Threats, Harassment Inspired By Trump’s Big Lie Terrorize Election Officials: Reuters

Rachel Maddow shares details of a special report from Reuters documenting threats to election officials at all levels as well as their families with almost no arrests or help from law enforcement.
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  1. Trump supporters should really seek professional help on how to deal with losing.
    Because they are going to be losing a lot in the years and decades to come.

    1. @Michael Sisson II funny I’d say the same to you, the only difference is I have our entire history behind me whereas you are totally denying 100+ years of history to believe that suddenly the establishment, corporations, and the media working together is a good thing and in the people’s best interest. Not one example in history of that being accurate yet here you idiots are….

    2. @N Q letting your 8 year old child go on media? Yeah there’s a lot of white men that follow her I bet 🤦

  2. I missed the part where the Founding Fathers said the 2nd Amendment is to be used in response to losing a free and fair election.

    1. @Cid Sapient you are using the specific word ‘insurection’ as your escape. but ‘scant’ evidence does not mean zero evidence. the investigation is ongoing.

      It is common knowledge that there are no white supremacists. However, there are indeed childish fools out there who are white that believe they are superior to other races. They will learn the truth in time. lol

    2. You know what the big problem with white supremecy is? You’re still all for it. You just use it as an excuse to flex against white people who never really had power to begin with. Or flex against white people you already feel advantaged over. Or fight against certain parties because you think they represent your misery. Meanwhile, you fight for the white people in power. You obey their influence. You remember the crimes against them (Jan 6.). You have no reason to feel challenged. So you pick up various challenges to issues you only know vicariously. You pick up hypothetical villains to hypothetical problems. Or maybe real ones when it just happens, as if nothing else does. And when you separate yourself from any other thought prior to this, you say “this is reality”. Ironically, the illusion is all brought to you by the same people.

      Reality is that for some reason, too many people are far too concerned with how you see yourself and others. Reality is that you only speak for such things because you think you’re unaffected. Reality is that you may not be affected for now, but one day, you might be. Or someone you know will be.

      I can’t speak for the people who wrong POC. But no one is speaking for the people wronged by POC. Or white people wronged by other white people who choose a narrative over empathy. And yes, these things happen.

      You know why white supremecy will grow? Because little by little, you will be asked to sacrifice your comfort for the good of others. And when you say no, you are the white supremecist. And since you can be so extreme towards anyone who remotely communicates as such, it’s so easy to hate you.

      I don’t hate you. You just sort of taught me that empathy is so easily abused, it’s overrated. You have taught me that terrible people just need good causes and that’s how virtue wins. You have taught me that at the end of the day, it’s still all about dominance.

      I’m so glad you taught me that last one. Because it put me back where I’m supposed to be. And it put you back where you belong from my perspective… Irrelevancy.

      Thank you for reading my rant. I look forward to the day where I forget you exist. Please return me the favor and don’t respond.

  3. This is no different to Maccarthy threatening the telecom companies. Unless these people get arrested it will just get worse.

    1. Even if they get arrested… who do you think is already in jails and prisons? A vast majority of prisoners would vote repub if they were allowed.

    2. You know that if someone made those threats against a Republican official, they would be in jail already (or dead). I’m sure we’ll hear, ad nauseam, “free speech!” from the Republican idiots that feel it’s perfectly acceptable to make threats of violence against those they view as the opposition.

  4. It must be repeated again:

    _”When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”_

    Some wise person said that in 20th century.

  5. Most likely, nobody was brought in by the cops for the threats because the cops in those areas are helping them write the scripts.

  6. I think some of the law enforcement officers are pro Trump the reason why they are not arrested. In my opinion Trump has basically destroyed America as we know it and it will never return to normal.

    1. This is the land of the hateful and ignorant now. I lost all hope in our future. Republicans are the downfall of our country.

    2. I agree. Asking why law enforcement isn’t doing anything about these deranged and violent Trump supporters is like asking why Bruce Wayne isn’t doing anything about the Batman vigilante.

  7. It’s not like these people are hiding their identities all that well. They know who they are. You have to ask for the locals are not doing more about it.

    1. @徐鋒 You are completely clueless. Canada has gone woke as a joke and Trudeau is a dictator.

      And no one on the left cares to admit it, but America has heritage, a culture and an identity and just like every country with the exception of Canada, apparently, if you want to be a part of it you have to assimilate to an extent. You don’t have to disregard your heritage in America though, unless you like indentured servant and child brides.

      The left wants to spread it’s LGBTQ, feminist and radical minority agenda to other countries and we see what that led to in Afghanistan. We have two pandemics covid and woke culture and I am sorry to say it, but Canada is on life support in the ICU with terminal wokeness along with Australia.

    2. @Stuffstuffington Stuff literally nothing you wrote has anything to do with the systemic reinforcement of white supremacy in America from your melting pot culture. Even if the entire world is a joke, that still doesn’t change reality. Reality doesn’t change because you found someone to ridicule. Even a three year old could tell you that

    3. @徐鋒 Why don’t you point out the systemic white supremacy instead of throwing out liberal clichés. If you are so smart and I am so dumb it should be easy for you.

      I am waiting.

      EDIT: I want specific examples of systemic white supremacy that are current, no going back in time to bring up things that have been fixed by law already.

    4. @Stuffstuffington Stuff lol… so you ignored the one I already pointed out for what? Hate to break the news to you, but not admitting it doesn’t change anything either. World doesn’t revolve around what you want to admit

    5. @徐鋒 What example? So far you have said nothing of substance. Big heart, little mind like most on the left.

      It is okay to admit you don’t have any real examples. It just means you are on the path to enlightenment my friend.

  8. Isn’t ironic that those who do not accept the results of a democratic election call others Communists. 🤦🏽

  9. Why aren’t these people being arrested for terroristic threats?? 🤔 Too many jaywalkers and speeding tickets to give? LMFAO. 🤮

    1. And violating certain people rights, great stress relief was how one these qualified immunity cowards described it.

    1. They have nothing else to drive them, just pure hate. Hate was always a strong undercurrent in GOP – Trump brought it out to the forefront.

  10. the only cure that will work… start tossing gov’t officials in jail for violating Oath of Office… there’s statutes in place, real punishments… evidence is shouted out every frigging day…. DOJ where are you? eating donuts?

  11. And you know what the hilarious part of all this is? These same people making these threats also consider themselves “Christians”. So christ-like.

    1. You do know that Jesus mandated following the Torah, which has many mandatory death penalties. Purge the evil is actually the most frequent commandment

    2. Some folks overlook that Jesus earned a death penalty numerous times, and he went in and accepted it, fulfilling the law

    3. These people don’t honor Christ. They’re worshipping something else. Seriously, we’re talking D&D dark $hit. Like Cyric, Llolth, Takhisis, or Sauron. Wish I was kidding

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