Padilla: Nothing ‘Remotely Compelling’ To Keep The Filibuster | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. I don’t see any hate for America, as you claim. If you could point out just ONE example, that’d be appreciated.

  1. Democrats get rid of filibuster or lose voters and what the majority Americans want

    1. Democrats are going to get hammered next mid terms so that’s how long until ending the filibuster would take to backfire

    2. @A Once upon a time republicans tried to end the filibuster…. Dems (including Joe Biden) thought it would be the end of the world. So technically, both sides agree it’s a bad idea.

    1. JUSTICE FOR (insert +40 names here plus all the teen Miss USA pageant contestants who Trump bragged about seeing undressed backstage on air on Howard Stern)

    2. @A.C. A. Justice for all business that were burned down by democrats terrorist organization ANTIFA/BLM

  2. Speaking as a moderate democrat, I believe the filibuster should be a check/balance that is used much the same as budget reconciliation is. To be approved by an impartial non-partisan parliamentarian so that it cannot be used indefinitely and without any repercussions whatsoever by a minority party. Although, I must admit that the very idea that one being allowed to oppose legislation by uttering complete nonsense for as long as can be sustained does not seem an ideal solution to me either! Thresholds seem rather pointless as well, IMO, if they can just be reformatted to a new arbitrary amount whenever the need arises, such as 9-13 or 51-60.

    1. The cons just want to block and obstruct! They don’t want to govern or pass any bills in the Senate! What happens then? End up like Obama!

    2. John White and the Dems don’t want it so they can pass whatever they want with no opposition

    1. @Po Tato If it didn’t the democrats wouldn’t want to remove it. Recognize the game, players, and pieces. Everything they do is to gain power.

    2. @Po Tato In power for 4 years. That does not mean change the laws and structures to keep power forever!!! They are already colluding with 90 percent of the Media, Big Tech, and Giant International Corporations using 6x the dark money for their campaigns and with Big Tech’s and the media’s help can make the average American believe just about any amount of BS they want. To much power concentrated in one spot always leads to loss of freedoms and destruction of the public. Always. Source: All of human history!!!

    3. It would help if the majority party didn’t have all that power in the first place. The Senate needs many reforms

  3. End the filibuster! Go big or lose our democracy. This is the last chance– we are at a major turning point and if we blow it it might very well be the end of the experiment. Do what the people want. Make the reforms and laws which will insure our democracy.

    1. We are a democratic republic not a democracy. A pure democracy is ran by the largest group of morons who purely decide your fate. a democratic republic is ran by the safety of the constitution even against the majority because majorities change but rights shouldn’t. Our democracy is under attack by democratic socialist just like what happened to Germany with Hitler and Venezuela recently. The constitution is under attack and that’s what you really should be worried about but your cheering for the potato head president who just said the constitution wasn’t absolute which is a freudian slip of his parties intentions.

    2. @Jock Young Bunch of soft cry baby millennials think they are entitled to always get what they want always …that’s not the real world

    3. @Mike Hall then please explain how I, a woman, ever got the right to vote? It wasnt in the original Constitution.

  4. Reform the filibuster. Getting rid of it only opens up the opportunity for the Republicans to pass whatever they want whenever they come back into power, and belive me they will come back into power. The politics in this country is a swinging pendulum, and the filibuster keeps that pendulum in check.

    1. Nothing gets done because the filibuster in it’s current form allows one senator to “threaten” a filibuster, and moves that particular legislation to the bottom of the stack. The filibuster was created to create debate. It needs to return to that version where senators stand up and debate a bill and not just threaten to debate a bill. That is the only way for the majority party to pass legislation while also being checked by the minority as it should be.

    2. @Mike Hall
      Filibuster: an action such as a prolonged speech that obstructs progress in a legislative assembly while not technically contravening the required procedures.
      If obstruction is all it does then it needs to go or be revised to a point where the obstruction is noted but has minimal effect. Getting rid of it would be better. It’s just a vehicle for some out of power politician to grab some spotlight while holding up progress.
      It’s never used in a balanced way, it’s always used merely as an obstruction. And a silly one at that. It appears more like something from a Monty Python movie than a constructive political act.

  5. Well let’s see the filibuster was used 328 times in 2020 by the senate, take a guess who used it 327 times out of 328 the democrats. But now there’s no purpose for it. Sounds like a power grab so you democrats can continue to destroy the United States with your socialist agenda.

    1. @Geo Geo
      Your lack of American history would be astounding if not for the fact that you are a tRumpublican

    2. @peter blood Joe Biden 1994 crime bill put more blacks in prison than any other time in history of the United States. Bill Clinton put more blacks in prison than any other president in the history of the United States. Google Hillary Clinton mentor and you’ll get X KKK leader. The founder of planned parenthood was a KKK member and she said black people should be exterminated. More blacks are aborted at planned parenthood than any other race and its democrats who funds and loves planned parenthood. In New York city there are more black people being aborted than being born and democrats control New York city.
      P.S. The party switch of the 60’s is one big fat lie! 😉

  6. hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites…. Oh yeah, hypocrites ! The only reason they are pushing this is for a power grab. This will forever be a one party government if they get everything they are going for. Welcome to the Communist States of America.

    1. We’re just taking a page from the Republican play book. I didn’t hear you screaming hypocrite when Republicans did it.

  7. He is right, there is no need for a filibuster – in a socialist government. Now if we’re talking a democracy, then he is wrong. There are very legitimate reasons why every democracy, historically and currently, had/has the provision. If Americans would educate themselves on these issues, and not rely on the biased news media propaganda, there wouldn’t be so much division in the country. But Biden and the progressives couldn’t have that!

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