1. @Air Most of Hamases view is not supported well considering Hamas controls some of Palestines government and a election was suppose to happen in Palestine but was cancelled by Palestines leader because Hamas would have won the election then it tells me that a lot of people support Hamas

    2. @Cool Story they project themselves onto others. Very immature. Just like the democrats do with their racism.

    3. @Dani Mother of Dragons When you and others state that Jews used to own the land, exactly how far along the timeline are you acknowledging? Cause Jews used to own the land due to the fact back than, mostly everyone was a Jew. So are you stating that converts that converted to Christianity/Islam forfeited the land they owned? Cause when they were Jew is all your acknowledging. The people of Palestine never left their land. They were descendants of converts most likely.
      So NO they did not take land that belonged to “JEWS”.
      The Israelis that are illegally evicting the Palestinians are purely twisting history to their favor. THAT IS JUST GROSS.

      Jews that converted to Christianity and Islam never forfeited their land. And those Jews that are now claiming that they only are taking back what was once theirs, are the ones that have forfeited their land when they left the land and immigrated to whatever country their forefathers had settled in.
      These Jews were settled in their new country by choice not by force. They only had to leave everything and escape do to Hitler. So why are they now coming and “taking back” land they didn’t care for when they left?
      How is that even fair? How is that even logical? How do you all justify this? Cause if there was no Hitler, these so called Jews would have been established in their chosen countries and never desired to return.

    4. @Anon Lurker i didn’t write the quran. i didn’t recommend people marry their first cousins. i didn’t force muslims into inbreeding.

  1. “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” — Malcolm X.

    1. @Deleted nah I dont need to go around claiming my “black” friends. I just have friends and their color doesn’t matter. You on the other hand are a bigot and you are too dumb to see it.

    2. Lol this is strange, in the past 40 years of genocides around the world, this is the first time we get to hear the other side of the story. They never interviewed a Palestinian before 😅

    3. Yes it’s true. But you should believe it, specially, when some creditable source tells you the news.

    4. @KryPtoNite Anyway israel 🇮🇱 owns most of the news networks like the Roberts family they own Comcast Murdoch Rockefeller’s etc. Long list

    1. @Joe Grenner Do you ask Netanyahu questions like why he doesn’t speak about his land taking?

    2. @Joe Grenner he lives in Jerusalem in the neighborhood where the ethnic displacements are occurring. Israel has no legal jurisdiction to give these people’s homes to “settlers.”

      Does the news question people when they see a gunman start shooting? No because they’re just stating what they saw.

    3. @Victor Thompson “OH YES you are a Republican”

      You have to do some digging in the comments to find something this dumb. I’m a liberal democrat and I agree with both of the comments you’re responding to. I can’t speak to what your political beliefs are but certainly you are a tool.

    4. @J 👈Thinks because he CLAIMS to be a Liberal we’re suppose to believe him… ESPECIALLY when he’s protecting people bashing Liberals… Go away fraud

    5. @Victor Thompson you can’t believe J is a Liberal because he’s capable of independent thought and not brainwashed like you.

    1. @Jay Mas no, they cut out the part were the israelies started graping all the gazaians and preform setanic rituals

    1. @Taha Hagar They weren’t the owners in Sheikh Jarrah. They were tenants paying rent. It was proven in an international court. On top of that, that land was purchased by a Jewish organization in 1875.

    2. @Rich Pryor I generally try to not let my assumptions override the particular facts. You’ll notice that most people (from both sides) are automatically assuming that this case aligns with their preconceived notion of the situation.

      Sure, you can insinuate that I’m too lazy to research the specifics of this case if I wanted to try to learn more; however I think it is fair to say that the journalists who posted this short clip are being as lazy in their reporting/interviewing. Which was the crux of my point.

    1. @Don Quixote These international courts are useless. You see, even China got away with this coronavirus that they created.

    2. @jon pork is that just your go to? There was 0 racist about that person’s comment🤦🏾‍♀️

    3. @David Lafleche this man was not a terrorist. He was living in his home and he was removed because the government wants an ethnostate.

    4. @Mean Bean Comedy it’s very racist to call this person a terrorist for being removed from his home. Especially when the whole point of removing people like him is to create an ethnostate. You literally believe people have an ancestry/ethnicity-based birthright to homes they never personally lived in and you are okay using violence to achieve that inherently unethical goal.

    1. Yeah because the only media you believe is a one that promotes the deportation of Jews to isreal. Anti-semite

    2. Not to get Political, but…. Isreal isn’t real, however, Israel is. Israel as a religious nation is kinda iffy, but as a politically sanctioned one, I mean, they declared their independence a while ago, at the dismay of every other Semite there. Is it anti-Semitic to support one Semitic group over another? Technically, supporting Israel in removing Palestineans and making a Jewish ethnostate is anti-Semitic, but supporting Palestine and creating a Palestinean ethnonational state is also anti-Semitic. So I guess at this point it’s whether you support a Jewish enclave or an Arabic one, since every attempt at a peaceful partition just elongated conflict, and letting the Israeli government and Palestine Authority contend with each other obviously isn’t working. A tough spot this is.

  2. Journalism and news reporting is officially non existent. What a crappy interview by the interviewer.

    1. @Lisalvsjohn its ignorant when the whole world sees the truth, and you guys are doing the opposite and siding with zionism

    1. Well, he is a writer. It would be stupid if he didn’t prepare a script. He is legit the first Palestinian to get an opportunity to speak in western mainstream media. Add on top of that, that he is not speaking his mother language and not a language he speaks often since he still lives in Palestine.

      Yeah, I’d prepare a script too.

    2. @Adam Alkhatib maybe if he didn’t read his statement we would have gotten an explanation to match the headline.

    3. @Adam Alkhatib lol true this is the first network that ever interviewed someone on the other side 😅 it’s always Bush saying they’re terrorist total annihilation and they bomb everyone and cover the story

    1. @Centurion97 “Israel’s ethnic cleansing”???? Your comment juxtaposed against 80+ years of “Palestinians” chanting death to Israel, death to infidels and teaming up with Hitler to help him terminate the Jews makes you look completely ignorant to any history relevant to events you feel the need to comment on

    2. @CJ what you said verifiably untrue and yet you don’t feel the need to comment on Palestinians randomly firing rockets and mortars into civilians? Quit letting other people tell you information, don’t be lazy and educate YOURSELF

  3. Wow that was a riveting interview, eat your heart out Howard stern! You got some amazing competition!

    1. 🤣 lmao. Stern now? I give to them. They didn’t makes Jews the victims here..Israel is always the victim.

  4. He’s just scared that he’ll be kicked out of Israel, cause when that happens he knows hes going to be pushed of a 🏢

  5. Bully: *punches kid*
    Kid: *defends himself*

    School/media: I think we know they are BOTH at fault here

    1. @Avacado?? Mango? Banana???

      Palestinian’s have no legal claim to the land. Palestine has never been an established state. Israel even gave back a lot of the land they won during the 1967 war in the interest of peace, to no avail. Palestinian’s were supposed to pay rent in return and failed to do so. Israel has done so much to try and foster peace, but Palestinian’s, as well as many other Arab’s, do not want them to exist as a nation, which is why there can’t be a 2 state solution.

    2. @10th letter Way to start the story in the middle. Any time Israel attacks it’s always phrased as “defending themselves.” You think Israel doesn’t attack civilians as well? I’ve seen footage of IDF soldiers sniping unarmed women and children across the border and laughing about it, which they apparently do every week, and then people try to say “it’s just defending themselves — that kid was probably going to grow up to be a future terrorist anyway, so good riddance.” It’s disgusting. Then people wonder why Palestinians can be hostile back to them. And then the perpetual cycle of violence continues, with both sides claiming the other is at fault. Not if this would be happening if Israel would chill with the perpetual land grabbing and just be happy with its previously established borders/land, not trying to say God is their real estate agent and supposedly gave it all to them long ago (and that land God supposedly gave them is never properly defined — they always want a bigger and bigger area.) At the end of the day though, God is NOT a real estate agent. I wish the violence over there would stop, from both sides. Israel is the bigger aggressor though if you ask me. They are far larger, far stronger, far more well funded, well equipped with weapons and technology, have the backing of the U.S. and other countries giving them billions of dollars in aid every year, plus weapons/technology/etc, and are the ones who continually want more and more land forever saying it’s “God-given” but never define the limits of that “God-given” area. It’s never enough for them. But yea, I still would like to see BOTH sides stop the violence. I’m not saying either side is innocent at this point, but I still think Israel is way bigger force here throwing around their weight. I have nothing against their country existing though, in general. Just stop with the never-ending land grabbing and settle on some definite borders so Palestinians can also exist as well. They both deserve to exist as human beings.

    3. I’m sure you thought you were illustrating the absurdity with that juxtaposition – but I spent a good deal of my school years in detention, suspension, and summer school just because defending myself was looked down upon.

    4. @Avacado?? Mango? Banana??? FALSE. Sheik Jarrah was bought by the Jews in the 1870s, captured by Jordanians in 1947, and Arabs subsequently squatted in the houses. In 1967, Israel recaptured it. Later, Jews with legal title to these houses filed legal actions because the Arabs neither moved out or paid rent. So now theyre getting evicted. It doesn’t justify Hamas, a freaking terrorist organization, indiscriminately shooting rockets and hurtimg both Jews and Arabs.

      Everytime Israel makes concession, Palestinians refuse or make violence which is why other Muslims care less and less every passing day. For example, when Israel unilaterally pulled out of the Gaza strip, first thing Hamas did was burn everything to the ground ans shoot rockets.

      Actually read up on the history b4 believing every BS narrative

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