PAHO Donates Four Tonnes in Medical Supplies

Dominica Recovery

Dominica RecoveryThe Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) has donated four tonnes of medical supplies to the Ministry of Health in Dominica.

The supplies arrived on island on Wednesday September 9th at the Douglas_Charles airport.

Thais Dos Santos is Communicable Diseases and Health Analysis Advisor at PAHO.

She said, “These are supplies which were in Haiti. We were able to transport them tot he Dominica Republic and their air force has kindly offered to bring these down to assist in the response.

“The Government of the Netherlands has offered to help us transport and distribute them in Dominica. It’s a very good example of international solidarity and ‘Pan Americanism.’”

The Pan American Health Organisation continues to assist the island’s Ministry of Health in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Erika.

Healthcare workers from regional islands continue to arrive to relieve local medical professionals.

“The solidarity of the people of the Americas is with you and we’ve seen a lot of shows of collaboration demonstrate that.”

Major Clemens Buter of the Netherlands Marine Corps is head of the Netherlands Defence Forces in the Caribbean.

“One of the things we can do is help with the transportation of medical supplies. I think it’s a great combination,” he said listing military forces and non-governmental organisations.

Major Buter gave details of operations undertaken by the Netherlands Marine Corps in Dominica.

He said, “We arrived via helicopter about a week ago and the helicopter operates from Canefield. The helicopter is used mainly to help with evacuation and supplying the south-east. Besides that, we brought in engineers who are used to reconstruct the roads and bridges.”

He added that the team also brought boats which are being used to transport water and food and some evacuation.

Public Health Specialist in the Ministry of Health, Dave Laudat has applauded the Pan American Health Organisation for assisting Dominica in its recovery efforts.

“From Day one, they have been very present both in technical support and sourcing supplies for Dominica.

The medical supplies donated by PAHO were offloaded at a storeroom at the Windsor Park Stadium.

Registered Nurse, Diane Hogan is responsible for the supplies stored at this unit.

She says it is an extension of Central Medical Stores.

“It goes into the database, packaged, sorted and distributed to the health centres and hospitals.”

GIS Dominica:

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