Should it fail, I am predicting “more people voted than registered Dems.”
    Independent voters: What, we don’t count?
    Either for or against, vote in person or use official county drop box.
    Use the state ballot tracking to track your ballot.

    1. The disturbing part is registered voters not just democrats , the margins were very close and I in most cases more votes counted than voting age people

    2. @Howard Why hasnt one judge, most handpicked by t, ruled in favor of the case? Something like 45 cases not one has come down with a ruling agreeing with magats not one

    1. @J. Schultz1982 so you mean to tell me there is no such thing as an extreme left way of thought? Sir, are either you wilfully ignorant or have reached the point of no return on your indoctrination training.

    2. @Jon Thomas I don’t think that’s true at all there’s a very large center base there’s a very large extreme right and there’s a very small extreme left the rest of the people don’t even vote or care about government and you can’t call them right or left or center for that matter

    3. @BearMouse no one saying there’s no such thing as extreme left what you are obviously trying to say is there is a lot of extreme left and there really isn’t. There is a lot of extreme right these days . that’s obvious. There are a lot of center moderates like me that counterbalance the extreme right that makes up a large majority of the right wing party

    4. @lol I never said that there wasent any right wing extremism it definitely exists. One thing I will never understand and can’t stand from the left is that they tolerate and welcome the raving left wing extremists. You cannot tell me left wing extremism does not exist when the city of Portland burned for more than a year, or did that not happen?

  9. “There’s definitely going to be fraud, I’ll definitely challenge the results…. wait what, I won? Guess it was all good! Thanks!”

    1. Like Clinton’s speech?? Remember when Clinton said if biden loses he should demand a recount and never accept the results??? Smh… come on man

    1. I agree with you that Trump is a false prophet. However, the Dems are just as wicked as the Republicans. The people need to wake up and see that both parties are corrupt!

    2. @Jamie There has never in the history of the U.S. been a president as disgraceful as Trump. Nixon was a Boy Scout in comparison. Sure there has long been some corruption, but it’s never been so blatant or so much of it. Can you name any other president that called election officials to “find” votes?

    3. It is all about protecting our country! If you didn’t see voter fraud there something wrong with you! There you go Democrats have Gavin Newsom gets back in office Nancy Pelosi’s nephew by Family Ties the Democrats are going to take down California for the elite

    4. @harktz There was no voter fraud, respond to this with barrels full of all the bamboo ninja bs you can find it won’t matter. Every time this has been brought before judges handpicked by t they’ve peed on the case because even they could see it was beneath an answer.

    5. If you think about it! In halo, there are 3 prophets! Truth, Mercy, Regret! Let’s be glad that we don’t have to deal with the amount of crap that the covenant had to deal with! Because with 3 prophets, things would be 3x worse!

    1. Yes, but that only perpetuates the lie. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If, say half of, republican’s don’t vote then the republican counts look really low and they can cry fraud. It’s a win=win for them.

  10. Slippery Slope, Dangerous Ground. Trump and his Legion have planted a Cancerous seed of doubt in the fundamentals of Democracy. The worst is ahead of us…

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